1. When did they both get together? The first time, they got together was during the historical days of Aslann roughly several millions of years ago. The second time they came together was during the future age of Aslann.
2. Who made the first move? Technically they both did if one wants to get nit-picky about it. Tationy was the first to initiate a sexual relationship, but actual courting was started by Kuro.
3. How long have they been a couple? Kuro would answer that by saying it depends on your understanding of time and reincarnation. For him, he has always been with Tationy. They became a couple during the historical days of Aslann. She died and was eventually reincarnated numerous times, but they would not officially come back together as a couple until the future age of Aslann. He would say that they have been together for over several millions of years and she does not argue with him.
4. How did they first meet? Their first official meeting where they spoke was when she was the “Prince” of Aslann”. The young prince came to the lair of the serpents to offer them a deal; the return of their precious goddess Tearra for the unbridled loyalty of the Ishi. While they had known of each other due to positions, they had never actually spoken with each other until that point.
5. Were they already close friends before going out as a couple? No, their initial relationship was as “prince” and “servant”, though it was clear that Kuro was trying to insight the young “prince” to emotion. Years of their relationship was very cat and mouse verbally as he and his kin protected the young “prince” and plotted against the Emperor of Aslann, Miroku.
6. Are/or were they ever in the same class at school? No
7. Are they long-distance? No
8. Are they in an open, regular or committed relationship? Committed
9. Do they live together? Yes
10. Are they engaged? If yes, describe the proposal. If no, what ring woulds would they like? No, not at this point. Tationy and Kuro have looked at rings just casually, but neither of them have taken the step to ask the other. While they both have very over the top styles, the ring they appreciated most thus far was very simple with interlocking bands.
11. Are they married? If yes, describe their wedding. If no, would they consider marriage? No they are not married, but they have talked about it. While they both have no objections to marrying each other, they are simply not ready at this point in their lives to rush things.
12. Which one of them is older? What is the age difference? Kuro is older and it is a very big number. He was born, before the God Rin fell from the heavens making him well over millions of years old. Tationy has been reincarnated many times and her mental age is as old as Kuro’s, but by the future age she is only 178 years old.
13. Which one of them is taller? What is the height difference? Kuro is taller standing 6′4 to Tationy’s 6′0.
14. Do they share any of the same hobbies/interests/passions? Tationy and Kuro both play piano, love to read, enjoy the outdoors. It is not uncommon for them to play board and card games, listening to ‘vintage’ music, making quirky mixed tapes or buying records. They are also both quite spiritual and go to temple every Friday.
15. What fictional couples would they compare yourselves to? Tationy and Kuro would never compare themselves to another couple even a fictional one. However I compare them to Spike and Drusilla – Hot, twisted, and crazy.


16. Sum up their relationship in 6 words or less. “Love works on its own timeline.” 
17. Doodle a little picture of them both as a couple.


18. Describe your relationship using only emoticons.


19. Share a cute photo of you both together.


20. Top 5 fav things about their partner.

Tationy’s Favorite Kuro Things: Kuro has a teasing way of speaking that is almost cheeky. He is talented in music, intelligent, and appreciates every tiny detail. Though the thing that Tationy likes most about him is his straight-forward nature.
Kuro’s Favorite Kuro Things: Tationy completely loses herself in the keys of a piano. Her heart is honest and she is passionate about her nation. Kuro loves her demure and vintage way, but he is most drawn to those pouty beckoning lips.

21. What physical traits do they find most attractive about each partner?

Kuro’s Attractive Physical Traits According To Tationy: His Height, Strong Arms, Long-Face, Smirkish Grin, and Unusual Eyes
Tationy’s Attractive Physical Traits According To Kuro: Voluptuous Body, Pouty Lips, Bedroom Voice, Quirky Button Nose, and Her Hair.

22. What personality traits do they find most attractive about their partner?

Kuro’s Attractive Personality Traits According To Tationy: Kuro is a deep thinker. He can be very serious one moment and playfully cheeky the next. Still, he is extremely protective and considerate when it comes to his kin and his girl.
Tationy’s Attractive Personality Traits According to Kuro: Tationy has a genuine heart. She is honest and reasonable. Gives herself over completely to those in need even when they hate her.

