Updated: 12/17/2014 – Category Fixes, Custom Thumbnail, Added Package (along with the Sims3Pack File), Now available for Females.

I was going to release these almost a year ago when I did the Hakama’s and Shinsengumi Hakama’s. I know I am a little late. ^_^ I actually finally finished them and then when I was about to release them I was like, crap did someone do something like this already. So the past month has been spent searching every glove download at all the major hot spots, just to make certain no one had done anything similar. I was unsuccessful in finding anything that looked like them, so that is a good sign that no one has done anything like these before. *Fingers Crossed*

Works for Teen through Elder, Males and Females, and is in Everyday and Athletic. They can be colored in two sections and take patterns.

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Box: Male / Female / SFS