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Important Information:
Green Shirt or Vest – Freshmen
Yellow Shirt or Vest – Sophomore
Blue Shirt or Vest – Junior
Pink Shirt or Vest – Senior

Sobatole is a suburb of Thacian, the largest city in all of Aslann.

Through the years, large portions of land have been bought up by Sofore Academy allowing them to expand. Sofore has a lot of history and despite many new structures some of the older buildings are worn down and need refurbishing. It has a very traditional and strict management system and is one of the few schools remaining in Aslann that has refused to welcome freedom in their curriculum. Sofore is a mission oriented school, which requires all students to volunteer themselves several times a year to give back to Aslann. Students regardless of financial means live on campus. Certain students (usually those whose parents make sizable donations) can live in the “spirit dorms”; older residential dorms supervised by a resident adviser. There is only one spirit dorm that is co-ed.

First and Last Friday’s of the Month are Assembly Day – On Assembly Day the school will make any important announcements to various grades and the entire day is devoted to club activities. Clubs will usually spend these days recruiting, practicing, cleaning club-rooms, or general club activities. It is not uncommon though for clubs to decide to use this day as a free day to do anything they want; even stuff that is not club related.

Schools of Aslann Information

There are 6783 accredited schools in Aslann. 1057 of these schools are sanctioned as religions institutions. Out of these 6783 schools, only 43 are universities. 2 of these Universities accept international students, and only 1 is accredited as a trade university.

Aslann schools are broken up into pre-school, junior school, secondary school, and university. Aslann schools have three terms. The first term begins in April and runs until July. They have a Summer Break which last until September. From September to December is the second term, and the third term is from January to March. They attend classes from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. with lunch being at 11 a.m. After 2 p.m. most club activities begin and it is not uncommon (depending on the club) for students to not make it home or to their dorms until well after 7 p.m. All Aslann schools require club activities and only the past thirty years have they allowed clubs that are not academic or athletic in nature. It was once required for students to attend school on Saturday and study sessions on Sunday, but over the last 15 years, school is only Monday through Friday with Saturday and Sunday being optional attendance days.

While it’s name might suggest it is a precursor for school, it is only in the sense that it comes before junior school. Pre-School begins with grade one which can range from ages 4 through 6 depending on the child’s intellectual testing scores. All children by the age of six must be enrolled in school, but those with exceptional scoring can be enrolled as early as age 4. Pre-School is grades 1 through 5.

Junior School
Junior school more affectionately referred to as High School due to some westernization is grades 6th through 9th. 9th graders are called “Freshmen”, though not because they are the first grade in high school or university. This name was started in the 1940’s to indicate that they would be the new fresh faces in Aslann and ultimately the future. Most students upon completion of their Freshmen year of Junior School will go on to take the entrance exam for university.

Secondary School
For a number of reasons not limited to bad grades and poor attendance, a marginally small number of students will go on to secondary school instead of taking the university entrance exam. They can attend secondary school for no more than 3 additional years and are generally referred to as Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors because they officially have no grade ranking. Secondary School is used as a means to improve academic scores for those that had grades poor enough that they did not qualify to take the university entrance exam. It used to be that many students would forgo university and attend Secondary School for another three years, but over the past twenty years, the amount of schools that offer Secondary School curriculum have diminished greatly leaving only 3 in Aslann including Sofore Academy, Aslann High School, and Thacian United. While there are plenty of students that use it to bring up their grades so that they might attend a university, there is a considerable portion of students that do so for other reasons not related to their academics.

Due to me using a fictional nation, I wanted to make certain I posted this at some point. These are mostly just for reference in comparison to how big the country is in the modern era and where it is seated in the Pacific Ocean. It is divided into three states: Thacian, Shimragata, and Garvator and its neighbor is a small nation called Progmato. Information regarding Aslann during historical times can be found here.

Cities of Note
Thacian City – The Largest City in Aslann
Sobatole – Suburb of Thacian and is known for Sofore Academy.
Mount Celiabai – Second Largest City in Aslann. Mount Celiabai is known for its shipping industry.
Hoshino – Third Largest City in Aslann. It is known for its Medical Research and is home to the Aslann University.
Meratoia – Kari Village
Once a powerful seat in the ancient nation of Torgahdah, Shimragata was given to the Kari during the battle of the six nations: Rideromat, Shimragata, Thacian, Aslann, Progmato, and Garvator as a reward for their loyalty and support. The island, is consider private property with a standing order that trespassers will be incarcerated. Shimragata has its own military police force and the large bulk of the Kari family reside there.

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Family Trees and Clan Information (Click to See Full Size)

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Historical Information for Ancient Aslann

Map Layouts for Ancient Aslann

Surrounded by powerful kingdoms such as Shimragata, Thacian, Progmato, and Ridoermat. The New Aslann Empire was once a territory owned by Shimragata until its people rose up against the Dragon Lords whom ruled all of what was once called Torgahdah with a heavy iron-fist.

Current Ruler of The New Aslann Empire is Miroku Tylo; twelfth Tylo to hold the title of Divine Ruler or Divine Emperor.

