Updated: 6:13 A.M. on 5/18/2015 – Uploaded the wrong file. Please Re-download.

Updated: 4/25/2016 – Fixed an issue where the sweatbands decided they were only going to take one color instead of two.


First I will start off by saying, I am aware that Menaceman44 over at Mod the Sims, converted the Child Single Sweatband to Adults. I normally do not like repeating something that someone else has already done, but in this case I decided that I would. I wanted sweatbands for both wrist and one for the right seeing the converted child version was only for the left. EA apparently has something against dual wielding bracelets and wearing bracelets on the right hand. Haha. I find it super annoying EA. So, anyway, I did a version of the child sweatband for the right as well as a dual wielding pair. Haha. Which led to me also doing one for the left because I wanted them to match, so long story short here is the download information. ^_^

  • Male and Female
  • Teen through Elder
  • Everyday and Athletic
  • Package and Sims3Pack
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Works for all body types.
  • Found in Accessories / Bracelets
  • It can take color and patterns in two locations, unlike EA’s one. What were you thinking EA? You could not manage to put that little strip on the mask? What was the point of putting it in the the overlay section? I would roll my eyes, but I have done that enough today.
  • Base Game Compatible

Download: SFS



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