23. Do they hold hands in public? Any other public displays of affection? They do hold hands in public and have on occasion kissed.
24. List their top 3 turn-ons about their partner.

Tationy’s Turn-On’s Regarding Kuro: Chivalry because with Kuro it is not dead. He still opens the door for her and gives up his seat so she does not have to stand. He deals with shit. He just does it. He does not wait for her to ask him or expect her to do it. He knows how to handle his business (and by business, I mean business not his junk ^_^). Most importantly he sees her. Not the her she is with every other person, but the real her. The one she keeps hidden.
Kuro’s Turn-On’s Regarding Tationy: Her poker face. She has the best straight-face ever and Kuro loves to poke and prod at her until he sees her lips pout or he gets her to laugh. Which he finds very infectious. Her unique sense of style. She is very vintage, but she can change it up and wear something sophisticated or casual and not look out of place or uncomfortable. He loves the way she expresses herself with fashion. There are so many other things, but he would definitely say that the thing that turns him on the most is just her. Every little detail about her, does it for him.

25. How would they seduce each partner? They play a very cat and mouse game with each other. It is often a back and forth of teasing words and playful challenges. Until one of  them breaks and goes for it.
26. Innocently or not, where do they like their partner to touch them?

Kuro: Kuro loves it when she runs her fingertip teasingly along his jawline. He has a face that is not appreciated in Aslann because it is a telling sign of his bloodline, so the fact that she does this says more to him then touching him anyplace else.
Tationy: Tationy loves light fingertips over her skin, especially her arms. That to her is the most amazing feeling and Kuro will spend hours without complaints teasing her skin as she rest and he reads.

27. Using a single world each, describe what they noticed first about each others eyes, hair, smile, voice, and scent.

Tationy Noticed First About Kuro: Shape (Eyes), Style (Hair), Smirk (Lips), Teasing (Voice), Clean (Scent)
Kuro Noticed First About Tationy: Gaze (Eyes), Color (Hair), Pout (Lips), Sultry (Voice), Gingerbread (Scent)

28. What impresses them about each other?

Tationy on Kuro: The way he manages his brothers without killing them.
Kuro on Tationy: How she can make healthy food taste good.

29. What outfit do they like most on their partner?

Tationy’s Favorite Kuro Outfit:


Kuro’s Favorite Tationy Outfit:


30. What is their favorite picture of each other?

Tationy’s Favorite Kuro Picture:


Kuro’s favorite Tationy Picture:  He will tell you it is the dirty one, but he also likes the one that he took of her before she climbed into his bed.


31. Do they have cute pet names for each other? No
32. What’s one of their favourite memories as a couple? For a long time, Kuro would simply say he was not looking for happily ever after (that he just wanted someone to share his bed) because he knew that Tationy was not ready to hear him say he loved her. So, the memory that is fondest for both of them was when Tationy admitted she was in love with him and Kuro accepted her feelings and spoke from his heart his true feelings for her.
33. Describe their favourite date so far? There is an old drive-in theatre in Mount Celiabai that is still active. Tationy and Kuro often take in a movie in the cool night air, under the stars, in the privacy of their vehicle where they an choose to talk, kiss, or watch the movie without the distractions of other patrons.
34. What’s the sweetest thing that their partner’s ever done for them? Kuro is a huge fan of basketball and his team is the Mount Celiabai Warriors. Tationy bought him VIP seating with season passes so he can take in games anytime he wants with his brothers. Though the part of the gift Kuro liked most was when Tationy agreed to go with him. The sweetest thing Kuro has ever done for Tationy was allowing her to be herself. With so much in her mind, being with him was the first moment where she felt that she did not have to pretend to be what others wanted her to be.
35. Do either of them get jealous? Yes
36. Is one of them more protective of the other? They are about equal really, but Kuro is probably slightly more protective simply due to his years of caring for his siblings and being without her.
37. How do they like to kiss?


38. How do they both like to cuddle?


39. What’s a gift they’ve given to each other?

Kuro: He is always bringing her little things. Nothing extravagant (though he does buy her plenty of things that might be described as such), but a lot more meaningful and heartfelt items. Kuro also leaves her a letter and a paper crane every morning on their bed before he departs for his day. One of her favorite gifts was a green stone, called Mesopa or Dragon’s Egg. It is extremely rare and priceless and Tationy generally has it with her at all times.

