I was hoping we would see this done by ys3studio, but it would appear that she is gone now from the community. A shame, one of my favorite creators. She has not posted on tumblr or blogger for over a year, and her website is officially dead. Hopefully, we will see her return at some point. I wanted this for myself ages ago and I thought there might be some other fans of Kuroko no Basuke that would want it as well.

It is just a recolor for the Rakuzan Uniform and does include jersey numbers 4 through 8 for the main team. It is categorized in the same categories as ys3studio‘s previously released uniforms and of course does use her mesh as well. Mesh is not required though.

I did it in the same design as ys3studio‘s previously released uniforms so, all aspects of the outfit can be recolored including the school name and numbers.

Download: SFS