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Of all of the Ishi, Kuro is the one that looks most like the God Rin, his father. Despite their resemblance, Rin sees Kuro as the lesser son and has always had very little to do with him.

The Goddess Tearra, however, often teased Kuro that his hair was just like that of the God of Love, Hisoka. Wild and untamed. Kuro’s mother was Rikku from the Hamara clan and she was the granddaughter of the love god.


Kuro is the reason that Tationy and a large portion of the children of Rin are trained in combat. Rin found no value in his first born son for anything other than instilling skills within the better part of his bloodline, including the favored son Mikio.


Kuro, is one of the few Ishi whom has never attended a university. Despite his lack of a formal education he is quite intelligent and has spent time working for the family business, Ishi Shipping.

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With a huge love of music he was seen in The Exiled Prince Reloaded and The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel as being associated with the band Tequila Monsters. In reality, Kuro was never a member of the band. In fact, Tequila Monsters never gained success and was only a garage band that Hero Takahashi and Miroku Tylo formed when they were kids in the modern age. Hero went on to become the famous idol, Saitama while Miroku got married and had a daughter, Tationy. Despite his lack of rockstar fame, Kuro is an avid guitarist and piano player.


He always misses that e key though, due to him getting distracted when he plays.

In The Exiled Prince, Kuro is the first Ishi we see as well as the first notable ‘villain’. When the Prince of Aslann, Tatsuya is trying to escape with ‘his’ guardians, the former General Sadoo Takahashi stays behind to hold off the pursuers and comes face to face with an opponent far more formidable. This fight perhaps would have gone differently had Abe Sosa stayed behind, but the guardian Sadoo did not have the skills to match Kuro. This fight and the appearance of Kuro was meant to signify his importance in the series, but unfortunately, for quite a while he and other Ishi continued to appear as ‘villains’ even though they were actually the heroes. When Tationy was separated from her guardians she was actually meant to end up with the Ishi and not with the Aslann Military.

Kuro has encountered Tationy in all of her reincarnated forms, throughout centuries upon centuries. His first encounter that he interacted with one of Tationy’s reincarnates was when she was the Prince of Aslann, Tatsuya Tylo. This is the point in their story where things begin to get complicated, but Kuro does not distinguish between Prince Tatsuya and the girl Tationy Tylo. They are both the same to him and their gender is meaningless. In these pictures you might notice that Kuro’s eye is white or blinded. Prior to the story of The Exiled Prince, Kuro did battle against a chalta and his eye was damaged using magic. It never healed. As we have seen with his brother Mikio who is covered in scars, the Ishi high speed regeneration does not heal wounds created by the esoteric magic of chaltas which includes magical weapons.

In 2013, The Exiled Prince was coming to an end and The Exiled Prince Reloaded had stalled out. I had pretty much decided I did not want to continue The Exiled Prince Reloaded and actually would not write another chapter for it until a year later in 2014. The Prequel story actually was part of something I wanted to do as a one-shot alternate reality story revolving around Sofore Academy’s basketball team; Sadamitsu Anami, Kuro Ishi, Hiko Kari, Sesiago Kari, and Tatsuya Tylo along with their manager Tationy Tylo. This story was actually meant to be about school life and had some romantic aspirations revolving around the relationship of Sadamitsu and Tatsuya as well as Tationy and Kuro. Parts of this story did appear in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel, but overall the story was dismissed as an option. Kuro however does play basketball in his free-time as well as a number of other sports, however, he never attended Sofore Academy or was part of any sports team. In fact, he never formally attended any school and he had some private instruction when he was young from his mother Rikku’s brother, the poet of the Hamara, Kita.


I actually did take quite a few pictures for that story including the first one of the series. It starts with Tationy looking over the notice board at Sofore Academy and crossing paths with Kuro. Alas, all of the pictures taken have since been archived in the big folder of pictures never used.

The relationship between Hiko Kari and Kuro takes a rather interesting turn in The Exiled Prince. Hiko is actually asexual (without sexual feelings or associations) though under certain circumstances I do sometimes label him as demisexual (lack of sexual attraction toward any person unless they become deeply emotionally or romantically connected) while Kuro is Pansexual (not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity). However, despite his sexual orientation the relationship he had with Kuro was a byproduct of having to change things in The Exiled Prince due to computer and game issues. Under normal circumstances, I would not see such a relationship ever happening, however as we learned in The Exiled Prince they do engage in some fellatio with Hiko being on the receiving end. Much later he ‘pays Kuro back’ and the relationship officially ends. This is one of the few scenes I see as being true Hiko, because he would never want to feel as though he owes someone something. On the flip-side of this union, Kuro would never have seen it as anything other than what it was; a good time or him amusingly toying with the Kari Commander. As we see in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel, Kuro has feelings for Hiko, this is also false. Kuro, in The Exiled Prince had a true opinion of Hiko and thought him a callous man. This is a far more accurate representation of how he feels about Hiko Kari and thus he would never have had romantic feelings for him without some manipulation of events as we seen in The Exiled Prince. Kuro is the type of man to fall in love with a person because of who they are, not what they look like and there is not enough substance there with Hiko Kari to even perk his interest.

