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The ‘eyes of the goddess’ as they are called throughout the series is a somewhat deceptive name. It indicates that Tationy and others of her clan have the same eyes as the Goddess Tearra. That is only partially true. Tearra is the only true Tylo and thus her heterochromia eyes look very different from the eyes shared by her kin. Why? Very simply put, Tationy and others of her blood actually have the ‘snake’ eyes of the Ishi. Tearra had two sons, Mikio Ishi and his twin brother Soti Tylo, both fathered by the death god Rin. Due to this, all Tylo are also Ishi with the exception of Tearra herself. Thus they all have Ishi eyes and those with Tearra’s all seeing eyes exhibit heterochromia. Unfortunately, my attempts in Sims 3 to give the Ishi and Tylo the same eyes worked with very mixed results. They looked terrible, so in Sims 3 Tationy and other Tylo have eyes different from the Ishi, even though they are meant to be the same.

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Tationy with heterochromia Ishi snake eyes.

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Let’s just get the nitty gritty of it all right out of the way. OMG, you ship Tationy with everyone. It is like a reverse harem!!!! *SIGH* How unfortunate that people see every relationship as romantic. This is one of my issues with female leads is that people seem to think that if you have a female lead she is automatically trying to hookup with anything that has a penis. Let me make this perfectly clear, The Exiled Prince was never a romantic story. What? I know, I know. Calm yourselves down. Sorry to disappoint. Most of what people perceive as romantic happens regardless of whether or not Tationy is a man or a woman, however, when Tationy is protected by a man it is seen as romantic even though it is human nature to protect what you care about regardless of whether or not you have romantic love for the person. The Guardians of the Prince of Aslann in The Exiled Prince are a perfect example of this. They raised Prince Tatsuya, cared for ‘him’, and it was their duty to protect ‘him’. It is difficult in these situations not to develop close bonds that seem as though they may be love. Additionally, we are dealing with many characters (the majority of them) that are reincarnated over and over again. If you meet someone from a past life in a new life and you fall in love with them, then you die and are reborn, perhaps you may not remember that previous life. If you do, those feelings do not wash away. They are there and sometimes just as strong as they were in your previous life.


So, lets talk about love and sex! Well more like relationships and romance. For millions of years Tationy has been reincarnated. If we counted her relationships from all of her past lives, it might be a very long list. Certainly, she remembers every relationship she has ever had as both a man and as a woman due to the Tylo eyes. What is true and what is false?

Forget every hint of romance in The Exiled Prince. The Guardians feelings for her are ultimately a byproduct of being reincarnated over and over again and many of the other characters are purely interested in her because they think she is the Prince of Aslann, Tatsuya Tylo or the reincarnated Goddess Tearra. Certainly both of these are true with some explanation, however, all of those feelings are based on misinformation. In The Exiled Prince story, the majority of moments that seem like romance are based off of what the characters believe Tationy to be and not actually for Tationy. The only true feelings in that story are shared between Tationy, Mikio, and Kuro. Additionally Shiano Nakamaru and Moromari Saitama had genuine feelings for Tationy. With Shiano the relationship was based on a lie seeing he was possessing the body of Iashi Kari and she did not feel the same for Moromari.

In The Exiled Prince Reloaded, we see Tationy with Hiko, Sesiago, Tadayoshi, Kin, and Semei Kari. Whoa, seeing a trend. Three of these guys I will discuss later on, so lets just hit up Sesiago and Kin. Sesiago and Tationy’s relationship is a carryover from what happened in The Exiled Prince story. Seeing The Exiled Prince Reloaded was based off of that story. He is a great guy. Could she love him? Yes, definitely she could. Did she? No. She honestly did not know him at all and while she mourned for him when he died she had no real or deep connection to him. Additionally, her relationship with Kin is also carried over from The Exiled Prince. Something never mentioned in the first story was that Kin had a crush on her. This is explored slightly in The Exiled Prince Reloaded, but nothing comes of it except a kiss. Tationy adores Kin, but she sees him more like a brother than she does a lover. Wait, what about Seiji Shima, Takuya Waichia, and Abe Sosa? Seiji much like Sesiago and Kin is also carried over from The Exiled Prince. The Prince of Aslann, Tatsuya Tylo slept with him and in one of Tationy’s reincarnates she was married to Seiji. Tationy and Tatsuya both had no feelings for Seiji. In fact, neither of them really liked him or thought much of him. Sure, he was a great guy, but only Tationy’s reincarnate during the Victorian period of England had any sort of romantic feelings for him. She played her part in dealing with the people that harmed Sesiago and that included getting close to Seiji. Abe I will discuss a bit later. As for Takuya, that was completely business related.

