Franken Stein’s “Screw Loose Set” – Death Scythe and Head Bolt


What is with all of the anime items? Sorry! My “resolution” this year is to release my 50 gazillion finished items in my projects folder and complete the other 50 gazillion WIPs (because I love starting new projects and apparently never finishing them).

Needless to say a lot of my old stuff is anime related, because as I mentioned a few times I took a lot (understatement) of request and suggestions for anime items since my Sims 2 days and early on into Sims 3. So, do not worry, there is non-anime stuff coming too. I am releasing stuff that is pretty old and has been done for a while first. Onto the goodies.

Franken Stein’s “Screw Loose Set” which includes my meshed Death Scythe and a converted Head Bolt. I wanted to do his stitches as well, but had to force myself not to do any more projects until all my others are completed. ^_^

In 2011, I started working on my first mesh and that was for Sims 2. The mesh was successful…enough…kind of….it was not terrible. Pretty good for a first attempt, but I never completed it for Sims 2. Eventually, I picked it back up for Sims 3. I had wanted to finish it for Halloween and release it, but I am admittedly very lazy when it comes to posting finished items. ^_^ So, the stitches featured are by Lady Frontbum.

My pictures are terrible, hard to get that scythe into full view.

NOTE: This is the only thing of any importance regarding it. The blade on the scythe is really long so if your sim is just randomly walking around the countryside, it is going to sink into the ground. The options were to make it “authentic” in nature or make it “realistic” in nature. So I went with having it look more like it does in the anime than having it be something you could run around with in real life (not that people should be running around with a scythe in real life).

  • Scythe and Head Bolt – Male & Female / Teen – Elder
  • Categories: Everyday
  • Head Bolt extracted and converted by me from Wii – Soul Eater Monotone Princess.
  • Head Bolt can be used with any Hat Control Slider.
  • While it is not necessary, it is recommended that you download aWT’s Hat Control Slider. While for most sims it will sit properly, but any sims who have their height adjusted it may not unless manipulated with the hat controller. The hat control slider will allow you adjust its size and placement.
  • Package / Sims3pack Available
  • Can be colored and take patterns. Scythe 2 Locations / Head Bolt 3 Locations






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