Myos Male Hair 25 Conversion Fix with Pooklet Textures and Anubis Control


I really like this hair, but sadly was never able to find any re-textures for it. Maybe people do not have it in their games, maybe I suck at searching, I do not know.

It is a really old hair conversion so it does have some issues (like many of the early hair conversions), but I still think it is a cute hair. We need more nice short male hairs and if I had any talent making hair I would devote my time to our handsome sim males. Sadly, I do not have such skills.

I did fix one thing with it. The conversion had a “ring”. Faint lines appeared on the sides and the back of the hair and they have now been removed. I think it looks nice, mind you this was the first re-texture I ever did and I did it a long time ago. I know, I know…I am slow to release things. I am working on it. ^_^

  • ¬†Available for Teen-Adult Males
  • Credit: Mesh by Myos, conversion by Eodsy, Control by Anubis, Texture by Pooklet
  • Package / Sims3Pack Available (Ambitions Only)
  • Requires Ambitions



Updated: This item now has a base game compatible version. Thank you @preferatajaferoj for bringing the issue of it not working in your game to my attention. Hopefully, this will solve the issue for you.

Download (Base Game – All Three)


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