Ulquiorra Mask


I figure I better release this, otherwise it might not get released until the end of 2015. ^_^

This was a request made by mangamartine back in 2013. I know I am slow. There were a lot of very unhappy moments with it and while the overall product in live mode looks good, there is that pesky overlapping UV Map causing a shadow in CAS.

I did try very hard to fix that. I had it perfect at one point, unfortunately it stopped working completely in game after reworking the UV Map so it was not overlapping. So after numerous tries and retries, I had to revert back to the overlapping UV Map version. I wish that was not the case, but unfortunately with this item, it will look ugly in cas. Please keep that in mind if you download it.

Important Information

  • This is a conversion from Wii – Bleach Versus Crusade extracted by my friend MrLafargo. Thank you so much for grabbing it for me.
  • Males and Females, Teen through Elder
  • While it is not necessary, it is recommended that you download aWT’s Hat Control Slider. While for most sims it will sit upon the head properly there is some clipping that happens as well as it can sit off center, if not manipulated with the hat controller, depending on the head/hair size of the sim. The hat control slider will allow you adjust its size, placement on the head, etc.
  • The item can take patterns and have its color changed. It can be found under accessories and occupies the left earring slot, but is assigned to the Head which allows it to be manipulated by the hat controller.
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Additional pictures available here.
  • Categories – Everyday
  • WARNING!!!! Yep that is right I am putting it here again. The UV Map is overlapping, which will cause there to be a shadow in cas. The shadow makes it look very ugly. That shadow DOES NOT appear in live mode.  PLEASE, keep that in mind if you download this item.





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