Conical Asian Hat (Wear with Any Hair) (TS3) – Updated 12/17/2014


Updated: 12/17/2014 – Category Fixes, Custom Thumbnail

Wear any hair you want with this Conical Asian Hat.

Important Notes:

  • I simply removed the World Adventures Hat from the hair that it was attached to; because I have turned it into an accessory, it does not require any expansion packs.
  • While it is not necessary, it is recommended that you download aWT’s Hat Control Slider. While for most sims it will sit upon the head properly there is some clipping that happens as well as it can sit off center, if not manipulated with the hat controller, depending on the head/hair size of the sim. The hat control slider will allow you adjust its size, placement on the head, etc.
  • The item can take patterns and have its color changed. It can be found under accessories and occupies the bracelet slot, but is assigned to the Head which allows it to be manipulated by the hat controller.
  • This item is for males and females, teen through elder.



TS3W 2014-12-17 03-09-38-83




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