Shinsengumi Revisted (EA Modified Mesh)


Update 12/8/2012-Updated the “old version” link which for some reason was taking people to an adfy ad for ptanimeworld(.)blogger The old blog which was located at ptanimeworld no longer exist and I do not now nor have I ever used adfly. If anyone notices any of my links going to adfly please let me know, because then I know something is wrong because that is a mistake and should not be happening.
Updated: 1/4/2015-Visual reference images removed.

First the old versions of the Shinsegumi uniforms I made can be found here. I will leave them available for download for those that prefer the Hakama rather than EA’s Yukata.

The Shinsengumi where a special police force of the late shogunate period. Their outfits usually consisted of haori and hakama over a kimono, with a white cord called a tasuki crossed over the chest and tied in the back. The uniqueness of the uniform was most evident in the haori, which was colored generally light blue, but can also be light yellow. The haori sleeves were trimmed with “white mountain stripes”, resulting in a very flashy outfit, quite unlike the usual browns, blacks, and grays found in warrior clothing.

Important Notes:

  • This is a modification of one of EA’s Store Items. You need the store item for this to appear properly. It can be found here or you can find it at More Awesome Than You.
  • This item will not replace the Yukata from the Store.
  • This item is for Adult/YA Males, and can be found under Everyday, Athletic, and Formal. It can be colored and take patterns in the normal fashion (4 Locations-Trim, Haori, Yukata, Belt) as the Store Yukata. The Mountain stripes come in black and white and are an overlay which cannot be colored or take patterns.
  • The Tasuki is not included. It is a conversion by me of the Tasuki from the Sims 2 Shinsengumi Outfits created by Nanase. Please do not ask me for it, it will not be released and is only for my own personal use and pictures.
  • The featured gloves are my Warrior Gloves which can be found here.
  • This item comes in package form only.
  • I have also included a standard version of the yukata without the Mountain Stripes within the package.
Download: SFS


    • Sorry to hear you are having difficulties. That generally happens when you do not have the required meshes. As per the Important Notes: This is a modification of one of EA’s Store Items. I do not believe you will need the store item for this item to appear properly, however there is a chance you might. It can be found here or you can find it at More Awesome Than You. Please check the Important Notes for links to where you can get the mesh. Once it is installed, clear your cache files and double check it in game again.

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