Kuro is no monk. He has had a lot of sexual relationships, but generally nothing too serious. Other than his relationship with Tationy, his most serious romantic involvement was with Zen Kari. The two dated each other for several years, but ultimately the relationship ended due to Zen fulfilling his obligation to the Kari by marrying and having children. While I believe it would not have been difficult for the two to remain close friends, contact became minimal after Zen was married. It was nothing either of them agreed upon, simply an unspoken mutual understanding. Certainly they had a sexual relationship, but I consider this union to be less about the physical and more about what they offered each other mentally. Both men, along with Tationy, have very few people they confide in on a personal level. Anyway, would it surprise you to find out that the scene in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel was actually meant to end in a kiss? The last picture is what the scene was suppose to look like.

Despite the portrayal of their relationship in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel, Abe Sosa and Kuro simply had a sexual relationship and it was nothing serious. Neither of them were looking for anything more than a good time. Their sexual relationship ended when Abe left Aslann on personal business and never returned.

Kuro is the oldest Ishi. If you want to get nit-picky about it, as a mortal, Kuro is even older than his father Rin seeing Kuro was already one hundred years old when Rin fell from the heavens. His hand has guided many young Ishi into manhood as well as combat training. By far, he is the most important Ishi despite being considered the lesser son of Rin and not being the favored choice as Elder of the Ishi by his clan. Seeing I am rambling, I might as well add in here that the characters of Jin and Jee are actually the same character despite how they were portrayed in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel. Jin was the Elder of the Ishi during historical days and his reincarnate of Jee was around during the Victorian era in England.

Kuro would not describe himself as being ‘close’ to Mikio though in a lot of ways they are. As the two oldest sons of Rin, they have a far greater comprehension of who their father was additionally they both have very complicated connections to Tationy Tylo. Despite this, the two brothers are not challenging each other to fights and screaming she is mine. In fact, it is not uncommon for one to step aside and allow the other to pursue her unhindered. This says a lot about the respect they have for one another as well as showing that they both feel the other would do everything to protect and care for Tationy.

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It is important to note that Kuro is one of the few characters who has had a relationship with the Goddess Tearra and by relationship I mean friendship. Tearra was a compassionate goddess and treated Kuro as though he was of her blood. While Rin ignored Kuro, Tearra spent plenty of time with him as he helped protect her and the unborn twins Soti and Mikio. Kuro was there for the birth of his little brothers and assisted in bringing them into the world. Before her death, Tearra imparted Kuro with two gifts. One the knowledge that someday he would find the other half of his soul and the other the responsibility of protecting her dearest son Mikio. Interestingly enough, she did not ask him to protect Mikio’s twin Soti.

If I had to pick one Ishi that Kuro is closest to, I would say it is Nao. Really in a lot of ways, Kuro raised the young Ishi since he was a child. The two have almost a father and son or even a big brother and little brother vibe to them. Nao is the only Ishi in the series that Kuro has actually tried to defend. We see this when Kuro tries to explain to Tationy why Nao Ishi is the way he is in The Exiled Prince story.

This moment at the beach in Shimragata is one of the most important in The Exiled Prince. Kuro and Tationy had several discussions throughout the series, but this is the one that gives him the most insight into who she is and how she is feeling. It is also the first time we see Kuro do something specifically for Tationy; having taken her to the beach because he thought she might enjoy it.

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Interestingly enough, when I tried to fix The Exiled Prince after it had fallen apart there was meant to be another scene with Tationy and Kuro at the beach. In this deleted scene, Tationy was actually far more forward then Kuro. This chapter, despite never seeing the light of day was meant to show that both Kuro and Tationy take turns being the more dominate party in the relationship and that they are both equally capable of pursuing the other.

