Tobirama Senju (2nd Hokage) Marks


6/11/2016 – Now available for Child and Toddler sims.

4/25/2016 – Fixed a mismatched coloring issue on the edges that made lighter shading of the marks look wonky. Added a female option as well as made it so each of the three marks can be colored individual giving it 3 color options. The version I released of this over at TSR is outdated.

This is just something that I always use in my Sims 2 game for Nao. Originally, when I had made them for Sims 2 they where for Tobirama Senju who is the 2nd Hokage from Naruto. So they do function as that for those that want to make Naruto characters. I use them however for fantasy and alien sims. ^_^

Available for Teen through Elder-Males and Females.

hTS3W 2016-04-25 18-10-53-16

Download Teen Through Elder: SFS
Also available for Child and Toddler Sims.
TS3W 2016-06-11 18-08-31-67 TS3W 2016-06-11 18-09-14-40
Download Child and Toddler: SFS


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