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Why are you staring?

I am not staring.

Kuro you have been looking at me the same way for two hours, come on just say it.

Was just admiring your hair.

Don’t even. Do not get on me about my hair.


You asshole. What is wrong with it?

Nothing, I like it.

Come on, you are just saying that to get in my pants.

No, if I want to get in your pants I will just tell you I want to. I really like it.

*Sighing* I hate you.

Oh, that face is kind of cute. *Amused Laugh* Feeling a little shy are you? Did this lowly Ishi manage to break the defenses of the mighty queen of the Kari? Warn me if you are going to take an aggressive stance, I might have to get physical.

You said you didn’t want to get in my pants.

No, I said, I would tell you. This is me telling you.