Aslann has a very fragile political structure in the age of the Divine Ruler Miroku. Clans have sought out territory once belonging to other clans which has resulted in some cases the total annihilation of bloodlines including the Kensuku, Hamara, Saitama, Sato, Nakamaru, and the Sweela. Powerful clans outside of Aslann such as the Yamada and Anami avoided expanding their holdings where Aslann is concerned and choose to remain primarily in Thacian.

There are seven major clans that control Aslann: The Tylo, Takahashi, Ishi, Sosa, Zenaku, Maiba, and the Waichia. As each day passes the number of Waichia diminishes as the Ishi and the Takahashi use underhanded tactics and murder to take their lands. The once inner city of Aslann which had been greatly controlled by the Waichia is a fraction of what it once was with the majority of it being controlled by the Ishi and the Takahashi (the two biggest clans in Aslann).

There is an Eighth clan that has considerable power, though very few of them enter the walls of Aslann to reside. The Kari control all of Garvator and have expanded their territory to the outskirts of Ridoermat.

While the Emperor has great power the current state of affairs in Aslann has resulted in a Military state. The Ruthlbahdo has complete control over all aspects of warfare including dealing with the turbulent affairs between clans.



Torgahdah means Lands of the Dragon Lords. According to ancient history when the gods formed the world and men the first beings they created were the Shima. From there they gave life to other clans for the Shima to rule over. Thus all of the nations listed below were once part of Shimragata so it is not uncommon for those of considerable age to refer to the “world” as Torgahdah, while younger generations will hear Torgahdah and believe that one is speaking about Shimragata. In modern time the word Torgahdah is no longer used and all of the nations below make up Aslann with the exception of Progmato which is considered a separate nation in the modern age though in ancient times it was once part of Torgahdah like the others.

The population of all nations is just over18 Million (5847 Clans) during ancient times (From a modern day perspective that is roughly the populations of Syria or Madagascar) and Torgahdah is 2.62 square miles (just a bit smaller than Australia at 2.97 square miles). Due to the massive size of Torgahdah, travel in that day and age could take months even years due to it being limited to foot travel, horseback, or ships (when you finally make it to a port).

Progmato is ruled by very powerful chalta’s leaders from three clans; the Tylo, Hamara, and Waichia. Long before Aslann became a nation, Progmato was the biggest and most powerful in Torgahdah. Due to its military might, it’s borders stretched across well over half the continent. As the King of the East, it was bound to rule over Torgahdah for centuries, until Shimragata and Thacian banded together to dethrone them. Now they are a shadow of what they once were. In its current state you can travel across the majority of Progmato and never encounter another human being. It is only due to the Tylo, Hamara, and Waichia clans that control it that it has not been devoured completely by the other nations.

Rideormat in the days before Aslann, was a bustling plutocratic nation. Once the wealthiest nation in Torgahdah the influential became complacent. As the nations around them warred and improved, Rideormat remained the same; untouched and willing to trade no matter the nation. This led to numerous disputes between Rideormat and the other kingdoms, eventually forcing the hands of Progmato, Thacian, and Shimragata to seek resources elsewhere. Due to this, Rideormat seen a decline in trade and eventually were forced to look for assistance to change the unfortunate disparity between what once was and what is. The influential elite of Rideormat found their niche with black market entrepreneurs making it the go to place for anything illegal including weapons and slaves.

Shimragata is a port nation peninsula; almost entirely surrounded by water there is a small portion of land that connects it to Thacian. Though in recent years scholars studying water levels have noticed that there is far less land each year; speculating that eventually Shimragata will be an island. Known for its boat making, Shimragata has an expansive navel fleet that protects its boarders from neighboring nations. It’s military overall is one of the most impressive in skill and tactical maneuvering. The political structure is described as a military dictatorship by those that do not know any better due to the nation being led by the three generals of the Dragon Lords of the Shima a title that has stood the test of time itself. Current ruling Dragon Lords are Seiji, Osa, and Yayoi.

Thacian is the largest and most powerful nation in Torgahdah. Under the rule of King Atherol and advised by his enchanter Kisho Nakamaru Thacian flourished in art and music, but the thing they were most suited for was battle. With an army that would make any nation envious they conquered large portions of land controlled by Shimragata during the early years of the nations founding and even into the rule of King Atherol they successfully defended against attempts from the Dragon Lords of the Shima, rulers of Shimragata, from retaking those lands. Thacian is very proactive in scholarly pursuits and even opened the first university in Torgahdah located in the center of the nation itself. The Anami Tower as it is called rises high above the city and can be seen from miles away. Thacian is not an easy nation to get to. Successful navigation is done by large ships. Unfortunately, the sea that leads to Thacian narrows considerably and the final journey needs to be made in smaller boats over turbulent water. The safest path to Thacian is to take the large ships across the sea to Shimragata’s port and cross Shimragata itself on horseback or foot.

Aslann is a baby nation in comparison to the other nations of Torgahdah. When five of the ten demon clans split from the rule of the Dragon Lords of the Shima they ventured out into the world to find their own paradise. Settling across the sea between Shimragata and Progmato they lived peacefully for many centuries under the first Divine Ruler Soti Tylo. Then war fell upon them as the Dragon Lords of the Shima tried to reclaim what was theirs. Four Hundred years later Aslann is now ruled by Miroku Tylo the twelfth Tylo to hold the title of Divine Emperor. Under his reign war has diminished, but the nation is plagued with internal conflicts among clans.