CC Free Base Sim – Obasi is a sim I made for the 30 Days of Sim Making Challenge, which I have turned into Base Sims for those that would like him.

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Checked with CC Cleaner and No CC Included – The Sim is Showcased with the following items, but they are not packed with the Sims.

TOU: I encourage anyone that downloads a sim from me to have fun with it. All of them can be used as bases to make your own, which is why I make them CC free. Tweak to your heart’s content. If making sims is not your thing and you want to cast them in your movies or stories, by all means, have fun and enjoy. Once you download them, they are yours to torture as you wish. Don’t forget to take pictures. ^_^ That sums up my TOU regarding Sims.

Download: SFS