Katy Perry De-Lollipop Swimsuit


I really liked that Katy Perry Lollipop Shirt and thought it would make a cute swimsuit, minus the Lollipop’s. Don’t judge me. ^_^ My main sim/character is Tationy and she is very sensible in her style. She does not dress over the top and I wanted a cute simple swimsuit for her, so that is how this project got started ages ago.

Last night I picked the project back up and honestly I thought I was going to scrap it. The more I worked to fix a couple of minor shadow issues in cas and taking pictures of Tationy and her boys, Hiko and Semei, the more it grew on me.

So, here it is for those that would like it.




    • You are welcome and yes I agree about the bits and baubles on the outfits. Do not know why they went over the top with them. I have no use for most of them because of those thing and sadly they are not easily removed.

      • You’re welcome sweetie I hope you will continue to share your work.The only thing I use are the bra of the swimsuits very amazing, I love the ideas and they are original , the rest of the meshes are fine but everything is too muchb I think.Okay it’s perhaps good for shows but for everyday not.

      • Yeah that is true. Many of them are quite over the top and great for a performance, but not much else.

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