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Now, onto the Aslann story. Sorry, there was no romance. WHAT!! Well as much as it may surprise the people that read my stories for the fluff, The Exiled Prince series of stories is actually meant to be a about the clans and the political structure of the nation. Aslann actually had no romance in it, though there were characters that were involved such as Abe Sosa and Chee Hamara. So, what about The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel….meh meh meh. Well we will talk about that while I address other things.

Abe Sosa has been shown to have feelings for Tationy in all four stories. As I have discussed previously their relationship can come in three forms; friends, lovers, or rivals. One thing I think I did right with The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel was in showcasing their friendship. When his mother, Emi dies we see how close the two are. The friendship is shown to be almost like siblings as they come to each others aide, protect, and help each other. In Aslann we see a bit of their rivalry, which I actually intended to do more with because it was a huge part of the story between them. Unfortunately, we only see it in one scene due to me discontinuing that story. The Exiled Prince Reloaded is a far better representation of their romantic relationship than any other story. I feel this way because it has a much more casual vibe to it. In The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel he comes off as quite angry and possessive toward her and to be honest, there is no way Hiko would have won a fight with Abe. Originally the fight scene was meant to prove that, but I changed my mind at the last minute feeling as though it would break Hiko’s already fragile ego. These two things are ultimately very disrespectful to Abe’s character and I regret how he was portrayed in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel.


Semei does not appear in the Aslann story and he is only briefly mentioned in The Exiled Prince. Due to this the only true reference for comparison comes with The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel and The Exiled Prince Reloaded. You already know  I am quite disgusted with The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel so I really do not need to say much about that. However, I will say this. I regret not having Semei talk to Tationy. She would never have gotten with Hiko had he spoken to her. Additionally, I feel the same way about Kuro. There is really no comparison. Hands down, The Exiled Prince Reloaded is hundred percent Semei X Tationy. We see his slow moving pace, his strength, that short temper, how well he manages her son Kazuma, and even some sweet moments that are shared between the two. After The Exiled Prince Reloaded ended I was actually quite disappointed. I wanted to tell the story of Kazuma and Tationy at the Kari village and delve further into Semei’s story. Unfortunately, my readers at the time had no interest in reading that story and I started Aslann.  Due to this the relationship of Tationy and Semei takes place in three chapters of the epilogue with some minor build up here and there in chapters that came prior. Sadly, that build up is so subtle most people miss it and we really do not learn all that much about how it is they come together and get closer.

Hiko Kari, so many people love shipping you and Tationy. Sadly what people do not seem to realize is you have no interest in anyone, not even her. This is the issue that comes with bad ass characters is that girls think they can redeem them. The, ‘oh he will change for me’ mentality. Really that only works in Anime and not so much in real life. Once a bad boy, always a bad boy. So, what is true and what is false with Hiko Kari? He is the Kari Commander, his one and only love is his nation. Period. That is it. Nothing more and nothing less. What about Tationy? This is where it gets a bit tricky. Let’s start with The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel. Tationy told Hiko several times in it that she had seen the worst part of him. This is basically a warning that for him to be the King of the Kari, he has to become a monster. There is simply no way around it and she accepted that she would be standing at the side of one of the most hated and powerful men in Aslann. We were meant to see this develop over time through The Exiled Prince Rebooted College Years and the stories that would have followed. Essentially, that guy all of you girls grew to love because he was so insecure and sweet was going to become a monster that you would hate. It was predestined. It is always his path in the modern age. Now, we get a far more accurate look at that monster he becomes in The Exiled Prince Reloaded. That is the story that accurately portrays who he is. Did he ever love her? What about The Exiled Prince?

Let’s jump back to 2013. It is that point where The Exiled Prince was coming to an end, I was toying with the idea of doing that one high school life story about Sofore Academy’s basketball team. There were many interesting things I decided during this time period. First, Kuro Ishi and Sadamitsu Anami were best friends. Second, Sesiago Kari sort of kept to himself. Third, Tatsuya Tylo and Hiko Kari were very close. Then, I toyed with the idea of them being more than friends. The issue is, I do not see Hiko involved with anyone. Not even Tationy. He just has no interest at all. In fact he would find women and men, relationships, love, sex all a massive burden not worth his time or energy. It would just complicate things. With that said, I do see him loving Prince Tatsuya. Not the romantic type of love that people think of when they hear the word love, but Prince Tatsuya is the next ruler of the great nation of Aslann. Hiko is a soldier. His duty, that he takes very seriously, is for Aslann and his Emperor as well as the young Prince. Of course, he loves Prince Tatsuya, he is the nation. So, did he ever love her? Yes, he did, but only when she was Prince Tatsuya and only because he was a soldier fighting for his nation. It was not romantic love, but patriotic.


