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Straight to the point. As bluntly as I can put it, Hiko is trash. True Hiko as he is meant to be seen can only be found in The Exiled Prince Reloaded. Everything he does is a disgrace to the ways of the Kari. His jealousy and hatred for his clan especially his father and men like Semei Kari knows no bounds. Unfortunately….and let me be frank, that shit called the Prequel made it seem as though Hiko was some insecure lovesick puppy and that Semei Kari was a lesser man. Not now, nor ever will Semei be in the shadow of Hiko Kari. Hiko’s confusion regarding his feelings were just that. A guy who could not tell that he wanted to possess Tationy to keep her away from men like his father Tadayoshi and Semei, who are in all regards better then he is.

Now that I have gotten that out of my system we can move on. There was actually meant to be a scene in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel which was to show Hiko’s jealousy. That scene took place at the beach, but ultimately did not make it into the story. In this scene, Hiko gets pissed off at Tationy for challenging Semei to a race to an ice-cream truck nearby. His over the top irrational response confuses Semei who informs him that it is just ice-cream. Regardless, Hiko is so pissed off he makes them leave.


Scenes like these are always fun to do, but they give an undesirable illusion of reality. Semei would never spend any time with Hiko. He despised the man and thought him everything wrong with the modernized Kari. Additionally, there is not a single moment in the reality canon where Tationy would look at Hiko so adoringly. Their relationship was not like that.

Slated for The Exiled Prince Rebooted College Years was a scene that involved a one on one match with Hiko and Semei. In this scene, we find out who really is the best. While I have discontinued the College Years due to my utter disgust and hatred over the Prequel story, this scene was very important to show that Semei is not Hiko’s shadow. Which unfortunately was the result of the badly written piece of garbage called the Prequel.

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Right now you are probably thinking to yourself, Whoa! Why is she so angry. Or even wondering why the sudden hatred for Hiko and the Prequel. I loathed the Prequel while writing it. Too many characters were changed and Hiko who I wanted to drop like a bad habit back in 2013 was once again pushed into the spotlight. With that terrible story, other characters such as Semei and Kuro were seen in a light that I did not like and was not who they are. Additionally, Hiko who was always meant to be a bit character was turned into the main and people grew to like him. Normally having people love a character would be a great thing, but having them love or hate a character because of the Prequel has actually left a bitter taste in my mouth because people do not see it as an alternate reality story. Stories such as The Exiled Prince, The Exiled Prince Reloaded, and even Aslann are better examples for my characters then The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel. Additionally, Semei is much closer to his true self in The Exiled Prince Reloaded then he is in any other story.

Wait, what is wrong with Semei in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel? Everything! Let’s start with the easiest. Semei never played basketball in High School. While he looks bad ass doing it, Semei was privately tutored within the Kari village.

You want more? Semei and Kuro have never met during the modern age. However, they have crossed paths during times of old. Additionally, Semei and Tationy never went to school together. He is considerably older then she is. In fact he is also older then Hiko. Not to mention, he never knew Sadamitsu Anami.

How much older is Semei compared to Tationy and Hiko? Quite a bit. He was eleven years old when Tadayoshi Kari’s wife was pregnant with Hiko. Tationy met Hiko when she was sixteen years old and Hiko was twenty-four. Put your elementary math skills to work people.

I do rather like them in their uniforms, but to be honest, Semei puts that look on her face a lot. I consider him one of the few characters that can get that kind of reaction out of Tationy. His expectations are high and he can be frustrating and I say that knowing I have said many times he is like the male version of me.


 Tationy and Semei meet much later into the modern age. While both existed during the historical days they had no contact with each other. Due to his position of Elder of the Kari and the location of the first Kari Village near Shimragata which was well over a years travel time by foot from Aslann, they had no reason to cross paths. The situation is quite similar in the modern age. The two only meet once Tadayoshi of the Kari, makes Semei his successor.

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Despite his appearances in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel and the subsequent College Years which was discontinued, Semei’s father never has made an appearance in other stories. This is important, because by the time Semei comes into the story both his mother and father are dead. Given the name Kazuki, Semei’s father was actually one of the few characters in the series that was never actually given a name due to him being unimportant. By far I consider Semei’s father the character with the least amount of value in the series. He was considered an unremarkable Kari and never held the position of Shield or Osoma.

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 Writing the prequel, one thing that completely troubled me revolved around Semei’s friendships with both Kyo and Kuro. He never met Kuro and Kyo was a Kari that Semei would have considered a disgrace. While Tatsuya Kari makes an appearance in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel he is seen as far older then Semei. This was also wrong. Tatsuya and Semei were close in age, with Semei being slightly older. They were also best friends and had a great balance with Semei being the unforgiving traditionalist and Tatsuya being the understanding and friendly man of compromise. We see a more accurate display of their relationship in The Exiled Prince Reloaded. In historical days however, Tatsuya was the Elder of the Kari of Aslann and Semei the Elder of the Kari of the Village near Shimragata and the two had no contact with each other.

I do love taking pictures of Semei and Tationy, but he would very rarely and by that I mean maybe once every five years, wear modern clothing. This is something he would do under protest and his decision to adorn himself in such attire would have more to do with the Kari Foundation then anything else. For a time, he does assist with the transition between Tadayoshi and Zen as CEO.