Seeing we are on the topic of scenes that never happened. When Tationy was pregnant with Kazuma in The Exiled Prince Reloaded, what happens and what was meant to happen are very different. If you recall, Hiko abandoned her in an unnamed city alone. She moves around a bit while avoiding the Kari, but eventually is found by Sesiago Kari. That scene was actually not meant to happen. After Hiko leaves Tationy, she was to find her way to the Ishi. The scene above showed a very pregnant Tationy’s arrival and she is greeted on the front stoop of the Ishi Estate by Kuro. Imagine what the story would have been like after Hiko dropped her off in that city alone; maybe everyone would have lived, perhaps she never would have gotten with Tadayoshi or even Semei, there are so many things that might never have happened simply due to one scene that changed it all.


You want more changes that never happened? Glutton! I could write a book on all of the things I changed in some of these stories. How about the fact that this famous scene between Tationy and Kuro in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel was actually suppose to end with her attending that meeting between him and Zen and then him taking her home. WHAT!!!! I know, you are shocked. My irritation with the Prequel, Hiko, and the changes made to other characters hit me quite hard from very early on that I almost had Tationy and Kuro hookup just to shatter the illusion that Tationy and Hiko were in love. The reason I did not do this was because people would have seen Tationy in a negative light and assumed she cheated on Hiko. Despite the fact that there was never any love between them.

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So, you might be wondering why Kuro did not appear in the Aslann story. I was actually trying to get back to the origins of the characters before The Exiled Prince. In the original stuff, Kuro was the ‘student’ of Mikio and he died in battle. When I discontinued the Aslann story it was because I no longer had any interest in telling the origin stories of characters that I created back in tenth grade. I wanted to tell the story of The Exiled Prince characters they became. Ultimately and unfortunately, this is what led to The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel instead of me just redoing The Exiled Prince as it should have been told.

What is Kuro’s actual hair color? As we have seen in The Exiled Prince, The Exiled Prince Reloaded, and The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel he has had black, red, and white hair. Kuro’s actual hair color is white like both of his bloodlines, the Ishi and the Hamara. However, he along with Tationy are two of the characters that often dye their hair in the series.

Kuro and his brother Mikio were very active in the war and were often on the battlefield alongside Prince Tatsuya. Despite how secretive the Prince of Aslann was, during the war conference and the scenes that follow in The Exiled Prince we become aware that the Prince of Aslann was sharing more with the Ishi then even ‘his’ own guardians. That entire chapter is one of the most important of the series seeing it answers a number of questions relating to what is going on and just how loyal the Ishi are to Prince Tatsuya and Tationy Tylo. Additionally, I have been toying with telling the story of Tatsuya Tylo. If or perhaps when I write that story, it will start just before the war conference when the Prince of Aslann is summoned off of the battlefield to engage in peace talks with the Lord of the Shima, Seiji.

A lot of people know that after The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel there was meant to come several other stories including the discontinued College Years. There was another story called 162 Years Later which was basically the finale of that series of stories. In it we learn that Tationy and Kuro come together after all of that time apart and they do have a child together.


This is the same child that the two have in The Exiled Prince series.

The son of Tationy and Kuro we see as a filler character in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequal at Abe Sosa’s party that Kuro attended. However, despite that appearance he has never actually been seen. His name was mentioned briefly in The Exiled Prince when Tationy is talking about what she would name a son. However, that name was never used and his slated appearance in deleted chapters he was given a different name from the one mentioned in The Exiled Prince. Eventually, he was called Enzo.


Well, seems a good enough time as any to speak about Tationy Tylo and Kuro. As the canon pairing there is a lot that people think they know. The first being, how romantic it is that they have a love that transcends time. It is not such a simple thing. They do not come together each and every reincarnate and live happily ever after. Sure, they find each other. However, they live their lives. Tationy and Kuro meet during the historical days of old and fall in love. Their souls are connected. Despite this, they do not find their way together again in any intimate fashion for millions of years. How sad is their story?

As a couple they have quite a bit in common, but at the same time are still uniquely different. Kuro is a bit more adventurous and is more likely to suggest things like amusement parks, snowboarding, or camping.

Tationy loves culture and nightlife, so hitting the club or seeing a play is her ideal activities.tumblr_o8jopgbkm21s6xwqdo1_1280

Despite these differences, Tationy and Kuro have fun together regardless of what they do. There is an equal balance of give and take. One night they do something she wants to and the next night something he does. The two of them find this very important for a healthy relationship seeing they have both witnessed and experienced very one-sided unions where one partner gives and sacrifices ninety percent of the time and the other just takes.

