Muses – Friendship


Tationy, that one is not big enough for dinner. Throw it back.”

“It’s not big enough for a sandwich.”

“Your sense of humor has improved.”

“Really, you think so?”


“Remind me again why we are friends.”

*Laughing* “Because other women hate us and at least one of us is smart enough to hate the bitches back.”

“It is not like that. I am just….”

“Too nice.”

“Ahh, probably that.”




    • HAHA, it might be. ^_^ Never had Sushi though or seen it cooked so I cannot say in that regard. I actually do not eat fish or like the smell of it. Long story.

      • Me neither haha. Sushi can be raw or cooked. People say it’s good, but I will just have to take their word for it. I am not that fond of fish either, unless it is saltwater fish. Those typically aren’t fishy smelling or tasting.

      • Once upon a time, I seen a fish cut open and the baby spawn come out of it. -_- I have not eaten fish or any seafood since. Not even fish sticks. Cannot do it. Just the smell now flashes me back to that.

      • HAHA oh gosh, that is terrible. Yeah, I would not touch fish either, if I had seen something like that.

      • Yeah it killed it for me. I was like, 9 I think. Pretty young in the grand scheme of things, but at an age where that can be traumatizing. HAHA.

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