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Tationy Tylo


1. Tationy spent the majority of her life “dreaming”. Essentially she was trapped in a place between times; seeing the past, present, future for herself and other people in the world. Her perspective of the world around her is slightly different from how others see it.

What Hiko sees:

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What Tationy sees:

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2. Tationy does not believe in things like love at first sight, love of a lifetime, true love, love of my life because there is no such thing. Being Tylo she is acutely aware that depending on the path you walk toward your future, ultimately determines who you might “fall in love with” and what label you might give them. Taking a completely different path you might experience a different love with a different label. That person down path a is a friend, down path b a lover, down path c a rival.

For Tationy, Abe is a perfect example of this.

“No matter the place and time Abe, we will always be connected and in one form or another we will find each other; whether it be friends, lovers, rivals, or something else.”

Best Friends


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3. The two characters that are truly important in understanding who Tationy is are actually the only two characters she is completely free and honest with; Zen and Kuro.

Tationy, Kuro, and Zen (in that order) are the three most private characters of the series. They share a lot in common, not only with interest, but more importantly with personality traits. These three characters are quite reflective of each other and generally if put in the same position they would do almost exactly the same things.

The emotional depths of these characters are never really know except by each other and that includes Tationy + Zen, Tationy + Kuro, Zen + Kuro. Tationy and Zen are closer to each other than some twins and Tationy and Kuro do not even need to speak as they get older because what they are feeling is reflected back at them when they look in the others eyes.

There is a lot of subtle, non-verbal communication done between these characters. I say it often, Zen and Kuro know her far better and it is through them that you will learn the most about her.

4. Tationy is a character that has actually sacrificed her own happiness for the greater good. If one wants to get nit-picky about it, she gave he soul away a long time ago and it was with a great deal of pain that she moved forward with Hiko.

From chapter 31 of the prequel we get Semei’s POV which is really an important view of the prequel alternate universe story, but one subtle line is often overlooked:

Sometimes, he even thought she knew where he was going to be before he did. Was she allowing him to see her? Did she want him to approach her?

When Tationy first arrives to Sofore Academy she is not placing herself in spots for Hiko to see her, but she is for two other characters; Semei and Kuro. Had either of these characters approached her we would have had an entirely different story, but when given the opportunity to do so, both men for their own reasons chose the cautious path.

The fact that both of them had refused to approach her and Hiko did, told Tationy that even though she was worried about the path she was about to walk that it was the right one and only with her guiding hand could the “Kari Commander” once again rise up and help Aslann.

So, despite her seeming as though she is a selfish and manipulative character she is actually a self-sacrificing one. Every action, is meticulously chosen so that Aslann might once again have its mighty commander and prosper despite her own feelings.

5. Tationy and Mikio are actually the two most intelligent characters in the series. When Hiko asked Tationy just how high her I.Q. was in The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel she eventually responded with: “The testing done for my initial school entrance exam calculated it at 280, but I admit I was dreaming a lot then.”

This statement is important for a number of reasons.

  1. Anything the Tylo dream they retain; history, mathematics, languages, etc.
  2. Testing is done between the ages of 4 and 6 for entry into an initial elementary level or pre-school and we know that Tationy was dreaming a lot during her younger years as she has mentioned many times.
  3. Being able to see the future, she would already know the answers to the test.

The way she says it comes off as being quite arrogant, but Tationy was actually just being honest. We see this same sort of “arrogance” when she is talking with Eri:

“Getting into a university is not really an issue for me. I don’t have to apply, they will simply seek me out.”

“What an arrogant bitch,” Eri thought.

While other characters and perhaps even the reader sees Tationy as very conceited she actually is not. Part of being Tylo is that she knows the future before it happens, so to her she is simply stating fact, but to other characters they see her indifference as conceit.

Due to this, when she responds to a question as simple as how high is your I.Q. the response that follows is often taken by many to mean different things than it actually does.

For Tationy, when she responded to Hiko she was stating the facts as she knew them. Whether or not this is her actual I.Q. or if she was in fact dreaming is left unknown not just for Hiko, but the reader as well.

Tationy would be quick to say that Mikio is far more intelligent then she is, but she would be honest and say she is smarter than Sadamitsu and Kuro, though she could not say by how much. Additionally, she would add that her intelligence is a byproduct of her abilities and not true intelligence like someone of Kuro’s caliber.

She is one of the few characters that willingly admits someone is better than she is pretty consistently throughout the series.

6. Fear is a great motivator. There is a amazing line from Dirty Dancing that makes me think of Tationy every time I hear it.

“Me? I’m scared of everything. I’m scared of what I saw, I’m scared of what I did, of who I am, and most of all I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you.” ~ Baby, Dirty Dancing

Tationy is afraid. By sixteen years old and she has watched the entire world unfold before her eyes. She has lived thousands of years, experienced highs and lows, and all she wants is to get back to that place where she feels safe, but she can’t.

