Baseball Uniforms


Updated and Moved 1/30/2015: The Practice Male Uniforms have a new mesh. The Outdated Links (just in case you need to remove them) for the YA/Adult Practice Uniforms have been moved from the outdated unified baseball uniform post to this one, seeing I have added it with the new YA/Adult versions of these previously made uniforms.

This is a partial update and a new set of items.

  • Update: Practice Uniforms done for YA/Adult Males in 2010 have been updated to a new mesh.
  • New Item: Seeing I rarely (if ever) make teens and I needed some baseball uniforms I turned some of my previously released anime baseball uniforms into a set for YA/Adults.

General Information:

  • Males – YA / Adult
  • Everyday / Athletic – Full Body Outfit
  • EA MESH ONLY: Categorized as Everyday, Athletic, and Valid for Random.  *SIGH* I left it that way. Silly EA. I did not touch the original mesh only pulled it from the set so all presets, categories, etc are as EA intended.
  • Recolor / Take Patterns in 3 Locations – Including the School Name.
  • EA MESH ONLY: Recolor / Take Patterns in 4 Locations.
  • EA MESH ONLY Image
  • AoD School Name is an Overlay and cannot be recolored however Tokyo on the sleeves can be. It is the only school name that is that way.
  • Mesh does have morphs for all body sizes.

Set Includes:

  • Ookiku Furikabutte + Practice Uniform
  • Bonus KHR and AoD
  • EA Mesh – I kid you not, I asked my step-dad to drive me 2 hours away to the nearest Target store, just to get a game card so I could get that darn DLC sports set. -_- While I do not believe the mesh will be required, just to be on the safe side I am including it in both zip files – named Baseball.package.

Schools Included in the Set: 

NOTE: Tosei Christian Uniform is not how it appears in the Anime and Manga, but I just tossed in a version of it because It was my favorite of all the schools featured in Ookiku Furikabutte.

These pictures are featured with:

SFS: Download Set / Download Bonus



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