Graduation Cap De-Hairified + Base Game Compatible Robes


I needed this for something I was working on ages ago (and ended up not using it). So here is the university cap that comes with generations, made base game compatible and into an accessory to be worn with any hair.

  • Accessory
  • Base Game Compatible
  • Works with AWT Hat Slider
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Both Genders, YA-Elders
  • Issues: Some hairs there will be clipping. Thus is the way of hat accessories. ^_^
  • Credit: Female sim is by Fyachii. Thank you for letting me use her for the picture.

Download: SFS

ROBES: I have university, but cloned and used Momo’s Tutorial to turn the Robes for Males and Females to Base Game Compatible for those who might not have the university expansion pack. So here they are if anyone wants them. Download: SFS

TS3W 2014-09-24 23-43-28-20





  1. Hi! I really like this set, and I was wondering if I can convert them into TS4 ? Is graduation season, so I want to make a set for my friend > < thank you!

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