Genma Hitai-ate


FINALLY! I know I showed pictures of it back in April of this year and some have been wondering about it. I had two versions, one was an accessory and one was a hair I was working on…we will just not talk about what happened with the hair. –_–

The accessory though is finished. So I will start with the important details:

  • This item is a conversion done by me from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3.
  • Male Only, Teen through Elder
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Compatible with AWT’s Hat Slider.

There are a few issues.:

  • The usual clipping that comes with certain hairs when applying a hat accessory. It simply cannot be helped. So choose your hair wisely.
  • CAS ONLY: This accessory does not play well with S-Club Privee’s Eyelashes. When both are equipped you might notice a shadow in CAS. This does not appear in Live Mode and I have included a picture with and without the eyelashes so you can see there is no difference in Live Mode.
  • CAS ONLY: In cas you might also notice that there is a square box on the plate itself. I have redone all of the textures and the uv map and that pesky square is still there. It does not appear in Live Mode. Please take a look at the Cas picture as well as the two pictures of the back of the accessory in Live Mode so you can see the differences.
  • CAS AND LIVE MODE: Well I admit this one I do find rather annoying, because I actually wanted to use this for something non-anime related. One of the issues with converting certain items is the really small textures. The texture for this conversion was 256×256. I did work on the texture and redid the UV Map entirely, however, this accessory does not like patterns. You will be very unhappy if you try to use a pattern on it. Solid colors are your friend. ^_^

So that is my disclaimer. The issues have been fully disclosed. If you feel that you cannot live with the few minor things that are wrong with it, then please “walk on by”. ^_^

Anticipating a few questions:

Download: SFS


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