Tadayoshi does not appear in The Exiled Prince or in Aslann. We get our first look at him in the first Chapter of The Exiled Prince Reloaded and then again in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel. Tadayoshi’s portrayal in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel is actually pretty spot on and is quite reflective of how the years were for him while Tationy was with Hiko. There was actually a scene that was slated for the Prequel that was meant to show Tadayoshi visiting the home of Miso, the Matriarch of the Yamada. In this visit he encounters the young Tationy who ask him if he is the Kari Commander. This scene I felt was very important to show that Hiko was not the only Kari Commander of Aslann. Tadayoshi actually held the position before his son did. Additionally, this scene was meant to build up the relationship between Tationy and Tadayoshi so that it might explain the way they interact with each other in later scenes. However, due to me keeping the point of view limited to the ‘main cast’ we never get to see any of the interactions between Tationy and Tadayoshi that happen before she encounters Hiko for the first time.


While I like her relationship with Semei and I do adore the bad ass Hiko, I would say that Tadayoshi is the only Kari I truly picture her with. Now, by that I mean, if the God Kazuma was not a factor I can see Tadayoshi and Tationy living a long life together before old age takes him. I cannot see this happening with Semei due to how they differ in opinions on matters such as the Kari Foundation and modernization. Additionally, Hiko will always die. Sorry, don’t hurt me! I know some of you love him, but he is always a character that lives by the sword and dies by the sword. He is one you should never get attached to because I can kill him at any moment.

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Well, before we talk about Kuro and Mikio let’s focus a bit on the God Kazuma. The love story that never will be. The reason theirs is not a love story I have already stated. Tearra is essentially dead. So, Kazuma is trying to connect with Tearra through her vessel, but she is simple not there. Kazuma eventually begins to realize this in his modern day reincarnates of Tadayoshi Kari and Semei Kari. In his future age vessel of Somè Kari we see a different version of Kazuma than we have in The Exiled Prince and The Exiled Prince Reloaded.

The relationship between Tationy and Kuro as well as with Mikio is rather complicated as has been stated previously. I am quite disappointed that I did not go the route I had intended to at various points with these three characters in The Exiled Prince Reloaded. I feel as though if I had then I most likely would not have written The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel. When I think of Kuro and Mikio, I feel as though the most recent story should be completely disregarded. It showed both of them rather unfavorably and I feel as though their relationship with Tationy was not accurately represented. Perhaps this failure came because I refused to write from Tationy’s point of view. Regardless of the reason, I believe the only true representation of the relationship between Kuro and Tationy as well as with Mikio comes from The Exiled Prince. In that story we see what they are both willing to do to protect her as well as how they feel about each other. We learn a lot about all three characters, more so then I think we have in any other story. In fact, I would say of all four stories, The Exiled Prince is the one that gives the most information about not just the characters, but also the clans. With that said, I have plenty of regrets that Kuro and Mikio have always been pushed aside when the focus of The Exiled Prince series was always meant to be about the political turmoil of Aslann and how it is handled by Tationy and the Ishi.

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Friendship is not something that has gone well for Tationy in any of the stories. As we have seen in The Exiled Prince, her two best friends Mai Waichia and Pai Pai Kensuku talked about her behind her back all the time. In The Exiled Prince Reloaded, her friend Tsubaki Zenaku cheated with her boyfriend Abe Sosa, in Aslann she is not shown as having any friends at all though she does seem to have some connection with Sonchiro Kensuku. Lastly, in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel we find out that Tationy was pals with Sadoo Takahashi and Otoha Sweela, though we never actually see them together.


Why does Tationy not have any female friends? Will we see her with any? Tationy does not trust other women. The issue with having ‘all seeing eyes’ is you tend to see what conniving bitches are around you. If she even sees a hint you might disrupt something, whether you are a man or a woman she will not tolerate you. It is as simple as that. So, Tationy generally does not allow a lot of people close to her. With that said, there are only one female within the series that Tationy would even allow into her inner circle.

The first is Imari Zenaku. Imari is very bold. She simply does not give a crap and will tell people exactly what she is thinking. If she does not like you, do not expect her to filter it. Next is Ameya Sou. She is very sweet and helpful. Not the type of girl that would intentionally ever hurt anyone.

Character: Ameya Sou by Fyachii


I am very against the concept of soulmates, love of my life, love of a lifetime, love at first sight, one true love. These concepts I find quite ridiculous and not as meaningful as people make them out to be when it comes to the notion of romantic love. Perhaps this comes from my own jaded history where men would use such words and then do something to betray my love and trust. Due to this, I believe these concepts can only be appreciated through a parents love for a child.


