Prom King and Queen Crown Accessories and Decor

Hello: As a storyteller / writer I like things I can actually use…ea. -_- I do not quite understand why they did prom the way they did, but meh..what are we all to do right? I turned these EA Generations crowns into accessories. Also, I made the two decor crowns base game compatible for those that do not have generations.

Information of Importance – Accessory Crowns

  • Male and Female versions, teen through elder. Haha, what? Well, come on don’t tell me that a seventy year old woman might not pull out her prom queen crown and reminisce. She definitely would tell the story to her grandchildren if it was worth mentioning.
  • While it is not necessary, it is recommended that you download aWT’s Hat Control Slider. While for most sims it will sit upon the head properly there is some clipping that happens as well as it can sit off center, if not manipulated with the hat controller, depending on the head/hair size of the sim. The hat control slider will allow you adjust its size, placement on the head, etc.
  • It CANNOT be recolored or take patterns. Why not? Well that is a very simple answer. The EA texture for it is 128 x 128. For those that do not know what that looks like here you go. As you can see that is VERY small. Several attempts to make it so it could be recolored resulted in some very blurred textures and oddly looking quirks. Haha.
  • Found in the Earring Section for both the male and female version and categorized for Everyday and Formal.
  • CAS TEXTURE UGLINESS – There is a subtle shadow in CAS which is caused by the UV Map. Sorry, it was not fixable. The shadow DOES NOT APPEAR IN LIVE MODE. Examples: Here and Here
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Base Game Compatible
  • Sims3Pack and Package Files Available



Information of Importance – Crown Decor

  • Base Game Compatible
  • Found under Plants for 0 Dollars.
  • It CANNOT be recolored or take patterns.
  • Sims3Pack and Package Files Available




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