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Gallery – Tadayoshi Kari

Let’s start with someone that has made quite an impact on Tadayoshi. As the vessel of the God Kazuma, Tadayoshi never wanted to force Tationy, the vessel of Tearra, to see him. By taking such a slow and steady pace he paved the way for his son, Hiko Kari to swoop in and make the Queen of the Kari his. As we have learned from Dragon Age, swooping is bad. The relationship between Hiko and Tadayoshi was tumultuous to begin with, but his son crossed a line forcing the hand of the man known as the King of the Kari. Tadayoshi truly felt as though he failed Hiko, who for the majority of his life he saw as his precious son. This relationship was quite defining for both of them and ultimately it became clear that the two could not exist in the same place in time; one would always kill the other.


After Tadayoshi stained his hands with the blood of his son he took care of Tationy and his grandson Kazuma. Even though she was so close to him, he felt as though it was wrong to force her to see him when it was he who caused her the most pain. Never asking whether or not she was mad or suffering; certain that she was aware he was the one that struck down his own son.

He really tried to keep a respectful distance and spent the majority of his free-time with his grandson, Kazuma. This was the relationship he felt was easiest in his life, though he constantly worried that he might make the same mistakes he made with his son Hiko.


Despite having known Tationy since she was a child, Tadayoshi found great difficulty in connecting with her. Even as the vessel of Kazuma, there was a deep-seated confusion when he looked at her despite knowing that she was Tearra. He became aware that this had more to do with Kazuma’s feelings and less about his own. Ultimately, the God Kazuma did not understand why Tearra had chosen Tationy and more so why she had made many of the decisions she had through the millennia.

Without Hiko around to get in the way, one would think they would have progressed faster then they did, but Tadayoshi is quite an old soul and his pacing is turtle slow. He continued to work at the Kari Foundation, resuming command after the death of his son and Tationy would join him now and again for business meetings as arm-candy; upon Zen’s insistence.

Tationy and Tadayoshi did share plenty of moments. They often took walks together, he confided in her his uncertainties, sometimes they just stood together. It was never uncomfortable.

Tadayoshi felt confident enough to close the distance after years of salacious flirting between them. This moment is important, not because Tadayoshi is finally making his move, but actually because we see it again much later when Semei Kari becomes the vessel of Kazuma. This scene, both with Tadayoshi and with Semei, indicates that this is Kazuma and not actually either of the Kari men he is using as his vessel.

Would it surprise you to find out that Tationy purposely wears the most restraint testing outfits around Tadayoshi? She does and he realized it far too late.

One thing that we see in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel is Tationy put her foot down with Hiko and say, be home for dinner at this time. In reality that never happened. Hiko came home when he wanted to and completely disregarded Tationy’s feelings. The scheduled dinner was actually something shared between her and Tadayoshi. In fact, many of the traits people have grown to love about Hiko Kari, from The Exiled Prince, Aslann, and The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel are more closely associated with his father, Tadayoshi and his cousin, Semei Kari. True Hiko is only seen in The Exiled Prince Reloaded, despite getting very rare glimpses of him here and there in The Exiled Prince. Regardless, Tationy and Tadayoshi along with Kazuma ate dinner together every night at seven.

The beach comes up in two of the stories, it was actually meant to come up in a third one as well. In The Exiled Prince the very young Tationy just wants to have a summer of fun and go to the beach. Eventually she does get to the beach, though not with her friends. In The Exiled Prince Reloaded we find out that Tationy had to beg Hiko to take her to the beach, which he hated and did not want to do. Tationy had felt as though, Hiko was ashamed to be seen with her. A scene for the beach was also slated to take place in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel with Tationy, Semei, and Hiko. Ultimately, it did not happen. This common theme is very important for Tationy and there are actually only two characters in the reality series that she ever gets to the beach with. The first is Kuro of the Ishi and the second is none other then the old man of the Kari, Tadayoshi. He is quite comfortable in his skin and what man would not want to have Tationy on his arm?


Seeing we are on the topic of Tadayoshi in nearly nothing, why not!

Tadayoshi is in great shape for his age and is comfortable with his body. When he and Tationy first come together he is already in his fifties. Now mind you that does not mean he does not get insecure in regards to the woman in his life. He very much does. Tationy will never age and he will grow old each year that passes.

This becomes very noticeable with Tadayoshi once he starts graying. One of the reasons he keeps his hair short is because it looks less gray. Apparently he does not appreciate looking like his father, Azu.

If you think the relationship between Hiko and Tadayoshi is bad, you should witness the relationship between Tadayoshi and his father Azu. As the oldest child, there were expectations placed upon Tadayoshi. He was groomed since he was small to be the Elder of the Kari. He was not allowed a childhood and truly the little bit of love he experienced came from his mother Maori Zenaku, before her death. Whether or not his father truly loved him is something that Tadayoshi cannot even give an answer to.


Despite seeing Azu in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel, he has actually died long before the birth of his grandson Hiko Kari. Azu was poisoned, slowly over a period of time. His death took place when his youngest daughter Resa was sixteen years old which was several years before the birth of Hiko Kari. The culprit for his death was unknown in the series, but Azu who was a firm believer in tradition over modernization butted heads with many young Kari upstarts that thought that modernization was the only way for the Kari to survive. Azu managed to see his son, Tadayoshi become the Elder of the Kari, before his death.