When defining the relationship between Kazuma and his mother Tationy, I would say he is her most precious child. A gift that has come about from her union with Hiko Kari. In reality, the only good thing from that relationship. We get our first look at Kazuma in The Exiled Prince Reloaded, but if I am being brutally honest with all of you I did not intend for him to be the son of Hiko. He was actually meant to be the child of Sesiago Kari. Really, I did not want her to have a child with Hiko. I never felt that was realistic for Hiko considering the type of man he is. In The Exiled Prince and The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel he tells Tationy he would like to have a daughter. Kari men from Hiko’s family line always end up hating each other. It is inevitable. Having daughters is the only way I can see Hiko tolerating a child, however, even under that condition I do not think the relationship would end on a positive note. Sometimes, I still wonder to myself if Kazuma should even exist. He is an amazing character. However, I feel as though the entire situation with Hiko in the modern age often taints Kazuma’s story which is why I ultimately kill him off at the age of twenty-five.

The grief over the loss of Kazuma was excruciating and Tationy never for a moment considered having another child. This is part of why Enzo is such an important character both for his mother and father. While we seen the birth of Enzo in The Exiled Prince, Tationy ends up dying and never gets to see her son grow up. Additionally, Kuro is forced to raise the boy alone. In the true historical story they do raise a child, Osa Shima, together; who was the result of the union between Prince Tatsuya and Seiji Shima. It is complicated. When Tationy dies, Kuro and Mikio take the Shima child to his people. So, it is not just Tationy that understands the loss of a child. Kuro has felt it as well. To have a child together and to be able to raise him into adulthood is rewarding in many ways for both Tationy and Kuro. Not for the traditional or even selfish reasons people have children. When Enzo becomes a reality, it really solidifies the foundation of their relationship. This is real. This is happening. We are together. In a way, it is the moment where it no longer feels like they are dreaming. That life has come full circle and they can move forward not as Tationy Tylo and Kuro Ishi, but as a family. As I stated earlier I hate such cliche sayings, however, for both Tationy and Kuro I would say that Enzo, is true and blessed love.


Should we talk about Tationy’s parents? Why not right? We talked about so many other people. I might need to duck and cover for this one. Miroku Tylo and Chilè Yamada have a brief fling that results in a child. It is as simple as that. Miroku finds out he is suffering from the early stages of Imitso Encephalopathy and commits suicide by drowning himself in pills and the bottle (which is difficult to do seeing he is of Ishi blood). Chilè never wanted children so she abandoned Tationy in the care of her mother Miso Yamada. This results in Tationy not having a relationship with either of her parents. Why did I kill off Miroku? I can hear the question now. Miroku, much like Hiko I only picture in historical days. I feel as though any version of him in the modern period will always be a negative one. As the famous Emperor Miroku, it seemed fitting to keep him situated in the days of old and let him fade into oblivion in the modern age. Additionally, while I loved Tequila Monsters, I always preferred Hero Takahashi being the solo artist called Saitama. Not to mention, one of the things I really liked about Tationy’s original history was that her parents were no longer in the picture. So, why did I not kill off Chilè? There was no reason to. Much like Abe, Chilè is currently in another realm and what happens to her there is anyone’s guess. She might not survive Colette Fontaine. Tequila Monsters is still alive and well hanging out with Ameya Sou in Japan, so in another universe if you will, Miroku is still alive and kicking. While Miroku will most likely be seen again in his glorious royal form, it is unlikely that we will see Chilè again. Unless of course you are keeping up with Colette Fontaine.

One notable change that comes with the canon reality is the altered relationship status between Tationy and Anjou Yamada. Anjou disappears from Tationy’s life when she is sixteen. This is at the same time she loses her grandmother, Miso Yamada as well. I did this because I never had any intention on having Tationy so closely associated with the Yamada. She was always meant to be a bit of an outsider and only truly accepted when she finally is among the Ishi. I believe this exclusion is captured very well in The Exiled Prince, to some degree in The Exiled Prince Reloaded, and especially noticeable in Aslann. However, this dynamic was completely lost with The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel. The Yamada have never cared for the so-called Eyes of the Goddess. Also, they would be completely intolerant of a bloodline like the Ishi which would be considered a disfigurement by such a vein clan. The relationship between Chilè and Miroku would be looked upon quite negatively, regardless of his power. Miso, was well know for doing as she pleased, so she would have taken care of her granddaughter regardless of how people saw it. After all, who was going to try and stop her? When the most powerful woman, says this is how it is, deal with it. You deal with it. They did, until her death. It was only at that point that the Yamada began to push Tationy back where she belonged, on the outside.


I do not like Tationy! What? Why? It is because she is beautiful, intelligent, and gets whatever she wants! Did you read the stories? I do not like Tationy! What? Why? It is because she is manipulative! Really? Are you actually reading it or just skimming through it until you find a particular character you like? The reason I bring this up is because there are a lot of people that have told me they do not like Tationy. The reasons they give me are generally the same.


