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There is no one quite as troublesome as Hiko Kari, except perhaps his eternal rival Abe Sosa. Abe is a sadist that does not know restraint. In fact, in The Exiled Prince during the scene above we see what Abe is willing to do even after being told not to kill anyone. He loves the metallic taste of blood, listening to his enemies plead and scream, and the only person that seems to understand that bloodlust is Hiko Kari. For this reason, Abe has grown to respect the Commander of the Aslann military and served under him as a General for many years. Though admittedly tried to kill him often.

Abe had virtually no relationship at all with his father during the modern years, but he was quite close with his mother. As he aged it became difficult for him to handle the free-spirited and mentally ill Emi Sosa and he was forced to rely on Tationy for assistance; something he completely hates doing because he never wants the help of another. Unfortunately, the tragic death of his mother from suicide left a hole in Abe’s heart that has never quite been repaired so he keeps everyone at arms-length.


One thing that never changes about Abe is his love of baseball, but more so his ambition. Some might think that being just a sportsmen is about celebrity, but really for Abe it is about being the best. Breaking records, making the most money, and being on the lips of anyone who talks sports. When the world is talking baseball, he wants his name spoken. However, his ambition is not limited by such a small dream. Abe intends to be the best at everything and anything and the only person he believes that can stand in his way, is himself.

Abe is quite popular with both men and women. He is not a choirboy in that department and he loves the validation he gets from his sexual conquest. However, most relationships are not meaningful enough for him to see them as anything more then titillation for his libido and ego.


One of the few female characters, Abe develops a deep and meaningful relationship with is Moochie who is a deaf mute form the Sweela clan. She does everything he wishes, anticipates his needs, never complains or tells him no, and wishes to stay at his side even if their relationship is not one of any sort of normalcy. One of Moochie’s defining characteristics is that she accepts him, all of him, even the ugly parts and there is a lot of unsavory parts to Abe’s personality.

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The relationship with Moochie during the historical days of Aslann was important for a number of reasons. However, the biggest is that without this union and the child born from it, there would be no Sosa Clan. While modern day Abe has no interest in having children or carrying on a dead line, his previous reincarnate from historical days did.


Tationy and Abe are sometimes friends.


Occasionally even lovers.

Not to mention, they are often rivals. The complicated dynamic between Tationy and Abe transcends time. This goes back to the historical days when Abe was the ‘master’ and guardian to the young Prince of Aslann. The relationship between Abe and Tatsuya, the alter ego of Tationy, has plenty of back and forth not to mention a lot of antagonizing. This intensity as the two are reincarnated comes about in very mixed ways, but always they come together in one form or another.

The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be! Does it apply to Abe? There is some misconception about whom the strongest in Aslann was during historical days. Let me clear that up for you. Hands down the strongest in all of Aslann was Mikio Ishi. Not even the chalta Atsuki, guardian of the Prince of Aslann could stand against him. However, there were plenty of men that were equally strong in a variety of other ways. Taku Kensuku for example was a talented hand-to-hand fighter and the young Prince of Aslann made sure to tell Abe that Taku was stronger. Why? Simply because the young prince loved to get Abe’s goat. Was Taku stronger? If he could disarm Abe, certainly they would be about equal, but Abe was the greatest swordsmen in all of Aslann and even the strongest of the guardians, Chochi Waichia could not take that title away from him.


With the future reality on the horizon there are probably plenty of questions about what becomes of Abe Sosa. Does he live a fulfilling life? Does his clan die out? Abe embarks on a mission to protect Aslann from another empire, one that results in the poor guy getting stuck there for a time. Not that he is complaining…much. This trouble has led him straight into the arms of a lioness named Colette Fontaine. Will either of them survive the experience? Only time will tell if Abe Sosa makes his return to Aslann.

Character: Colette Fontaine by FirstLadyofCasterlyRock


In the end, do not let Abe’s boyish charm and good looks fool you, this young man with the innocent face is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He will eat you and not think twice about it.