Naughty and Nice Posebox (TS2)


WARNING: While to most this posebox will seem pretty tame. This posebox contains content which may not be suitable for all Sims 2 players.

Note: I did this box a little bit differently than a lot of people do them. I did not add a stop button, just the start. Once it starts it will shut down after 8 seconds automatically. I use poses for pictures so I automatically pause after I set up the pose. I honestly hate the reset and stop buttons, half the time they do not work and the other half of the time they mess things up completely. So this posebox needs to be used in conjunction with the pause button.

Some of the poses for this posebox require OMSP and OMSP and the Magistray (The Magistray only if you are like me and are completely not talented at lining up poses).

Pose 1 and 2: Scared – Grabbed and Be Grabbed

Pose 3 and 4: Couple Love

Pose 5 and 6: Shock – Sit Behind and Sit In Front

Pose 7 and 8: Forced

This pose requires the stretchSkeleton cheat on the bottom sim to work properly (otherwise the hand will be on the neck instead of the mouth, and there will be some clipping). You can find information regarding it here. You would use stretchSkeleton 0.8333333 which essentially makes the sim 5.0.

Pose 9 and 10: Comfort – Reach Out and Sad

Pose 11 and 12: Stand – Touch Lips and Touch Heart

Pose 13 and 14: Sit – Lean and Sit (On this pose there is some clipping, I was just to lazy to after trying to get these all situated to find a better bed to use. The sims start out on the floor and OMSP is required to move them up higher, so I am sure people more talented then I am at posing will find the right combination of sim and bed.)

A Look at the Posebox


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