As some of you may have realized I have discontinued The Exiled Prince College Years. As I was writing the prequel and after it was finished I came to some realizations that made me rather unhappy. Due to this, I have done something a bit drastic recently. ^_^ The Exiled Prince Reality is the canon story, but it takes place in the “distant” future. What you know and what you think you know is about to be flipped upside down. Basically forget everything you learned in TEP, TEPR, Aslann, and the Prequel because none of that matters. They are all now considered alternate reality stories with The Exiled Prince and The Exiled Prince Reloaded being “closer” to the canon history.

The reason for this, is while writing the prequel I became very frustrated with things I fixed. I changed them because I thought they would be for the betterment of the story, but really they just made me unhappy in the end. Additionally, characters and clans that were never meant to appear ended up in the story and some with bigger roles. Which changed the story drastically from its original (before The Exiled Prince was written). I have “rebooted” this series in a way a few times and I don’t want to do that again. Which is why I am moving in this direction. Starting, in the “distant” future, I can address the modern story without feeling confined by our own time as well as the historical stuff.

So, due to this I want to give all of you an opportunity. Whether you have read one story, all of the stories, or maybe even none. This is your chance to ask me about characters, clans, the nation, religion, politics, time-period, ships, deaths, etc. Do not be afraid to ask a question about someone you adore or something you have always wondered. I want to be able to do up a FAQ page for The Exiled Prince Reality and this is a great way to do it, by giving all of you who have enjoyed the stories a chance to ask who is going to be in it or what does the “distant” future world look like. Not to mention, give those that perhaps have not read it a chance to ask their own questions to decide if it is something they might like to read.

Feel free to ask at my wordpress on this post or at tumblr you can send me an ask or an IM message. All questions will be compiled and answered as long as they remain about The Exiled Prince. ~Thank you.