People see the young and they think, what does this person know they have not lived. They have not experienced what I have. When building the Tylo, I wanted a very young clan that was old beyond their years, and mentally Tationy is billions of years old.

Other characters see her as very confident, but really she is not. She is afraid of every choice she makes. She has seen many paths for herself and other characters. The ugliest part of each of the characters of the series, she has witnessed and it takes all of her strength to keep from breaking down.

7. Tationy is an autodidact – self-taught person.


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We see her exhibit a number of talents including playing the drums, bass guitar, piano, painting, etc. Not to mention we learn she plays twelve instruments, has an expansive knowledge of history, as well as a thing for the meaning of names.

While to many she appears naturally talented this is something she has had to work at. The Tylo do not have the ability to learn these things; that gift belongs to the Kari and to some extent the Anami. While she remembers everything she sees throughout history, even a fighting style, she cannot simply do it because she wants to.

She has to be taught these skills by someone and during those rare moments where she was not dreaming she was reading and learning.

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In these things we see quite a bit of contradiction in Tationy as a person. One might assume, as we learned through Hiko in the Prequel, that someone loves something or enjoys doing it when they are seen engaging in it often. This is actually not the case with Tationy.

“The design department seems like it might be a good fit for you.”

“Why is that?”

Hiko responded, “Your love of painting.”

She laughed, “That is a mighty big assumption.”

He stared quietly before asking, “What do you mean? I can think of a few times I have watched you paint. I don’t know much about art, but you seem pretty good at it and I guess I don’t understand why that would be a big assumption.”

“The assumption is that I love painting. Honestly, it is something I just do. Idle hands and all of that.”

“Wait….” He paused a moment as he mauled it over, “Are you saying you don’t like painting?”

“I hate it.”

Many of the things we actively see her engaging in hobby wise, she does not enjoy and does simply because they are a skill-set she has taught herself.

8. Tationy is quite deceptive, but not in a way that is meant to be malicious or manipulative. Tationy understands the circumstances that are laid out before them, better than characters like Hiko, Semei, Kuro who have no foresight. If you want to get from point a to point z the easiest way is the direct route, but it is not.

Time is fickle and the Tylo’s are actively playing with time everyday toward their favor. This manipulation by other Tylo’s is a constant source of frustration for Tationy, but more importantly it makes any direct route impossible.

Tationy has to guide other characters into making actions, she cannot make them herself because the eyes of the Tylo will be upon her…think of the Eye of Sauron. HAHA. These watchful Tylo eyes are quasi-omnipotence. Anything that happens within the past, the present, and the future they are aware. There is only a split second for a decision to be made.

Let’s take Hiko for example. Everything he does is by instinct. He reacts right then. Very little time to think about it, his body moves, he responds, the situation is in play. This is very difficult for the Tylo clan members to combat which allows Tationy’s actions within the time-stream to go unnoticed.

Jin Ishi says this in the Prequel: “If this were a game of Bagola, those with Tylo blood would have played the game millions of times already. There would not be a move you could make that they have not already seen.”

Characters like Tationy have decided not to burden the people in their lives with the truth about what will happen if they take this path or that path. How do you tell someone that if they go left instead of right that they become a monster? Tationy initially never discussed the past, the present, the future in any specific detail with anyone, but eventually she confides in both Zen and Kuro.

9. Tationy has a hard time addressing her own feelings. Due to this, when she finds a conversation uncomfortable she will change the focus of it. Sometimes that means changing the topic altogether and other times she will deflect by answering a question with a question. The majority of the people she deals with on a daily basis do not seem to notice and she manages to get out of talking about herself.

She does not talk about her problems with other people tending to keep them bottled up inside of her. Generally, this works pretty well for her, but there are times when the damn burst and she is not quite capable of keeping it all hidden any longer which will sometimes result in an unexpected and often surprising short-temper outburst or crying especially to those around her because she is not a woman that loses her composure in-front of people.

10. Tationy stands 6’1 and 163 lbs.

11. Her two favorite books are: Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon and Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce.

12. Abe occasionally calls Tationy, Tat. He is the only character in the series that is allowed to shorten her name. While many of the characters themselves never know the answer as to why he is allowed to while others are not, the simple answer is that it goes back to historical Aslann when Tationy was being called Tatsuya. In modern Aslann, when he first calls her Tat, she chooses not to correct him because it feels normal to her to be addressed as such by Abe.

13. Tationy is the only female character in the series that has no piercings of any form including ears or tattoos.

14. The thing Tationy hates most about herself is her awareness of what is going on around her. Most people would love to be able to see the future and change it, but she is actually a character that would prefer to be blissfully ignorant. She wants to wake up in the morning and decide whether or not she is going to drag herself from bed, take a shower, make herself something to eat or if she is just going to lounge around in her pajamas until the afternoon.