She is too beautiful!! Tationy has Yamada blood. It is a clan known for being quite attractive. However, this has nothing at all to do with her ‘physical’ appearance. It actually has to do with her ‘presence’. Truly the ability never belonged to the Yamada, but during the early historical days they absorbed the Amano clan which had an overwhelming presences that drew people to them like a sexual attractant. It is a fickle bitch. That is the only way to put it. Use too much and you could get yourself assaulted. Use too little and you will not be able to enrapture the person you are trying to sway. We see Tationy use this ability in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel and Anjou Yamada discuss it with Hiko. However, in the canon reality Tationy has no access to this ability despite having both Amano and Yamada blood. Is she attractive? To some, yes, they would find her to be quite lovely if this was anywhere between the 1920’s to 1950’s. Tationy has a very classic movie star look. By today’s standards, she would not be considered ‘attractive’ in the modern sense. Additionally, she is Ishi. I think people forget this information. There is a reason that many characters are uncomfortable around her. She might not be able to make someone quiver in their boots like Kuro, but at the end of the day she is still a Snake of the Ishi.


She is too intelligent!! Apparently in this day and age if you are a smart woman that is somehow a negative quality. Goodness, god help the world if you can articulate with something other than grunts and high-fives. Honestly, when I hear things like this I am insulted. As an educated woman, I find it irritating that other woman get so intimidated and immediately hate another woman simply because they are intelligent. What does that say about our society? Yes, Tationy is intelligent. She has the ‘all seeing eyes’ of the Goddess. Would she be intelligent if she was not Tylo. Yes it is quite possible she would in fact still be intelligent even if she was just Ishi. That clan is not limited in people with big brains; Mikio, Kuro, Nao, and Kin just to name a few. Intelligence is sexy. Certainly there is nothing wrong with not being book smart. There are plenty of uneducated people that might not be considered intelligent that are brilliant at business, finance, and politics. No one has the market cornered on how to be brilliant, but there is something innately wrong with the world and people in general when you do not like a character simply because they are smart. I will not now, nor ever dumb her down just to appease people.


She gets whatever she wants!! When? Tationy got trapped in historical Aslann in The Exiled Prince and all she wanted to do was go home. She just wanted a summer vacation with her friends and she ended up embroiled in the middle of a political struggle. She wanted a first kiss and a boyfriend. Sure she got the kiss, well over two years later. I mean seriously who would not want to kiss her? Two years in Aslann, that is how long it took for her to get a kiss from Hiko Kari. Then what does he do? He ABANDONED her in the Kari village. Dude!!! That is right I just said dude of all things. What kind of guy, abandons the girl he is suppose to be protecting, and his parting words are…she belonged to the Kari the moment we came here. This is why Kuro thinks you are callous as fuck you piece of trash. *Deep Breaths* So, did she get her boyfriend…kind of. Hiko abandoned her even after he talked about them being ‘together’. Sesiago abandoned her once he found out she was Yamada. Iashi was not really Iashi he was a Nakamaru. Once he was no longer possessed he did not want anything to do with her. How long did it take for her to get that boyfriend she was longing for, anyone remember? Let me fill you, well over ten years. TEN YEARS! You are so right, she gets whatever she wants. How could I have missed this?

That is just one story, how can you say she does not get what she wants? In The Exiled Prince Reloaded she wanted Hiko to love her. She got herself this great boyfriend. He seemed to genuinely care about her, while plotting to sell her on a slave auction. Ohh, you did not know that about Hiko? Well I guess you should have read all of the stories instead of just The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel. That is right, Hiko Kari pretended to love her all while plotting to sell her virginity in his seedy slave market. What else, ohh yeah, then he raped her. The one person that seemed to care about her got killed. While every other person in the story was plotting in one form or another to acquire her simply because she was Tearra’s reincarnate. Ultimately, making any relationship she had with any person in The Exiled Prince Reloaded instantly suspect. You are right though she gets whatever she wants because every woman wants to be sold into sex slavery and raped by the man that is supposed to love them.


How about in Aslann, did she get what she wanted? To be honest, that story was based off the original origins stories and she was never happy in those. Not once, not for a single minute. Everyone that got close to her died. The one person that she fell in love with, betrayed her by killing her squad and left her for dead. She lost her entire clan, all of her ‘masters’, and she was hated by the entire nation due to her eyes. Which she was forced to bandage so people would not see them. So, no. She did not get whatever she wanted. Unless you count pain and suffering.

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Ahh yes, The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel. This is the story where she was called manipulative, so I imagine this goes hand in hand with getting whatever she wants. I am actually quite boggled that anyone finds her manipulative, seeing it was said numerous times she is the only Tylo that does not use her abilities. She allows people to make their own decisions. Well, first, lets start with her getting whatever she wants. Let me be quite frank, she did not want Hiko Kari. Tationy chose to stand at his side and build him up, for Aslann. It is as simple as that. She set aside her feelings for both Kuro and Semei, to stand at the side of a man that needed to become a monster. One that would treat her badly as time passed. She did this for Aslann and the people of the nation. So, no. She did not get what she wanted. In a perfect world, she would have been standing at the side of Kuro or Semei. Happy, but she sacrificed that happiness to ensure that Aslann was better for it.

