The Sims Medieval – Fox Hat Conversion

Update 10/9/2012: FIXED-Thank you Sackgirl for letting me know that there was an issue with the hat going invisible. This was caused because of the LOD1. I have fixed and repackaged all of the hats. Checked them on Medium Sim Detail and they look good to go. They should now appear for anyone who plays with low Sim Details, lower end computers, lower end graphics cards, etc. Because I repackaged all of them, they all now appear under the earrings section. Please re-download the hats at the updated links below. Thank you again Sackgirl for finding the issue.

Update 10/9/2012: For those with lower end computers, Sims Details turned down, Lower End Graphics cards, etc: If these hats do not work in your game, please turn your Sim Detail up as high as possible. I am currently working on a fix for this issue, but the accessories will appear if you up your Sim Detail. I plan to have the update up shortly and turning your Sim Detail up to high appears to be a work around.

Update 4/25/2016: The other 5 conversion hats have been moved to my Sims 3 Archive. Information on this page has been changed to reflect the moving of the other hats.

TS3W 2016-04-25 14-24-34-88 TS3W 2016-04-25 14-26-37-82


  • Converted from The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles for use in TS3 by me (PTylo).
  • Teen through Elder, Male and Female.
  • Glasses section under accessories. No Custom Thumb.
  • Can be recolored and take patterns in 2 sections.
  • I have attached this hat to the hat_grip joint, making it compatible with aWT’s Hat Slider, which I highly recommend if you wish to wear this hat with some of the “big” hair styles.

Download: SFS



  1. I have been downloading custom content in my sims3 game since 2009. I do have a mods folder that I put them in. I just can’t get yours to open. I hit download and I get the message that the files are damaged or in unknown format. It does not matter if I hit the save option first or just go to open them through zip files. I really like your work an would like to use it in my game. Please tell me how to place them in my game since what I do for other creators does not work.

    • Hello Sheri: I will see what I can do to help you with these. This might take a little bit, so please be patient as we work through the steps.

      1. You mentioned you hit download and you get a message that the files are damaged or in an unknown format.

      Just so I am clear, when you click download….

      a) They download to your computer.
      b) They do not download, you just automatically get the error.

      These files are package files, so they do not need to be opened using any sort of zipping program.

      When you download them, you should do save as (not open).

      Once they are downloaded you want to install them into your Mods Directory: It varies on where you have that directory installed, mine is under My Documents/Electronic Arts/Sims 3/Mods

      If you do not have a Mods folder Just create one by creating a new folder called Mods. (But you have been downloading CC for a while so you should have one already).

      Inside the Mods folder should be folder called Packages. If that folder is not there please create one.

      So your directory to install the files are My Documents/Electronic Arts/Sims 3/Mods/Packages

      In the Mods folder there should be a file, if there is not, then let me know I can send you mine. This allows package files to work properly in your game and without it they will not show.

      Then you just put the downloaded package files (ie. FoxHat.package) into your package folder.

      Now if you already have all of this set up and the issue is that when you click download you automatically get the error and cannot download the items.

      Well that is a different sort of issue and I will need to repackage them for you as sims3packs or put them in a zip folder. So it is important to get back to me and let me know if the issue is that you just simply cannot download them at all. That way we can figure out how to get them to you or I can repackage them for downloading.

      If you are able to download them, then give the above a try and put them in you Mods/Packages folder and if you need the let me know and I can put it up for download for you.

      These files do not need to be opened using any sort of zip program, just download and install into your Mods/Packages folder. Let me know if you need further assistance, if you have more questions, or you need me to repackage them for you.

    • Hello: Please walk me through the steps you are taking, where you are placing the file (s), and which file specifically it is that is giving you issues so that I can further assist you.

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