When it comes to a sexual relationship, Tationy is the first to approach the subject. Which is very bold of her. Kuro initially wants to tell her no, but as we learn in The Exiled Prince it is because of Mikio that he ultimately gives in to the request. This is actually not that far off from how their sexual relationship is started in the future age. For those that read The Exiled Prince, that still happens, but not with their first encounter so do not make wild assumptions. I do not want to spoil it for you, so I am being purposely vague. With that said, a personal or more serious relationship depending on how you wish to see it is actually initiated by Kuro though he is honest and tells her that he is not expecting happily ever after.

The two are not shy with affection, but are respectful of the environment and the people around them. However, that does not mean they will not get frisky with each other in sometimes inappropriate places. They will and do, but it really depends on the situation and what is going on around them whether or not they choose to sneak away for some private time. These two are not characters that can simply walk away and not be missed.


In the future age, Kuro has become the Elder of the Ishi a position that was meant for his brother Mikio Ishi. It was a title he never expected he would ever have seeing he was always seen as the lesser son of Rin and was often passed over for the position by others such as Jin in The Exiled Prince and Nao in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel. Tationy is known as the Queen of the Kari. This title might seem insignificant to those that are not of the Kari Clan, but it is actually a title far more important to Aslann because it signifies that she is the Goddess Tearra. Additionally, later in life Kuro always becomes the Elder of the Ishi. We even see this in The Exiled Prince story. His acquiring the position is due to a number of factors which include Mikio refusing and there being no one strong enough to retain the position if Kuro decided to challenge another Ishi for it. Ultimately, this is why he is given the position.

One of the struggles that Kuro and Tationy face actually comes with how the nation of Aslann sees their relationship. As the Goddess Tearrra’s reincarnate there is a lot of gossip and whispering about why she would choose Kuro over Rin’s reincarnate of Mikio or even the reincarnate of Kazuma, Somè Kari. What they do not understand is that Tearra choose Tationy as her vessel for a very particular reason. The gods will always devour the soul of the vessel until there is nothing left. Only those with Sato blood can combat the inevitable. The Goddess Tearra chose Tationy, so that her own soul would be devoured and she would finally be at peace. Thus, if you want to get nit-picky about it, Tearra died the moment she chose Tationy to be her vessel.

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Kuro is quite thoughtful always leaving little gifts for Tationy and letters along with a crane made out of colored paper. Despite how it was shown in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel, Kuro does not sit around and make paper cranes anytime Tationy is there. This tradition is very old, but it is not something that is done in such a frivolous manner. Cranes are made and left behind by Ishi men and women after intimate moments, given to their partners as part of a gift, or even used to adorn the table for a cozy romantic dinner.


We cannot talk about Tationy and Kuro without bringing up fashion. Every person in the world has their own unique style. Maybe they like a more classic look or perhaps they are part of the hipster trend. Tationy and Kuro can wear anything they want and still look good. Every character in the series has their own unique style and they do not deviate from that look. However, Tationy and Kuro are the only two characters in the series that are not limited to one particular style. So, it is not uncommon to see them in a variety of different attire from vintage to modern classic.


One thing I think that people get confused about with Kuro is that they think because he has ‘this face, this blood’ he is some insecure guy that needs some woman or man to love him. A lot of readers I have found feel sorry for him. This would actually really piss him off. He does not want or need your pity. Yes, he has the face of Rin. Yes, he has the blood of Rin. He is a ‘true snake’ of the Ishi. That does not mean he is some weak man that needs some person to feel sorry for him. When people make comments about loving his face, I instantly go into rage mode as Kuro. That shit pisses him off. If you want to appreciate his look, find another way to do it because when comments are made about loving his face…he calls bullshit. He will lose all respect for you if you blow smoke up his behind and tell him that he is attractive and you love his face. Do not get me wrong, he is not lacking in confidence and he is comfortable with his body, but he has the face and blood of Rin Ishi and that makes him a snake. No one in Aslann, no one in the world, would ever see him as handsome. In fact, people who have never seen a member of the Ishi clan would instantly be taken aback and some even frightened when they see him. He would make you feel ill at ease at the very least and that goes for every person with Ishi blood. Kuro respects honesty. So, if you meet him and he freaks you out. Just say as much. He will find it amusing, but if you blow smoke up his behind and say he is great looking you will see a side of him you will wish you never had.


So, what makes Tationy different from other women or men to Kuro. She is not looking at his face. Tationy stares straight to his soul and he does the same. This is not about being a man or being a woman. It is about something far deeper and more personal than the physical.

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Do not assume you know him. Kuro is a ‘true snake’ of the Ishi. While his little brother might be the strongest of his kin, Kuro is by far the most dangerous because you never know when he will strike.