Wall Stickers


Updated: 5/28/2012-Links Updated.

One of my many frustrations is the lack of historical content. For my ancient worlds I like stuff that looks like notices, wanted posters, and so on to decorate the fences, walls, and buildings. So that is where these wall stickers come in.

First some of these are originally from Sims 2. I simple transposed them to Sims 3. So all credit for the fallowing items goes to their respective creators.

Floor Painting By Angela
3 Signs By Japasims
Chinese Wanted Posters By TP of Gamesir

This sims3pack includes the Menu Sign (By Japasims), 3 Signs (2 By Japasims and 1 By Angela), 2 Shinsengumi Memorial Information, Avatar: The Last Airbender Posters, Avatar: The Last Airbender Festival Poster, Avatar: The Last Airbender Appa Lost Poster, Kakashi Scarecrow Face, Chinese Wanted Posters (By TP), Avatar: The Last Airbender Wanted Posters, and an Edo Advertisement.

If for any reason the item does not display properly in you game you may need the mesh by LilyOfTheValley. Place the wall sticker on the wall like you would do with a painting and hold the left mouse button to drag it up and down on the wall.This item can take a single recolor and pattern.





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