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Tationy is a martyr, not a manipulator. The ‘all seeing eyes’ of the Tylo clan are not really focused upon that much in The Exiled Prince, The Exiled Prince Rebooted, and Aslann as they are in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel. Due to this, I am surprised that anyone would think Tationy was a manipulator, seeing it was said numerous times that she did not want to use her eyes to guide Hiko. That he had to make the decisions for them. The reason she said this was because when the Kari are angry (as we know Hiko is eternally) they can hide their movements in time from any and all Tylo. If Tationy makes a move, it is seen. It cannot be helped. If Hiko does, he is invisible for a period of time. So, lets say Hiko decides to kill someone. Not that farfetched we are talking about Hiko after all. The chances of a member of the Tylo clan seeing his actions in time to prevent the murder, are dependent upon how angry Hiko is at that moment he acts. At the most there is a ten percent chance for someone like Mikio, who has the strongest eyes, to see the action and move to prevent it. Can this be seen as manipulation on Tationy’s part? Well, let me ask you this. If you wanted to do something, like take over a conglomerate without being intercepted would you rather Tationy make the move or Hiko? When playing chess, you use your strongest piece. Hiko does have an advantage over Tationy on what he can do. This is called strategy and not manipulation. This is how you make a king.

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I have actually thought about this quite a bit. It is not often I get told that people do not like Tationy because she is manipulative. Usually it is something superficial like she is too pretty, too perfect, too smart. Really those things amaze me that I have a fairly flawed character and people still see her as too perfect, but manipulative was a new one. So, after plenty of pondering on the matter, I have come up with an answer. There are two points that take place in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel that might be considered as manipulative by some people. The first, is Tationy’s tendency of being vague or giving half-truths. The reason she does this is not actually to be manipulative, though some might see it that way. She does it so Hiko’s reactions will not be clouded. For Example: Tationy had witnessed Hiko’s death billions of times. It is inevitable. If Tationy told Hiko, he was going to die tomorrow if he takes his usual path to work. A normal person would change their path and go in a different direction. By doing so, that single action changes billions of other events. How? Simple. Let’s say the car right behind Hiko has a man in it that intends to go on a shooting spree in his office. If Hiko takes a different route it ultimately changes the course of action for that man as well. You are probably thinking, no big loss. What if that person was the one that would find a cure for AIDS or Cancer, would you still feel the same? Some events are meant to happen. Messing with time is like playing with dominos. One event leads to another. You are not simply changing one, you are changing billions and affecting every life that event was meant to change. Telling someone their future, alters their path. It is as simple as that. Why anyone would see this as manipulation I am not certain. If the act of not saying anything and allowing the people around her to live is manipulation, then our definitions are completely different.

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The other thing I considered was a scene later in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel where Hiko wants to see the girl in Abe’s picture. She practically blackmails him. Basically, if you want that you have to do this for me. The request was not unreasonable. She simply wanted him to grow his hair out. What he wanted was actually far more tedious seeing it required her to change her entire appearance and ultimately defeated the point of her dumbing down her look to begin with. So, what does this have to do with manipulation? Well, Tationy actually chose that drab style because of Hiko’s ego. Gradually her appearance was meant to buildup over time as his ego was strengthened. Tationy at her finest, which we see at the Gala makes Hiko’s insecurities heightened. This is not beneficial for making a king, only breaking one. In some ways, her entire appearence in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel could be considered manipulation, but really you have to understand the state of Hiko. In that story his pride was quite damaged. If a girl like the one in Abe’s picture appeared at Sofore, things would have gone completely different. Kyo would not have recommended Hiko to speak with her, but would have gone with someone more like Semei or Kuro. Hiko would have seen that girl in Abe’s picture as being the same as Tsubaki and Eri because yes, he is the type of guy that will judge you by your appearance. People do it to him all the time.

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I wish sometimes that people could see everything that is in my head regarding Tationy. In many ways I find telling her story frustrating because some readers truly get her and others would be happy if she was Tatsuya Tylo full time. Like it somehow makes the story different if the ‘titilation’ is boyxboy or girlxgirl over boyxgirl. Which should not matter seeing The Exiled Prince series is about the clans and the politics. Is there romance? Some might call it that and yes in a way you could say that some characters through the course of the story events come together. I would not classify it as a romance. At least, it was never meant to be. The series was about a Prince named Tatsuya Tylo and a modern girl named Tationy. One in the same and yet different.

