TS2 to TS3 Yuxi’s Fallout 3 Teddy Bear Conversion

NOTE: This item has been converted a couple of times prior to my conversion. A Fallout 3 conversion by brial-immortelle (bigger and standing upright) and an unknown TS2 to TS3 Yuxi conversion…somewhere and by a simmer currently unknown.

The reason I did this was because fyachii has been looking for that obscure TS2 to TS3 version. We have both seen it multiply times appear on our dashboards featured in post from other simmers. Exhausting searches and WCIF’s have produced the fact that no one seems to know who made it, where it came from, or other such information that would make it easy to hunt down. This item is so obscure that it is either buried knee deep in tumblr reblogs and post or it was removed.

So, long story short I converted it myself for those that have been hunting this elusive bear down and have been unable to find it. Here is my TS2 to TS3 conversion of Yuxi’s Fallout 3 Teddy Bear.

  • Presets – One can take color and patterns in two locations and one cannot.
  • Credits: Yuxi for the original conversion and for allowing it to be converted to TS3.
  • Decoration Found Under Kids / Toys for 1 simoleon.
  • This item does not require OMSP unless you want to tilt it. If tilting it or standing it upright is something you want to do you will need the Tipsy OMSP.
  • Sims3Pack and Package Files available. Sims3Pack has a custom Launcher Thumbnail.

Final note, I do not generally convert things that others have previously done. This is my own personal rule, but after having tried to find the TS2 to TS3 version that was previously done, quite unsuccessfully, I opted to make an exception and convert this for my good friend fyachii.





  1. hehehehehe. I love it. Besides, it’s getting better. When it is YOU who converted this, and then when it comes to one day, there are some people who like us, trying to find it, I’m sure they won’t end up looking and frustrating like us anymore. ❤

    • You are welcome hun, glad you like it. Yes, that was quite frustrating. Hopefully, no one else will have to experience that. ^_^

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