Tationy: She is always buying him things. Jewelry and clothing, which he loves, but the things that he appreciates most are the vintage items she will find for him. Rare records or old vintage music players. She once brought him home a Ramones t-shirt she had gotten from an estate sale and still to this day he wears it.

40. Are they an openly mushy couple or a reserved couple? They can be a bit of both actually. It really depends on the environment. There is a time and a place for certain behavior.
41. Does one of them like to cook for the other? Kuro cannot cook at all. So, Tationy who loves to cook does it for not just Kuro, but for his brothers as well (at least until two of them get girlfriends).
42. Do they have unique ringtones/images for each other on their phones? Yes
43. Have they ever had their initials written on a tree or in the sand? No
44. What’s “their song”? Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls – “Iris” was written for the 1998 film City of Angels starring Nicolas Cage. John Rzeznik explained: When I wrote it, I was thinking about the situation of the Nicholas Cage character in the movie. This guy is completely willing to give up his own immortality, just to be able to feel something very human. And I think, ‘Wow! What an amazing thing it must be like to love someone so much that you give up everything to be with them.’ That’s a pretty heavy thought.

45. Do they own any items that are a special symbol of their relationship? They own a few small trinkets here and there, but nothing over the top. Things like seashells from their first walk on the beach, pressed leaves from a corny project they decided to do together, flowers pressed in books, to name a few.
46. What did they both do for Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is not celebrated in Aslann, but around that time of year they did take a vacation with family to the Caribbean.
47. Do they express their love lavishly or discreetly? Discreetly. Their feelings for each other are very personal and dear to them. They do not wish to share them with other people.
48. What’s the funniest thing they can remember their partner doing? 

Funniest Thing Kuro Remembers Tationy Doing: The funniest thing Kuro remembers Tationy doing started with a flirtatious conversation in the bathroom. They were suppose to be getting ready to go out and Kuro was feeling a bit frisky. As he talked dirty about what he wanted to do with her when he got her into the shower she pushed him out of the way, banging him into the sink, fell to her knees, and started vomiting.

Funniest Thing Tationy Remembers Kuro Doing: While it was serious business the funniest thing Tationy remembers Kuro doing is setting fire to the kitchen when he was trying to make her a birthday cake. He completely burned the cake and almost took out the kitchen, but Tationy still ate it.

49. Does thinking about their partner still give them butterflies? Yes, everyday.
50. What’s the weirdest part of their relationship? Probably would be narrating the lives of Kuro’s brothers and their girlfriends. They will come up with voices and postures for each of them, and give them dialogue as they watch the conversation from afar.

51. Fav things to do together on a rainy day? Relaxing in the bedroom. Kuro reading poems aloud from the works of Kita while teasing Tationy’s skin lightly with his fingers. Playing board games or chasing each other around the house. Sometimes though they will actually go out and take a walk together.
52. Fav things to do together on a sunny day? Kuro and Tationy do a lot of things outdoors on sunny days. Camping, hiking, swimming, fishing, and just being one with nature. Sometimes just the two of them and other times with Kuro’s siblings and their girlfriends.
53. Got any plans together for next week? Yes, the two of them are going on a picnic with friends and family.
54. What’s their favourite thing to share together? Style actually. The two love fashion and shopping, so it is not uncommon for them to hit every trendy, thrifty, and even high-end shops in Thacian City, Hoshino, and Mount Celiabai looking for those perfect outfits.
55. What did they do for their partner’s latest birthday? 

For Kuro’s Birthday Tationy Did: Kuro woke up to a letter which was a complete change of pace for him because normally he was always leaving them for Tationy. In the letter she told him everything that he did in that year that she appreciated and loved about him. The letter was twenty pages long. Just as he had finished reading it she entered into the room with breakfast for him. So, he got to eat breakfast in bed and then the two showered together and dressed for a day at the beach. When they returned home, family was there and they had a family BBQ for lunch. With an entire menu planned by Tationy, but cooked by Ameya and assisted by Kuro’s brothers while Tationy and Kuro were at the beach. Later in the evening after family and friends departed, Tationy and Kuro spent a quiet evening watching a Basketball game and eating his favorite treats, before playing a sexy board game to heighten the mood for the final hours of his birthday.

