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The Exiled Prince Reloaded was suppose to end differently then it did. In fact there were a lot of things that were meant to be different. One of the biggest things was the survival of Hiko Kari and his marriage to Tationy. In the canon reality the two never marry, but it was meant to happen in TEPR.

The first three pictures are scenes from The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel. This scene was the first encounter between Hiko and Tationy, but it was not one that was important to him. A lot of people are under the misconception that Tationy and Hiko’s tale is a love story. The truth is, it is not and never was. This scene is far more important from Tationy’s perspective as seen in the last picture. It was meant to show that she is not there in that time and place with Hiko and when she looks at him, she sees the Kari Commander of Aslann and nothing more.


When Tationy and Hiko first meet he does not quite understand his feelings for her. So, any journey taken from his point of view is often met with a lot of ‘am I in love’ questions. He was a character designed to be completely disinterested in romance, relationships, and lusting after women. This overpowering connection he feels for Tationy is often confused for love, when really it is and has always been about power.

Despite how their relationship was portrayed in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel. Tationy and Hiko did not meet in school, as children, or were the same age. She was sixteen when she meet the twenty-four year old Hiko Kari in the modern time and of the same age when she meets the forty-five year old Commander of the Aslann military in historical days.

Hiko’s obsession and otherwise dominance over Tationy throughout their relationship started and ended with trying to outdo his father Tadayoshi Kari who was the vessel of the God Kazuma. Nothing gives your father the finger like taking his woman.

Father and son have a tumultuous relationship. Tadayoshi demands perfection and that his son follow the ways of the Kari and Hiko rebels against it with every fiber of his being. During historical days, his father was the one topic that he refused to discuss with anyone.


Hiko’s general disposition makes him unlikable by most everyone he meets. Abe Sosa regardless of time and place is one of his eternal rivals. The two are always fighting and trying to kill each other, but out of all of the characters in the series these are the two men that have each others backs regardless of how they feel for each other.

Hiko is not the type of character we ever see afraid of anything. While he has been known to internalize his struggles, the outward displays of insecurity such as the ones we see in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel are not who he is. Hiko comes off as confident and fearsome and has earned the title of demon by those that have faced him in battle or gone against him. However, there is one man he has crossed paths with that even makes the knees of Hiko Kari shake and that is Mikio Ishi.

Emotionally intense scenes like these from The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel would have gone much differently had we seen the real Hiko. Embarrassment, insecurity, betrayal, and negative emotions such as these only make him angrier. If he felt that she was pitying him, he would have taken her by force to prove he was a man.

Despite scenes like these, Tationy and Hiko do not spend all that much time together. In reality, his priority is always his business. He works and comes home only when there is nothing more for him to do, then repeats the vicious cycle the next day. Additionally, neither of them would put vending food junk into their bodies.

Sensual and romantic moments between Tationy and Hiko are nearly non-existent. Hiko has no interest in sex. Sweet quiet scenes such as these are a figment of this writers wishful thinking and imagination and are only truly possible in alternate reality stories.


Now there are a lot of Hiko fan-girls out there probably picturing themselves with him right now. Thinking that they will be that one girl to make him fall head over heels, sorry to disappoint. Hiko will never change who he is. He will always be that guy that would rather kill you then tolerate you. Once you outlive your usefulness he will be done with you and Tationy is no exception.


There relationship is about business and appearances. Neither of them are happy; Hiko simply does not care and is using her. While Tationy understands this and martyrs herself because it is what is best for Aslann.

Don’t let the happy family routine fool you. It is all show. For Tationy, the best thing that came out of the relationship with Hiko was their son Kazuma. When Kazuma is small, Hiko is actually quite a good father. Thankfully, Hiko dies and never sees Kazuma grow up because those brief moments of being the greatest dad ever would come crashing down around the young child. The older Kazuma gets, the more Hiko would grow to hate him. Additionally, as Kazuma ages he grows to despise his father. If Hiko was capable of seeing his son age, their relationship would parallel the one he has with his own father Tadayoshi. Ultimately, if Kazuma and Hiko are in the same timeline, one would kill the other much as it is with Tadayoshi and Hiko.

Hiko is a ‘what you see is what you get’ sort of guy and he really could care less if you like him.