Other things we would never see Semei doing include casting full on magic. Sorry he is not a chalta. While the Kari are proficient in hand-to-hand combat and alchemy very few of them are esoteric or magic users. Additionally, neither him nor Tationy would be able to use esoteric spells to conjure items, despite their love of making apples in Sims 3. Not to mention….that booty though. Moving on! Semei would never take selfies, he does not even have a cellphone. Nor would he go on a vacation. He is quite content in the Kari Village and the likelihood you would ever get him into a hot tub is about zero percent….make that negative zero percent.


He does look good casting magic though.


The Exiled Prince College Years we were meant to see quite a few things. The first was a scene of Semei and Tationy when they are younger. Semei lost his parents and she was trying to comfort him in her own special and awkward way. A scene like this never happens between them due to the age gap, but it is not the first time I have placed young Tationy with Semei. When trying to salvage The Exiled Prince which had gotten away from me, a young Tylo girl was traveling with a Matsuo assassin, named Semei. Coincidentally, in The Exiled Prince series the Matsuo man in the market that knocks the pregnant Tationy down is Semei. However, we never see him as Kari or Matsuo until The Exiled Prince Reloaded.

I actually mentioned this about Bak, but this also goes for both Tationy and Semei as well. Tationy should be olive skinned. In Sims 3 we see her much lighter then she should be due to the limitations of custom content created skins. Semei is actually meant to be darker then Tationy due to his Matsuo blood.

So, what is canon for the relationship of Tationy and Semei? After the death of Tadayoshi, Tationy and her son Kazuma go to the Kari Village. The rebellious child is often picking fights and is taken under the wing of the Osoma and Elder of the Kari Semei.


About four years later we see the first real signs of Kazuma when Tationy cuts her finger while making dinner and Semei moves in behind her much as Tadayoshi had done years earlier.

It takes eight years for the relationship to progress. This is really important because while he was mentoring young Kazuma, the God was making himself at home in the body of Semei. The King of the Gods was able to do this due to the Mark of Kazuma tattooed upon Semei’s body, which is an esoteric seal used to summon an entity to a particular vessel. Unfortunately, what this also means is that we never know if Semei truly loved Tationy or if the feelings he had for her were those of the King of the Gods. This is also the same plight that surrounds her relationship with Tadayoshi.

It takes an additional five years of courting, before Semei requests that Tationy move in with him. Her son Kazuma encourages her to do so, despite her own reluctance.


Only after she agrees and moves in with him, does he kiss her for the first time.

In the discontinued College Years we were meant to see Tationy and Semei get married, but the sad reality is she does not marry him. She also never marries Tadayoshi or Hiko despite their years together.

Not to mention he does not play video games. UGH, the gameplay in Sims 3 sometimes I just want to kick it out the door especially on their wedding night. Not that her choice of activities was any better, but at least it was in character. This game…priorities people!

Steamy Semei and Tationy do not have any children in the canon reality. However, in the The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel alternate reality they have a son named Sen.

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Seeing we will most likely never see him due to me no longer focusing on alternate reality stories, have some pictures of Sen with his mom and dad.


Of the Kari men she has been involved with, her longest relationship is with Semei. Once the two of them “officially” come together, they spend nineteen years together before a falling out divides them.

They seem so perfect, what could possibly tear them apart you might find yourself asking. It all starts with the death of Tationy’s son Kazuma at the age of twenty-five. It was a freak accident and ultimately no ones fault. This is the first time Tationy has really been overwhelmingly affected by grief and Semei or should I say, the King of the Gods, is not at all sympathetic. When she needs him the most for comfort, he is far more callous and cold then he has ever been.


Down with the Selfies. Anyway, the loss of Kazuma brings about a lot of reevaluating for Tationy. During this time, Semei and Tationy end up at odds with each other due to their different views regarding Aslann, the Kari Foundation, as well as modernization vs tradition. Semei wants to completely remove the Kari from the modern world and return to Shimragata. While Tationy feels that doing so will ultimately do more harm to the Kari and the nation of Aslann then good.

The climax of this tension comes when Zen falls ill and Semei, the Elder of the Kari states that he feels the Kari Foundation should be torn down and its assets liquidated. If there was ever a moment for them to make amends and move forward together, this was not it.


Zen disagreed with the Elder of the Kari, but understood that if time passed with him still holding the position of CEO he would have no other choice then to do as Semei wished. So, he signed the entire company over to Tationy leaving the decision for its fate in her hands. Much to the dismay of Semei, who could not convince her that it was for the betterment of the Kari. Their final parting words were heated as she told him simply that it was not for the Kari that he demanded the liquidation of the Kari Foundation. Pointing out that the God Kazuma was a selfish god who hated modernization so much that even if it cost him his people and the security and prosperity of Aslann, he would sacrifice anything.

Tationy left the village. Semei did make several attempts to convince her throughout the years that followed which were ultimately unsuccessful attempts. Zen handing over the Kari Foundation to her had lasting affects, with those for modernization and those against it butting heads. After several failed attempts, the two would not see each other again until Zen’s funeral. Though not a single word was spoken. Happy moments like these are all simply figments of alternate realities.


While Tationy and Kuro are the canon pairing and my deep love of Tadayoshi and even Hiko, I believe her relationship with Semei is one of the best. You have two very interesting characters both striving to protect what they value; Semei the Kari Clan and Tationy the nation of Aslann. When their paths are heading in the same direction I consider them a power couple that rivals Hiko and Tationy and Tadayoshi and Tationy, however, when their paths fork in opposite directions these two end up at odds. This makes their relationship uniquely different from Hiko who keeps her around despite having no feelings for her and Tadayoshi who keeps her around even though he thinks she tried to have him killed.


Regardless of how you feel about him, Semei is a traditionalist that values the ways of his people over the advancements of technology.