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You are getting a lot of no holds barred honesty from me at such an early hour. So, there is no finer character to end the night … er morning with then Mikio Ishi himself. Here is the straight up truth, he is the one character I cannot picture my story without. I have killed them all off at one point or another including Kuro who was not featured in the Aslann story. However, Mikio is not one that I ever part with and yet, he is the one that has the incurable Ishi disease, Imitso Encephalopathy, and is most likely to die.

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Interestingly enough, Mikio is the only Ishi we actually ever see suffer the affects of Imitso Encephalopathy despite it being quite common among the Ishi. We do however learn in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel that many Ishi have their health evaluated for any signs of the disease.


Mikio is the favored son of the God Rin and the Goddess Tearra. He had a twin brother named Soti who was killed by their father Rin with the assistance of his brother Bak. While he showed restraint and let his brother Bak walk away, he did battle against his father. The outcome would result in them both being critically injured and dying, though Mikio would be brought back to life using resuscitation techniques. His father, the death god would piggyback his way to being reincarnated in his own son.

We cannot talk about Mikio being the vessel of the God Rin without addressing his relationship to the Goddess Tearra and her vessel of Tationy. Mikio is the son of Tearra and Rin. Rin was the lover of Tearra. Essentially that makes him both son and lover of the Goddess Tearra and her vessel.

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This unusual dynamic is showcased in a variety of ways throughout the series. We see him in The Exiled Prince sharing conversation with her, making love to her, as well as keeping his distance. In The Exiled Prince Reloaded, we learn that the two were quite close and he always had feelings for her, though never acted upon them. In Aslann, we get a much more distant Mikio whose curiosity is perked. Unfortunately, The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel is the one that disappoints me because Mikio comes off as the villain and we never really learn what his motivations are.


Out of all of the characters in the series, Mikio is the one I would least call a villain. He is complicated, right down to his motives. His feelings for Tationy are genuine more so then any other vessel of the gods. There was a scene that was meant to explain Mikio more slated for The Exiled Prince Rebooted College Years which unfortunately never happened. It was important to show Tationy in the historical setting and how Mikio brings her back to the modern period and the sacrifice he makes to do so; ultimately worsening the Ishi disease he suffers from and receiving his scars. This sacrifice to protect her not only damages him in the modern age, but also his past and future selves.

First, seeing we see a young Kuro, Tationy, and Mikio in the first picture I will state that they are not the same age. Mikio and Kuro are as old as dirt and Tationy is well over hundred years old.  They were not children at the same time, however, one thing Mikio and Tationy do have in common is they both have the Eyes of the Goddess Tearra. Seeing the past, the present, and the future and ultimately manipulating it for those with the Tylo eyes is like playing a game of chess. Mikio is a very aggressive player, while Tationy is quite defensive. Despite, the match they played in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel, Tationy has never beaten Mikio.

Modern Hiko is a complete asshole that does not give a darn about anything or anyone, however, historical Hiko is all about protecting the great nation of Aslann. On numerous occasions, Mikio Ishi and the Commander of the Aslann military Hiko have crossed paths. During these moments, Mikio has exhibited some interest in Hiko and has actually conversed with him more so then other characters in the series who get the “who knows” response.

Tationy is quite proficient in combat though we very rarely see her use it. In the story of Aslann we witness her fight both Hiko and Mikio, doing fairly well against the two of them. Though her ultimate defeat at the hands of Mikio was inevitable. One of my personal favorites though was actually a scene that was not meant to happen. In The Exiled Prince, there was a scene which was ultimately the rematch of Mikio and Atsuki of the Nakamaru. Atsuki kills Hiko, who was trying to protect Tationy and Mikio arrives just in time to see her fall. Covering her body with his, he vehemently swears he will not let Atsuki harm her. Unfortunately, computer and game issues forced changes and that scene did not happen. However, another version of it came about much later in the story, when Mikio is critically injured against Hero of the Takahashi forcing Tationy to lift a sword to protect him.


While I consider Kuro the canon partner to Tationy, Mikio is a close second. Often throughout the original stories as well as The Exiled Prince series, I wanted to put her and Mikio together. Despite the complicated nature of their relationship, there is a deep connection shared between them and we witness what he is willing to do for her throughout the series. Sometimes these little details are misunderstood, which is an unfortunate failure on my part.


Would it surprise you to find out that after the death of Hiko Kari in The Exiled Prince Reloaded, I had no intention on her getting with Tadayoshi Kari? That is right. It was actually my intent to have her end up with Mikio. The reason they did not end up a couple had nothing to do with game or computer issues, but a negative comment about Mikio being a creep due to a scene where he tries to understand why Tationy is with a man like Hiko Kari. This scene was taken in such a negative light by one of my early readers that I felt quite conflicted about continuing their story. Unfortunately, it was not the first nor the last change made to the story to appease that particular reader. As a writer, it is the worst thing you can do because you are left with bitterness over things you changed to make others happy.

What we learn in The Exiled Prince Reloaded is that Tationy goes to the funeral of Mikio’s father and he asks her if Hiko gave her permission to attend. As Tationy tells Tadayoshi later on, she had thought about leaving Hiko and wanted to ask her friend Mikio for advice. Ultimately, Mikio’s words contributed to her staying in a relationship that many would describe is dysfunctional and in some cases abusive. Originally that scene went far differently. After Mikio’s father is put to rest he takes her hand and walks her toward a small dwelling where they sit together and he shares his feelings with her. Despite his confession she is not ready to leave Hiko because she has not fully realized what a jerk he really is. This scene was meant to be the foundation for what was to happen next.


While Mikio interacted with both Tatsuya and Tationy during the historical days he has managed to avoid her quite well all throughout the modern age. This evasion last to the start of the future age when Tationy finds her way to the Ishi, thus making it impossible for Mikio to continue to avoid her.

The answer to why the Goddess Tearra stayed with the God Rin has been very subtly hinted at numerous times throughout the stories, but the answer just might be screamed from the mountains in the reality canon for those who are not great at reading between the lines.

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The most powerful character in the series, speaks very little, has the biggest weakness, and the most complicated history shared with Tationy. He, however, is truly the most genuine.