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Gallery – Somè Kari

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Somè has an interesting history, he is technically the first and last Elder of the Kari and also the first and last vessel of the God Kazuma. He is generally always smiling, speaks in a proper and polite tone, is light in step, and comes off as being in a good mood. However, what lies below the surface is a cold-hearted monster and the true face of the Kari clan.

Somè and the Queen of the Gods vessel Tationy have a rather contentious relationship. Unlike his predecessors, Tadayoshi and Semei Kari, his feelings for the Queen of the Gods is unknown. At times he seems as though he may be interested in her on some level and other times his behavior comes off as almost polite or teasing sarcasm. Making his motives automatically always suspect.

Somè’s shield is Gen. He is considered the brightest and most talented of his generation. Garnering him the attention of the Kari Elder who handpicked him for the position. Gen has never made an appearance in any of the series stories, despite having reincarnates at various points. What we learn about him comes from the initial Reality prologue where he is described as a monster and one of the most prolific assassins among the Kari. At eighteen years old, Gen sees Somè as more than just the King of the Gods, but as a father figure. Unlike many Kari that have appeared in the series, Gen has lighter brown hair which is indicative of him being from the Saruwatari clan. Which has also not made an appearance in The Exiled Prince series.

Somè, however, does appear. We see him in Mikio’s flashback in The Exiled Prince where he (Mikio) explains that he, along with his twin Soti and brother Bak, Ryou and Sakura of the Waichia, Koshi of the Hamara, and Somè of the Kari used to be assassins for the Dragon Lords of the Shima. This history is actually true, to a degree that is. Bak did not exist during that time, Sakura and Ryou Waichia had no hand in assassinations, and Koshi of the Hamara was not even born yet. Mikio and his twin Soti, however, did work for a time as the personal assassins of the Dragon Lords of the Shima along with Somè and his brother Tuhiko. This is interesting because you have the twins sons of Rin and the twins sons of Kazuma working side by side. Soti, however, became disillusioned with the Dragon Lords of the Shima and went to war against them pulling a number of clans into his alliance. This war divided the Kari with Tuhiko aligning with the future leader of Aslann, Soti and his brother Somè becoming the first Elder of the Kari village of Shimragata. This fracture is the basis for the argument of moderation vs tradition that has inflicted the Kari for centuries.

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Despite being the first born son of Kazuma, Somè actually did not fair so well in the decision of the gods in The Exiled Prince. He was deemed as being responsible along with his brother Tuhiko for the fracture and state of the Kari during the historical age and ultimately both were wiped from the very fabric of existence. However, this would never have happened. Somè was the favored son of Kazuma and even bore his ‘first mark’ denoting him as the future heir to the heavenly throne. His brother Tuhiko, however, sealed his fate the moment he sided against his god, his father, his clan, and his brother. Worshiping a fallen lord over any of the aforementioned doomed Tuhiko to death. His assassination was carried out by his own brother.

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Somè is actually reincarnated many times. Despite this, we have only seen him in The Exiled Prince story. However, he is around at various points including the modern age where he served as an accountant for the Kari Foundation. Additionally, there is a character with a similar name featured in Aslann; Emperor Sóme Kensuku. Sóme actually was created first and was a Kensuku character that fell to the wayside fairly early on. He was part of the original origin stories that did not include the Kari clan. In those stories the only Kari we were ever meant to know was Hiko, who was a hundred levels below filler character. The very elaborate Kari clan came about much later on with Somè being one of the first created.

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Somè as of the future age is the great grandson of Zen Kari. That is right, that innocent face is passed down through his family line. What a troublesome lot they are. I mention this because it is important genealogy wise to note that he is both Kari and Waichia, however, Somè himself does not acknowledge this connection. His future age incarnate regards himself as the King of the Gods and makes no distinction between Somè the vessel and Kazuma the God. Thus, he would never acknowledge that he is the great grandson of Zen Kari.

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Somè is the end and the beginning. His path is not simply laid out before him, it is cemented and he will do anything he has to do to ensure his success. No one is safe from his smile and demonic hand.