For Tationy’s Birthday Kuro Did: Everything went wrong. The day before he burnt the birthday cake he tried to make her. Schedules got messed up which was really frustrating for Kuro who had several things planned for his girls birthday only to realize that that most important of the events was marked for the day before. So, he was quite frustrated and seeing their whole morning was a bust they went home and he kept apologizing. Promising that he would make it up to her. He thought she was angry when she left the room, but she came back with colored paper, scissors, and pencils and told him that she did not need anything elaborate for her birthday that all she needed was him. Sitting the items in front of him, she asked him to make her a paper crane for her birthday and went about making them something to each for lunch.

56. Where would they like to go on holiday together? They do not have anyplace in particular that they both want to go to together, but there has been talk about taking a vacation to Hawaii.
57. They have a whole weekend to themselves and 500 in cash- what do you do?

Kuro: Go to the basketball court and join a pickup game or hang out with his brothers.

Tationy: Depends on her mood. Sometimes she just wants a nice quiet day at home where she can read or paint, but she also likes to be outside. So she would certainly fish with Imari or work in the garden.

58. How would they comfort each other on a bad day? 

They both would simply be close to the other and let them talk if they wish. Never pressing, but always encouraging.

59. Where would they both get takeout together? Perlato
60. What’s the longest time they’ve been apart? Well if one wants to be nit-picky about time, then several millions of years. However, if one does not count Tationy’s previous reincarnates then never for more than a few days.
61. What things remind them of their partner? 

Things That Remind Kuro of Tationy: Hummingbirds, the color pink, the smell of cookies, the sound of rain, the soft patter of little feet.

Things That Remind Tationy of Kuro: The bounce of a basketball, the warmth of the sun, the excited chill up her arms, the rifts from a guitar.

62. Has their relationship changed at all since it first started? They do not think so, but the people around them feel it has matured and deepened.
63. Have they ever worked on a project together? Yes
64. Have they both influenced each other in any way? Influenced to do something or influenced to change, It really depends on the type of influencing. They have played a role in getting each other to do something that they both were at one point or another struggling with, but neither forced them. Only encouraged by giving advice and support. As for influencing them to change, no neither of them have ever influenced the other to change who they are, only to better themselves as time passes.
65. Have either of them made sacrifices for this relationship? Yes.
66. Have they discovered anything surprising about their partner? Small things that they were not aware of like how well Tationy can cook or Kuro’s love of basketball. Nothing over the top like having a third nipple or missing a toe at this point.
67. How have they both made a positive impact on each other’s lives? Kuro has spent the majority of his life playing second fiddled to his younger brother Mikio. At the side of Tationy, he feels valued for who he is as a man. Tationy has always hidden herself away. She was what was needed for the man she was standing at the side of (Hiko, Tadayoshi, Semei), but at the side of Kuro she is able to be herself and share her voice which was relatively silent for 30 years.
68. What do they both mutually agree is the most important part of their relationship? Tationy and Kuro both agree that they are better when together, because they have freedom. It is the only time they feel as though they are themselves and not what is required of them to be.

69. What are the everyday things they both do to show they care about each other? Kuro leaves Tationy notes and little gifts everyday before he leaves the house or when he gets back home. Tationy makes him special little sweet treat baskets. Which Kuro appreciates seeing Tationy does not eat sweets and she is taking extra time and effort to make something she herself will not even enjoy simply because he likes them.
70. Do they follow each other’s blogs/twitter/Instagram? Kuro has Instagram only and he takes a lot of pictures of him and Tationy, fashion, and scenery from wherever he is at the time. She does follow his Instragram. Tationy has Twitter and Instagram. Kuro does not follow her on Twitter (because he does not have one), but he does follow her Instagram. Tationy takes a lot of pictures of the two of them, fashion and food.
71. Is there a favourite place that they both frequently go to together? Temple
72. What TV shows do they like to watch together? Tationy and Kuro really do not watch a lot of TV, but their favorite show to catch together is Doomsday Empire staring Mikk Saruwatari.
73. How do they relax together? Quiet day at home, a glass of wine, a simple meal, making love. Then the rest of the night, Kuro will read the works of Kita while teasing Tationy’s skin and she will get lost in his voice.
74. What sleep positions do they tend to sleep together in?


