Poses V2-Victorian + Row Boat Conversion


Okie Dokie here they are, Victorian Row Boat poses for male and female.

Important Information
You will need CMoMoney’s Pose Player for these poses to work in your game. If you have any questions regarding the pose player, please direct them to CMoMoney.

Pose Names

The featured hair is EA, the featured male clothing is here, featured female is here, featured fan is here. Anything else, feel free to ask me because I would have to look it up. ^_^
IMPORTANT: It is important to note that in the pose list they are not listed next to each other. I forgot and named them Male and Female rather than Boat Male, Boat Female, so they are not next to each other in the pose list. I am too lazy to fix it. ^_^

The female pose works perfectly without the boat, so if you just want the female sitting pose with fan, let me know and I can upload just the single pose without the male one.

Wait, we need a boat. ^_^

The boat is a conversion from the Sims 2, of the free row boat made by Shakeshaft. It can be colored in three locations. The file comes in package only, again because I am simply to lazy to switch it to Sims3pack. ^_^ It is listed on Miscellaneous Decor as well as Rugs. What Rugs? I know it makes no sense, but I have so much in decorations I can never find anything and I kept missing it so I moved it to Rugs so I could find it. ^_^

Download: SFS (Contains Poses and Boat)




  1. LMAO! This is so cute–kinda reminds me of the Little Mermaid! XD Thanks; it’s a terrific idea! (Btw, what other loud obnoxious FEATHERY person do you know who sims and stalks you, hrmmm…?)

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