Naruto Necklace

Hello: Today I bring you an accessory item.

  • Male Only
  • Teen through Elder
  • Has Morphs base, thin, fat, and fit body types.
  • Three areas can take patterns and colors.
  • This item was extracted from Naruto: Ninja Storms and converted by me.
  • Item is located in the ring section and comes with a custom thumb to make it easier to locate.

Download: SFS

Issues: During testing I noticed one issue and (to me) it is really minor. It happens only with poses that alter the Spine 2 joint. If the Spine 2 joint is rotated forward it will cause the gemstone to sink into the chest to varying degrees depending on how much the Spine 2 has been manipulated. During my testing I came across only two sitting poses that cause this to happen and both of them the Spine 2 was manipulated.

Female Version Request: I make what I want these days and have little need for female versions of anything. I have hundreds of male sims and only about ten female sims. Female sims are not a priority for me and items for them are not something I really create or download. However, with that said, I know that not everyone is like me. If anyone is interested in a female version of this, please feel free to ask and I will fix the morphs to make it female ready. However, I do not intend to make this for females unless I am asked.



  1. could you please make this one in female version? I like this creation and I also couldn’t find female version anywhere else 😀 thank youu

    • Hello Fui: I will see what I can do, but at the moment I cannot even play Sims 3 due to my power supply. When it is finished I will respond to this message again and post an update here and at my tumblr.

    • The female version is currently a work in progress, but not sure when it will be completed. I am a little busy at the moment with other things in my life. When it is finished, it will be posted on this post.

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