75. Do they borrow each other’s clothes or other items? Sometimes she barrows his, but he does not barrow hers with the exception of her hair-pins which he sometimes uses in his lapel.
76. Do you ever share the bathroom together? Yes
77. How do they keep in touch when they’re away from each other? Phone calls, texting, Instagram, and E-mail depending on how busy they are.
78. Do they share secrets between each other? Yes. They do not keep anything from each other.
79. Do they rotate house chores or do they each have assigned chore duties? Both equally tend to the house. Tationy however does all of the cooking. Kuro and his brothers are hopeless in that department.
80. Do they remember how their partner takes their coffee/tea/bar drinks? Yes
81. What does their partner think of their Tumblr? Neither of them have tumblr.
82. What characters do they play as together when playing multiplayer games? Neither of them play MMO’s.

83. Are they both introverted/extroverted or opposites? Neither they are Ambiverts. A solid mix of both.
84. Who is the more dominant/submissive one? They are both a little of both. Whatever is needed in the relationship. They can take control or relinquish it depending on the situation.
85. What are some major differences between them? Tationy is overly health conscious while Kuro is not. Kuro is more physically active with basketball and Rom Kaga (fighting style of the military) and Tationy says she is not built for exercise.
86. When are they both “in their element” together? Shopping
87. Who would win in an arm-wrestling contest? Kuro – He would never let her win and she would never ask him to. He is not the type of man to take it easy on her, just because she is a girl. That is disrespectful.
88. What are each of their zodiac signs and how do they compare?

Kuro is a Taurus – May 10th and Tationy is a Capricorn – January 1st.

They are both Earth signs. Capricorns tend to be responsible, disciplined, and have high self-control while Taurus are reliable, patient, practical, and devoted. Additionally, they also tend to be responsible which matches with Capricorns.Taurus are stubborn, possessive, and uncompromising. While Capricorns are unforgiving, and are always expecting the worst. Both Capricorn and Taurus love music.

Capricorns value family, tradition, quality craftsmanship, and they understand status while Taurus appreciate gardening, cooking, romance, high quality clothes, and working with their hands.Taurus do not like sudden changes, complications, or insecurity of any kind while Capricorns pretty much hate everything at one point or another.

89. What are each of your MBTI types and how do they compare?



If their closest personality type is ISTJ then they are interested in clarity and knowledge.  They like to observe and listen, and have a particular interest in facts and information which help them to develop as clear a knowledge as possible.  They like to know where they stand, e.g.: having clear goals to which they are working, and to know that what they are expected to do is achievable.  They value experience, which serves as a strong guide to their decisions.



INTJ’s have a strong, private sense of strategic vision, both for the future and how that future can be achieved. Their vision, or sense of knowing, may be difficult to articulate. Others may find their vision difficult to accept, seeing it may come off as impractical or unrealistic.  Pursuing their vision might be a lonely task, therefore, as they develop and pursue plans without anyone else really understanding the nature of what they are trying to achieve.

90. What are each of their Hogwarts houses and how do they compare? They would both be in Slytherin.
91. If they were both in a dating sim, what character tropes would each of they be? After looking at the character tropes neither of them fit in any category.
92. If they were both animals what would they be? Kuro would be a Snake and Tationy a Fennec Fox.
93. How does their partner’s wardrobe differ from theirs? They both have a wide variety of clothing in various styles. The biggest differences come in accessories; Kuro has earrings and Tationy doesn’t.
94. Have they ever both said something at the exact same time? No, but they have given each other a silent, knowing look before one of them takes the reigns and responds.
95. Rate their relationship on a scale of basic vanilla (1) to extremely kinky (10) Depends on your definition of kinky. Kuro and Tationy will experiment and it is not uncommon for them to allow Mikio to join them in bed. Due to this, they are a 7.
96. Mix their fav colour with their partner’s fav colour- what is the result?





Guess that would be Mulberry Ballet Slipper.

97. If they were both ingredients, what would each of them be and what would be the resulting recipe? (e.g. PB & jelly sandwich)

Kuro: Cheese

Tationy: Avocado

Avocado Grill Cheese anyone?


