Gallery – Bak Ishi


Let’s be clear, Bak is a hedonist. Additionally, if I had to pick five Ishi that would throw their kin under the proverbial bus, he would be at the top of the list. He is a bad boy.

Bak is only seen in flashbacks in The Exiled Prince and we do not see him again in the series until The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel. However, Bak’s son Togore played a huge role in The Exiled Prince as the chalta that went after the Sweela guardian, the reincarnated assassin that hunted Sadoo, Tationy, and Otoha, not to mention the chalta that shutdown the guardian Atsuki. Eventually, his body is possessed when Atsuki escapes.

Character: Ages ago -drewsoltesz – had a blogger and she had this wonderful character in her story that she often referred to as a weasel. Out of all of the characters in her story, he was the one I loved the most. Her encouragement is ultimately what led to me writing The Exiled Prince using the sims and because I loved the weasel so much she gave him to me and I used him as Togore in Sims 2.

A question I get asked often is about Bak’s tattoo and whether or not it means anything. I always answer that it does, but I never explain its significance. Bak is actually quite a powerful chalta which are essentially magic users. No matter how great you are at casting spells you cannot protect your mind without assistance. His tattoo is actually an esoteric seal that protects his mind from clans like the Waichia and Hamara who are masters of manipulation.


Bak is a baby snake of the Ishi. While his brothers Kuro and Mikio are as old as the creation of the world itself, Bak is only fifty-four years old. He was the last child born of the blood of the God Rin before his death.


Bak is one of two characters in the series that has a mole. The other is Moromari Saitama also know as Sin.

Many scenes throughout the series show Mikio and Bak together. This is because in Bak’s original history the two were quite close until Bak and Rin conspired against Mikio’s twin, the Emperor of Aslann. The death of Soti, by the hands of Bak and Rin set into motion events that would change the nation and Mikio who was ordered by the child emperor Miroku to kill his father, Rin and his brother, Bak. These events still happen, but centuries upon centuries later and Bak’s life is spared by Mikio.


Bak loves to antagonize his older brother Kuro, the first born son of Rin.


One thing that has actually bothered me a lot about Sims 3 through the years comes with Bak and other characters who are meant to have exotic or darker skin. While he is seen with much lighter skin in many pictures, he is one character that is actually meant to have a much darker more olive skin due to his Sato blood.

Let’s not pull any punches here, Bak has played the field quite a bit. The man has done some stuff! Still, when he meets Ameya Sou he settles down his lecherous ways. With good reason from the looks of these pictures.

Character: Ameya Sou by Fyachii


By the start of the reality story, Bak already knows Ameya. She is a baker’s apprentice at a small shop he frequents every morning after he shuts down his club. Her language skills need a lot of work. Born in Japan she mistakenly responds with “you are welcome to come” instead of “you are welcome.” Things like these are an open invitation to Bak and he never corrects her because he is the type of man that loves it when a woman says, “you are welcome to come”. Such a dirty, dirty boy.


By far, Bak is the most sociable Ishi. Do not get me wrong, they all enjoy a good time. He just happens to be the type of guy that can turn any event into a party and he is generally surrounded by all the hot women. Even a quirky picture, Bak can have fun with. Just do not tell him no, he pouts like you would not believe.


Bak is a pleasure seeking guy even in the worst possible situations. He is the type to laugh at a funeral and inappropriate is his middle name.