World Adventures Outfit Edit


I thought the EA version had great potential, but they just went in the wrong direction with it. So I made a few fixes and made it base game compatible.

  • No More Funky Legs. Original Version
  • No More Swirly thingamajig. Original Version
  • Base Game Compatible
  • Usable with all body types.
  • Can be colored and take patterns in 4 locations.
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Ya / Adult Males
  • Can be found in the Everyday, Athletic, and Martial Arts categories.
  • Featured: Poses by noelyely, Hair by darkosims3, Hair by Myos, Pattern by tamamaro, Pattern by simlicious, Bracelet by TumTum, Cigarette by Rosesims. Questions regarding anything else that might be featured, please do not hesitate to ask or consult my Resources page if you are too shy. ^_^ I don’t bite though, really I don’t.




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