So, let’s break down Tatsuya and Tationy and why both are important. First, Tatsuya is the Prince of Aslann. Without going into too much detail. Tatsuya sees the fall of the nation of Aslann. Billions of possibilities there was no saving it, except one. A very risky and bold path. It required sacrifice on ‘his’ part. Tatsuya and Tationy share the same martyr for Aslann trait. As a child ‘he’ finds ‘his’ way to the Ishi and the path to save the nation is set into motion. We do see some of this in The Exiled Prince, but Tatsuya comes off as a manipulative villain. Hey, maybe this is why people do not like Tationy. Hmm, this would honestly make far more sense, except, the reason Tatsuya seems like a villain is because ‘he’ was the static character. He was not meant to change due to the events that led up to Tationy’s arrival. Ohh, you are lost. Let me back up. The Ishi and Prince Tatsuya strike a deal. Sound familiar? It should if you have read The Exiled Prince. We witness some of the maneuvering and even the way the Prince keeps secrets and manipulates ‘his’ two younger guardians, Taku Kensuku and Sohma Hamara.

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Time passes, because that is what time does and we get to the war conference with the peace talks between the Prince of Aslann and Lord Seiji Shima. Seiji was really a pawn in it all. Tragic, but the benevolent man would do anything to protect his people. Additionally, as part of the plan to save Aslann the Prince needed the blood of the Shima. It gets complicated though. Why not just kill him and take his blood? Because they needed a ‘soul’. Not just any would do. To kill Lord Seiji Shima, meant that the one ‘soul’ they needed in all of the past, present, and future times would be destroyed. Non-existent. Why? That one ‘soul’ was directly decended from Lord Seiji Shima and the Prince of Aslann. This coupling between Seiji and the Prince results in a child who would be called Osa Shima. That child, would have children of his own, and so on down the family line until one day a union is born of a Shima man and a Yamada woman, named Miso. That is right, the grandmother of Tationy. Without this intimate moment between these two characters, there would be no Tationy and ultimately the ‘soul’ they needed to save Aslann. Wait? Isn’t the Prince of Aslann male? Yes and No. The Prince of Aslann was born and is physically female, raised and mentally male.

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After the Prince ensures the coupling has resulted in a child, ‘he’ honors his agreement with Lord Seiji Shima which ultimately leads to him and his guardians being exiled. The Ishi play their part and the snakes whisper in the ear of the Emperor that the young Prince was plotting in the background to overthrow his father by conspiring with the Shima. The well played manipulation by the Ishi, results in the Emperor ordering the Ishi, his assassins, and his military to hunt down the Prince and ‘his’ Guardians. Ordering their execution. Ultimately blinded by the reality that the Ishi and the Prince were actually conspiring together. The first on the battlefield is Kuro. Not surprising and he caught up much quicker than was expected taking out Sadoo Takahashi. The military led by Commander Hiko Kari and Commander Oro Ishi hunted down Chochi Waichia. Taku Kensuku and Sohma Hamara returned to Aslann to retrieve ‘something necessary’ only to be killed by the Sweela Clan and Jiro Ishi who had stayed at the side of the Emperor. Atsuki Nakamaru was hunted down in the forest of the Ancients by Mikio Ishi. Togore Ishi took out Otoha Sweela. Abe Sosa and the Prince were taken by Nao Ishi and a squadron of his kin.

So, let’s talk about what happens to the Prince of Aslann. As part of the plan, Prince Tatsuya ordered Nao along with Togore Ishi and Maito Waichia to use esoteric incantations, basically magic, and transfer his ‘soul’ into the body of an empty vessel. His name was mentioned often in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel, that vessel is Agito Tylo. Agito is actually an interesting character. He was not ‘pureblood’. He was a lesser Tylo due to his mixture of pure and tainted blood. However, he had the most powerful Tylo eyes other than those that belonged to Prince Tatsuya. They were actually about equal in that regard. Now I say ‘soul’, but really in a way it is more like his consciousness was transferred. Not all of it though. Just enough to be fully aware and what remained was left in his old body, that of the Prince of Aslann. Summing it up, the majority of Tatsuya’s consciousness is transferred into the body of Agito Tylo.

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What we learn in The Exiled Prince is that what remains of Prince Tatsuya is tortured by Nao and his people while Abe is forced to watch. Eventually they both are killed and reincarnated over and over again. However, this is all false. Certainly there is plenty of reincarnation done in The Exiled Prince series, but the guardians play a much diffrent role. In the reality series, reincarnation is a byproduct of the gods and religion (as it was always meant to be) and has nothing at all to do with what the Prince of Aslann did during historical days. So, there is no killing off of the guardians, being reicarnated, trying to find each other, coming together, traveling back in time. At least, not in the way it was portrayed in The Exiled Prince.

