TSM: Pirates and Nobles Masquerade Mask Conversions to TS3-Tumblr 200 Followers Gift

Here is my 200 Followers Gift from Tumblr.

  • TSM Pirates and Nobles Conversion, extracted by me (PTylo).
  • Both mask are available for males and females, teens through elders.
  • V2 mask with the feathers requires World Adventures. V1, is base game compatible. Sorry this has to do with needing a mesh that had transparency and out of the accessories (off hand) the World Adventures necklace came to mind.
  • Mask V1 is located in the earrings section, Mask V2 is located in the necklace section. I originally had both in the same category under accessories, but the feathers had an issue of not being completely transparent on the edges so I ended up switching to fix that. No Custom Thumbs.
  • Mask V1 can take colors and patterns in three sections. Mask V2 can take colors and patterns in three sections. Gold Trim cannot be recolored on mask V2.
  • I have attached the masks to the hat_grip joint, making it compatible with aWT’s Hat Slider, which will allow you to adjust where the mask sits on the sims face. Which is important if your sims have uniquely shaped proportions for eyebrow ridge and nose.





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