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Sims2EP9 2016-07-19 19-04-42-03
“I don’t think asking Kuro to go with us is such a great idea.”
Sims2EP9 2016-07-19 19-03-48-33
“Why not? What is the worst that could happen?”
Sims2EP9 2016-07-19 19-02-42-23
*Thinks About It* “Well, he did make that girl piss herself when she complimented his face. Then there was that time he busted the wall when that one girl said she liked his look. Then there was..”
Sims2EP9 2016-07-19 19-04-44-63
*Sigh* “Yeah, we all hate it when women tell us how great looking we are. It is bullshit. We know it. Snakes of the Ishi and all of that, but he is frightening when women compliment him.”
Sims2EP9 2016-07-19 19-02-56-64
“Maybe we should just leave him home. I would rather not be charged with accessory to commit murder.”
Sims2EP9 2016-07-19 19-04-30-16
“Why do I get the impression you want to be the one doing the committing?”