Gallery – Kin Ishi

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It might surprise some of you to find out that his name was not originally Kin. Certainly there was a Kintaro “Kin” Ishi, but that was another character entirely. This Kin started out with the name Rykuero and while he had little to no screen-time he was mentioned in two different chapters of The Exiled Prince as being a son of the God Rin, born of a Maiba woman. Coincidentally, he was also one of the sons that Rin sacrificed to save Bak Ishi his younger brother when the gods were passing judgement.

While Kin’s role in The Exiled Prince was small, his contribution to the story was no less impacting. It came in the form of two of his descendants, Nene and her brother Oro. Nene was the only Ishi woman we seen in the story and she became the vessel for the possessing demon clan matriarch Myia of the Nakamaru. While her brother served as the Commander of the second branch of the Aslann military. Does that mean Kin was married? No. Marriages for the Ishi were far less common the closer to the blood of the God Rin. Kin had one liaison when he was younger that did result in a child. Centuries later, along come Nene and Oro.

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Kin is a well-respected Oncologist, but his passion comes in the form of his centuries long desire to cure the Ishi disease known as Imitso Encephalopathy. A progressive genetic neurological disorder that causes an advance stage of deterioration in mental faculties and afflicts those with Ishi blood to varying degrees. Yes, an Oncologist that smokes. Well former smoker that is. Kin quit during the modern age when smoking became taboo. He is one of the few Ishi that no longer lights up.


The God Rin had hundreds of children, most notable is the youngest Bak and the three oldest Kuro, Mikio, and his twin Soti. Kin is one of the oldest of the hundred plus children born between Mikio / Soti and Bak. He spends a great deal of time with his older brothers, but more often then not he is dragged along with his younger brother Bak on whatever misadventures his sibling has decided to get up to. Bak calls this living. Kin does not feel the same, despite begrudgingly joining him.

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Kin is a workaholic and a very serious one at that. His stoic personality tends to be in contrast with his younger brother Bak who is spirited and much more inline with the brooding Mikio. Both, Kin and Mikio share the same issue that afflicts many Ishi and that is vision impairment. Kin’s is far worse making him virtually blind without his glasses. Which may contribute to the fact that he cannot match his clothing worth a darn.

Bro’s before hoes. No nothing like that, but Kin and Bak do have one thing in common. They love getting under the skin of their big brother Kuro. Poor Kuro, finds them exhausting.

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Dedicated to the preservation of the Ishi clan he will always strive to solve the greatest mystery the world has ever known; what is the true cause of the Ishi disease and what part of his soul must he sacrifice to cure it.