98. Which of them would win in a Pokemon battle? Assign them a fitting Pokemon type (e.g. water, grass, poison etc). Are either of them super effective against the other?

Kuro would be a Fire Type and Tationy a Psychic. They can both damage each other, but neither has a significant advantage.

99. What happens when they argue with each other? How do they both make up?

When they get in an argument, Kuro will usually insist that they stop talking before they both say things they will regret. They will go to bed together and in the morning he will write her a note explaining and apologizing before he leaves for his day. Tationy will get up and read the letter, feel bad, and apologize when he gets home. They are both very reasonable when it comes to arguments and always take their own responsibilities in what started and escalated it.

100. What’s something that their partner does that annoys them?

Annoys Kuro: Tationy is freakishly healthy despite the fact that she has the high speed regeneration of the Ishi bloodline which will prevent her from suffering the ill-affects of taking in high calorie foods.
Annoys Tationy: Generally Kuro’s cheeky and teasing nature is quite charming, but he can push it too far sometimes and cross a line.

101. What are some imperfections that they love about each other?

Kuro’s Imperfections: Kuro is not considered attractive by societal standards. His amused and teasing way of speaking often makes him come off as an asshole. Both of these things are very “catching” for Tationy. She really appreciates his entire appearance as well as the way he handles things when speaking.
Tationy’s Imperfections: She is purposely vague. Being able to see the future of another it can be very tempting to interfere and tell them, ‘oh by the way you are dying tomorrow’. Tationy never does this. She goes out of her way to avoid sharing details that will change a persons moment. When told something so shocking people waste time reacting, looking for atonement form the people they sinned against, instead of living. He appreciates that she does not manipulate a situation by giving people unnecessary information that will only damage their future or cause them unrest.

102: What would their partner have to do to make them end the relationship? End it…tough one. Kuro would not be happy if she chosen Rin or Kazuma (Mikio or Somè) over him. Depending on whether or not he could get her back would ultimately determine whether or not he ended things. For Tationy, it would be cheating. Hand’s down she would never tolerate him sleeping with another person.
103. Has their partner ever accidentally hurt them? Yes
104. Is there anything about them that their partner just doesn’t understand? Kuro does not understand Tationy’s overly healthy ways when she will never gain weight or suffer the ill affects from “unhealthy food” due to her Ishi Blood. Tationy has not learned anything about Kuro that makes her go WTF is that about.
105. When was the last time they cried about their relationship and why? Kuro cried when Enzo was born not breathing and he realized that Tationy was in such a weakened state that he might lose her as well. Tationy cried when Kuro told her he loved her and opened his heart to her completely with her, sharing everything he had wanted to say for years.
106. What is something they love that their partner hates?
The biggest battle in the house is junk food versus healthy food. Kuro loves junk food and Tationy hates it.
107. When was the last time they had to apologise to their partner and why? Kuro’s was on Tationy’s birthday when everything went wrong. Tationy’s was when she had to go to America for a week to handle the Kari Foundation with Mikio.
108. Do either of them get too clingy? They both can be to some degree. It really depends on how insecure they are both feeling at any given moment.
109. Do they have any insecurities about their relationship? Kuro has some regarding Tationy being the reincarnate of Tearra and the concern that she might choose his brother or the reincarnate of Kazuma over him. Tationy’s revolve around whether or not Kuro is seeing her or seeing Tearra. Both consider these insecurities to be irrational, but they still crop up now and again.
110. When was a time that their relationship was put to the test? Ishi cannot get drunk without in taking a ridiculous amount of alcohol in its purest form. So, the time that their relationship was tested came for the first time when a lot of alcohol was involved and Tationy and Kuro allowed Mikio to join them in bed. The morning after there was plenty of tension and emotion that surfaced from both of them that put their relationship to the test.

111. Does their family approve of their relationship? Yes.
112. What do their friends think of their relationship? Kuro’s friends are his brothers Bak, Kin, and Mikio. Bak think’s the relationship is great and is happy that his brother is “getting his dick wet” after such a long dry spell. Kin is supportive and likes Tationy. He thinks she is good for Kuro especially considering what is going on with Mikio. Mikio is conflicted. While he is happy for his brother and thinks that no one is more deserving then Kuro to have someone he cares about, he also feels jealous that she has chosen Kuro. All three brothers think that the relationships is positive for Kuro.