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There were plenty of trials for the young Kari Elder, many of which included his siblings.

Tadayoshi would never say he was close to any of them. The second oldest, Kyo helped Tadayoshi start the American branch of the Kari Foundation. Met a foreigner and chose her over his blood. Katsu thought himself the King of the Gods, Kazuma and went about hunting down Tearra’s vessel. He was responsible for wiping out many of the Tylo clan. Nala left home at sixteen after feeling suffocated by their father Azu. She became a well-respected designer, though the only sibling she spoke to was Resa. Resa stayed at the side of their father and cared for him. Did everything he asked of her including marrying Yuudai Waichia. She had a bunch of children and grandchildren and was the only child of Azu that remained in contact with her siblings. The youngest, Sorano, never saw his first birthday.

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Unfortunately for Tadayoshi his brother Katsu got so out of hand that other clans had begun to protect the rare Tylo blood and called for his head. Known by many as Tadayoshi with the Gentle-Hand, his first true act of cruelty and decisiveness, came by killing his own brother. After that he laid down the law and had the word passed on that if you stained the Kari name or chose others over the Kari, you would be dealt with swiftly or permanently exiled. Due to this, his brother Kyo was never able to return to Aslann nor his sister Nala.


Tadayoshi’s reign as King and Elder of the Kari had its own scandal that came in the form of Hiko’s mother, Ako. The arranged marriage with the young Yamada woman was met with issues right away. Despite giving him a son, Ako was unhappy and found Tadayoshi to be intolerable. She eventually abandoned both her son and husband, serving him with divorce papers. Tadayoshi simply had no interest in Ako and did as was required of him. His feelings, being the vessel of Kazuma, had always been for Tearra.

If I had to pick one character that Tadayoshi is closest to, I would say Zen. As the Elder of the Kari, Tadayoshi needs a shield and from a young age Zen was trained for that position. These two men understand the burden of being groomed and the sacrifices that are required of them. Zen really is the person that puts Tadayoshi in his place. There is a reason he is called Tadayoshi with the Gentle-Hand. Zen is far more dangerous, he acts immediately, without hesitation or remorse. This combination between the two is a great balance for the Elder and the Shield. Additionally, there is no one more reliable then Zen. The two run the Kari Foundation together and eventually Tadayoshi leaves it in the hands of Zen when he retires knowing that it will be in safe hands.

Tadayoshi does eventually retire. Four years into his relationship with Tationy he is shot outside the Kari Foundation, leaving him with two scars. He nearly died and always suspected that the person that tried to kill him was in fact Tationy. Zen had assured him that was not the case, but the part of him that was Kazuma seemed certain that if it was not Tearra’s vessel it was Rin’s reincarnate, Mikio Ishi. Though no suspect was ever arrested in the incident.

After Zen’s insistence, Tadayoshi and Tationy got away from Aslann for a bit leaving Kazuma in the care of Zen.

This is the point in their relationship where the two of them begin to progress. Before this moment there was flirting, sometimes being a little closer, or holding hands. They really had not kissed or moved to a more intimate relationship until after he was shot. Once it started, all of those insecurities and worries that had been holding Tadayoshi back were lifted.


It is interesting to note that this is also the point when Tadayoshi gives Tationy his heroska. Kari men do no give up their pride. They wear it from the time they become a man to the moment of their death. This was really significant and is rarely done among the Kari. This simple act places her life above his and all others and is a vow of protection even at the sacrifice of his own. Despite his concern that she might have been responsible for him being shot, Tadayoshi with the Gentle-Hand still showed his love for her by giving up his pride something the God Kazuma would never have done. This is really the last true act of Tadayoshi.

The changes in Tadayoshi begin to become quite pronounced. The coldness from him starts out small. The retired Kari delves into work even though he is supposed to be spending his later years with the young Kazuma and Tationy. His mood is increasingly foul.

Vacations become about business and the Kari. There is a great deal of unhappiness from Tationy and the two spend a good share of time not talking to each other.

By the time his grandson is seven years old, Tationy confronts Tadayoshi on a vacation by referring to him as the God Kazuma. Admittedly there was some excitement and longing at the thought that the Queen of the Kari was ready to accept him, but she refused and told him she wanted Tadayoshi back. The God Kazuma thought about smiting her down for disrespecting him.


There were plenty of reasons he could not bring himself to make such a cowardly act against her. The fact that Tadayoshi had entrusted her with his pride was done because he was aware that someday Kazuma was going to take control and what they had would be gone.

No longer was he Tadayoshi of the Gentle-Hand, who touched her lovingly. Wanted to protect her. The God Kazuma did what he would always do. Destroy the soul of the vessel and assume control of the body. The contrast between the two of them was evident to anyone who knew the Elder of the Kari, Tadayoshi.


The King of the Gods final act of control and defiance, came when he chose Semei of the Kari as his successor as Elder. A position the Osoma of the Kari was never meant to have.


Kazuma seals the fate of the vessel regardless of the Kari man he possesses. Tadayoshi is eventually killed when his grandson is eight years old. adffSome men are made great and others born that way. Tadayoshi with the Gentle-Hand is a little of both. Men like him come around once in a lifetime.