What she does not want is to open her eyes and know and understand every single thing that is going to happen, not only to her, but everyone else in the world as well. This does not make her a happy person, it overburdens her thoughts and stresses her out, because she cannot prevent every bad thing that is going to happen to every living soul on Earth. She does not even have the power to be in all the places she would need to be just to protect all the people she cares about.

Being forced to stand there and do nothing, make tiny actions, or trying to fix one really big issue that works toward the betterment of all of Aslann is all she can really do. The awareness is ultimately what makes her such a powerless character because of how she is designed she wants to fix everything she can for everyone and she can’t and other Tylo’s are content with just making sure their lives are better.

15. If Tationy was a Winnie the Pooh character she would be Eeyore because she is not exactly optimistic, but she is a loyal friend even on the gloomiest of days.


Eeyore expects misfortune, does not even try to stop it from happening, and excepts it when it does. Tationy as well has a similar disposition in this regard. Well aware that negative things are always around the corner, she expects them, and in most cases she does not prevent them from happening unless they effect her long-term goal of protecting Aslann.

In the Disney movies, despite his depressive nature Eeyore is shown as being very compassionate. In the books he is apathetic. These are also traits that Tationy has. In her younger years and off the mediation we see a return to the very apathetic Tylo, but when on the medication we get a lighter version of Tationy who is still quite dark and depressive in many ways, but even when she does not like someone (as we seen with Eri in the Prequel) she can be compassionate and helpful.

Tigger and Eeyore actually become good friends, which is quite similar to Tationy and Kuro in later years. Tationy’s passiveness and Kuro’s outgoing nature balance each other much like Eeyore and Tigger.

16. Tationy’s overall look is meant to be golden era glamour. I modeled her appearance after Sophia Loren, Lauren Bacall, and Ann Sheridan.


17. Tationy has a lot of things she is bad at or just does not like to do as well as quirks and bad habits. She is obsessive compulsive when it comes to cleaning and keeping schedules. Hates to exercise and despite being trained in fighting, she feels her body is just not designed for such physical activity and she avoids them.

Do not ever say you will be home by five and then not be and never say I promise if you do not intend to keep your word. In fact, even if you intend to keep your word and something happens she is likely to not forgive and forget, so it is just better to never use the words I promise. She considers that (I promise) giving your word and if you break your word, it (your word) would never mean anything to her again.

Generally she gets along with anyone and is accepting of all opinions, but she is rather disinterested in the views of the modern day feminist and will shut them down rather quickly if they try to pull her into their world. She has no tolerance for women who hate men just because they are men and has found that many of the women in the “modern day” that call themselves feminist are only vocal about being oppressed by men and never address any of the problems that truly hinder women.

Tationy has terrible sleeping habits which often result in her being up all night and if she does manage to sleep it is only for a few hours. She tends to be restless, so it is not uncommon for her to “do something” just to “do something” while others might stand around saying, I’m bored. This does include moving boxes from one side of the house to another. This is a compulsive need to be doing something because she simple cannot be idle; I call it organizing her space.

18. Tationy’s most prized possession in the Prequel is shown to be a cheap little flower necklace given to her by Hiko.

Hiko had no idea what he was thinking when he forced her to dress and offered her a little gift. It was nothing special, just a little flower necklace he had picked up at the secondhand store for a whole three dollars. The ‘diamonds’ were not real and most likely neither was the gold chain. Still, as they made their way to the hall where the dance was taking place Hiko noticed that she would place her hand on the trinket now and again as though it were the most precious thing she had ever been given.


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In Reality, Hiko gave her plenty of expensive items, but there was simply no trinket she favored. She wore what he wished her to wear. With that said, the item that Tationy considers her most prized possession is the heroska of Tadayoshi Kari, given to her before his soul was consumed by the God Kazuma. This item is really important because Tadayoshi entrusted his very ‘pride’ to her.

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19. Favorite quote: Melodies are just honest. They can only be what they are. Words have the capacity for deception. They’re all full of subtext, and some of them are cliche and overused and vernacular. They’re tricky. All I can say is, words are tricky. ~ Andrew Bird

20. The thing that Tationy likes most about Hiko is there is no pretense. He is not trying to “fake” his way through the relationship. Six months in she is not going to see a completely different side of him. All of his flaws, insecurities, and every other thing that makes him broken are right there on his sleeve. Not hidden, not locked away. Basically, he is no fucking bullshit.

On the flip side of this, Tationy in some ways is the exact opposite. She was taught that appearance is everything. Keep your composure. Do not lose your cool. Do not allow anyone to see you break down. Her entire grooming at the hands of her grandmother was about how to properly move through the world, because of this Tationy is often very composed and proper even though most of the time she just wants to cut right through the bullshit.


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Due to this, Hiko actually comes off as being the angrier and more dangerous of the two of them when in actuality, Tationy is the one that is more likely to lose her cool and ultimately of the two of them is the one to be feared. Hiko will just kill you without any qualms about it. Tationy will ensure every bad thing that can happen to you other than death, will happen to you.