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So, how does Tationy get to the past? It all starts with the almost empty body of the Prince of Aslann, that unborn child known as Osa Shima, the soul of the Queen of the Gods Tearra, and the consciousness of a six year old girl named Tationy Tylo. Nao, a master of esoteric magic broke every law to defy the realm of the gods. The Prince’s body served as the vessel. The unborn child Osa with the Shima blood was used to bind someone to that time. The blood of the son of Rin and Tearra, Mikio was used to call out to Tearra’s soul to pinpoint its exact location and ultimately tell them where the consciousness they seek was. Thus, Tationy is ripped through time itself and trapped in the body of the Prince of Aslann and her historical tale, begins. Quite a change huh? Really this was how it was meant to happen with very complex rituals and lots of magic. Unfortunately, I went in an entirely different route and really downplayed things that I should not have, such as esoteric magic and law.

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People might wonder why it is that Tatsuya Tylo becomes a monster in The Exiled Prince if his goal is to protect his nation. Remember that small portion of Tatsuya’s consciousness that is left in his vessel? Nao is good, but he is not that good. As much as it would have been nice to be able to pick and choose which parts were transferred into Agito Tylo, ultimately he had no control over what part of Tatsuya’s consciousness remained. That one piece might seem so small and insignificant, until you realize what it was that Prince Tatsuya lost. He was a martyr for his nation. Much like the Commander of the Aslann military, Hiko Kari, he was willing to do anything to protect what he loved. To lose such an important aspect of your character ultimately really changes who you are. So, the very patriotic Tatsuya Tylo that was willing to do anything for his nation, becomes a guy that manipulates people around him and attempts to harm the one thing he has devoted his entire life to; Aslann.


Ultimately, what Tatsuya loses, Tationy gains. Despite how the story is portrayed, I really believe that this is showcased in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel quite well. She is always thinking of Aslann and how to drag Hiko to the top to keep the nation safe and prosperous. As far as Tationy is concerned, that is one of the few things I do like when it comes to that story. However, I believe we see this side of her far better in the Aslann story, as she works with Hero Takahashi to find the culprit for the assassination of the Emperor, despite potentially being seen as a traitor.

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Tationy and Tatsuya are the same character. As simply as that can be put. Sure they have a very complicated origin story and the two of them exist at the same point in time during historical days which ultimately makes them seem as though they are separate characters working against each other. In reality, there is no distinction between the two because without Tatsuya there would be no Tationy.

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Tatsuya Tylo follows the same path as several other characters such as Miroku Tylo and Hiko Kari. Except with him, I did not make the mistake of bringing him to the modern age. I prefer Tatsuya to remain the Prince of Aslann. It suits him just as it is better to have Hiko as the Kari Commander. Some characters are meant to live by the sword and die by the sword. Serve their nation and are ultimately not long for this world. Tatsuya happens to be one that is always meant to pave the way for Tationy. By the way, that is me, staring at Tatsuya’s back. Sometimes even the writer gets into the story. My sim-self if you will played the role of Teslia Yamada, the mother of Iashi Kari, in The Exiled Prince and also Mikaela Raita in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel. Tatsuya and I are always just chillin in my head.

That just leaves the most important topic. TatsuyaXKuroXTationy. Seems complicated, but it is really not. Kuro always knew of the Prince of Aslann after all the Ishi clan were in close association with the throne. However, the young prince and Kuro would not cross paths until the royal child ventures into the lair of the serpent. Admittedly, Kuro’s interest was perked. The gender of Prince Tatsuya was a closely guarded secret only known by Emperor Miroku and ‘his’ guardians. Even with the childs young age, Kuro was not fooled. Due to this he was very amused which was taken wrong by Prince Tatsuya. The odd back and forth between them only perked the interest of Kuro more. Despite what we see happen in The Exiled Prince, in the reality story there was no intimate moments between Kuro Ishi and Prince Tatsuya. In fact, the apathatic prince was truly not hotblooded and was not easily riled by the Ishi snake. Kuro, unlike many other Ishi, actually grows to admire and respect the young prince. However, that does not mean Kuro did not find it amusing trying to get the goat of Tatsuya. He very much did and continued to play the verbal back and forth with Prince Tatsuya, up until he was placed in the body of Agito Tylo. Now you might be wondering why Kuro just suddenly halted his attention upon the prince. This has to do with the fact that he was technically, no longer the Prince of Aslann.


Tationy, now in the body of Prince Tatsuya regains conciousness after a time and the Ishi were to treat her as though she was Prince Tatsuya. It was quite a confusing and overwhelming time for the young girl. Who really had no idea what was happening. She literally thought she was dreaming and did not realize for a long time that she had been violently trapped in the historical past. Mikio and Kuro were responsible for protecting her from the guardians of the Prince of Aslann.

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Tationy is complicated. Has the biggest heart and is willing to help anyone even those that treat her like shit. Genuinely a nice person who wants to live and feels cursed by her gifted eyes.