Gallery – Kyo Kari

Well with Kyo Kari we should first start with his relationship with Semei Kari. The two are close or at least that is how it appears in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel. However, that is quite wrong on many levels. Semei and Kyo despite being cousins are not close in age and rarely spend anytime together. Semei sees Kyo as one of those ‘modern’ Kari as we saw in The Exiled Prince Reloaded. The closest Semei and Kyo come to a true relationship is seen in the historical days when the much older Kyo is the Shield of the Elder of the Kari, Erobus. Kyo and Semei have some interactions during that time, but nothing that would indicate they like each other.


Despite how things are portrayed in The Exiled Prince Rebooted and Prequel, Tationy and Kyo actually never meet each other. While she is involved with Hiko Kari, Kyo is in America handling the Kari Foundations American branch. In the historical days, Tationy knows Kyo through her alter-ego of Tatsuya and is ultimately the one responsible for his death.


Not surprising, like most Kari men Kyo has a tumultuous relationship with his father. The two were estranged much later in life after Kyo fell in love with an American woman, but the issues between them started long before. Azu was unforgiving and had high expectations for his sons, but Kyo he saw as much weaker than his siblings due to his lighthearted and humorous nature.


Do not let his modern attire and friendly nature fool you. Kyo can be fiercely stubborn to the point of picking fights with the old man, but they never end well for him. Additionally, if he is ordered to do something by his clan elder he will do it, even if it goes against who he is as a man. He might be the nicest of the Kari, but he will kill you like any other of his kin if ordered.

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Eri and Kyo were only a couple in The Exiled Prince Rebooted and hooked up in the Prequel. In the canon reality she cheated on her husband Sesiago Kari, who is Kyo’s older brother with Erobus of the Kari. This union ultimately got both her and Erobus killed, by the very hand of her husband Sesiago.

You are probably thinking, but what does that mean for Kin. There is no Kin Kari, son of Kyo Kari. Kin has a complicated history that starts back in historical days. He was born from Eri Maiba who was married to Sesiago, but he was not Sesiago’s. He was the son of Erobus Kari, the Elder of the Kari. Kin is one of the few characters that is not reincarnated over and over again, so by the modern era he no longer exist in the canon universe.

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Despite his lanky body and jovial nature, Kyo is the epitome of deceiving looks. What you see is not what you get with him and he is just as dangerous as other Kari men.