Tationy has only recently developed lasting friendships after 162 tumultuous years. So, at this point she is uncertain what Ameya thinks of her relationship with Kuro. Imari likes the idea, but is concerned about why it took Tationy so long.

113. How do they both act together around others as opposed to when they’re alone together? Tationy and Kuro both understand that in their world that there is a certain amount of pretense and proper images that must be upheld at all times. So, for the most part when they are among individuals where image is everything, they keep up proper appearances and might restrain themselves. When they are home together, among family and friends, they find no need to hide who they are.
114. How did they first reveal to people that they were going out? Kuro was talking to his brothers (Bak, Kin,and Mikio) and there was some crude jokes about Kuro giving Tationy the D. Kuro played it off really cool when he noticed Tationy standing in the doorway wearing nothing, but one of his shirts. She asked what they were talking about which drew the attention of the brothers toward her very quickly (because none of them actually thought that Kuro and Tationy would get together). They stammered a bit and Kuro was like they wanted to know if we had sex and Tationy very boldly said, of course we did. Truth was that they did not actually hookup and she was toying with the brothers. Ultimately, neither Kuro nor Tationy informed them that they were not actually together and just let them believe whatever they wanted. So, that was really their big reveal to people as a couple.
115. Do they think they appear similar to each other? People often say opposites attract, but Kuro and Tationy both very much disagree. You can be attracted to a number of people for many different reasons, but that deep meaningful connection can only be found when your heart resembles another. Kuro and Tationy are a matching pair. Where he ends she begins. They are similar in disposition, how they handle people, their moods, style, even their hobbies. As for physically looking like each other, that kind of goes without saying. They are both Ishi, so there are some similar traits shared between them.
116. How does their partner treat them special compared to everyone else in their life? Both of them are very attentive to the needs of the other, but one thing they both do that makes each other feel special is “always being close”. When one talks, the other listens. Keeps eye contact, smiles, asks questions. They never diminish or dismiss each others feelings by saying it is going to be alright. Always honest and direct with each other. This to Kuro and Tationy is the highest form of respect.

117. Do they both have a mutual friend group, or only separate friendship groups? Mutual
118. What’s a common misconception about their relationship? The biggest misconception revolves around which of Tationy’s relationship people see as “the real deal”.

Tationy in her 162 years was most noted for standing at the side of Abe Sosa (1 year together), Hiko Kari (4 years together), Tadayoshi Kari (6 years together), and Semei Kari (19 years together). These relationships only make up 30 years of her 178 years of life and does not even include the lives of her reincarnates that she remembers.

The most notable of those lives was the “prince” of Aslann who was involved with Kuro during historical days and is the other half of her soul. Despite Tationy’s very public relationships and the numerous beds that Kuro jumped in, the two have always been moving closer toward each other as time passes. Their souls instinctively seeking each other out.

Still, despite this deep connection there are those that are blind to their love and chose to remember her very public unions with men such as Hiko Kari. It is not uncommon in the future age of Aslann for Hiko Kari and Tationy’s names to still appear in the same sentences together.

119. Has their relationship affected any of their relations with others? Yes
120. Has anyone tried to sabotage their relationship? Yes
121. Quote something somebody has said about their relationship.

Tearra Speaks to Kuro About his Future Relationship with Tationy:

“You will make a good husband and father.” She had changed the subject on him. “I know the perfect person for you. When the time is right, I will make certain I introduce you.”

Kuro rolled his eyes, “Why not now?”

Tearra smiled, “She has not been born yet.”

Kuro laughed as he stood and moved toward Tearra, “Oh, I was unaware the Queen of the Gods was capable of making jokes.”

122. Quote something somebody has said about their partner.

About Kuro:

“They feel that him protecting you and leading the clan when no others wished him to, shows a great amount of character. Certainly under normal circumstances I as well might respect that. Ryozo and I are in agreement though, he does not deserve to live. I imagine your words to me are going to be, I will not allow you to kill him Rin.” His tone was almost mocking the further into his speech he got, “That is alright Tationy, I will not go against the majority, but I will make certain that my lesser son is never given the opportunity to be with you when and if you become mortal again.”

“If there is meant to be love between two people, it will find its own way.” Tationy responded.

About Tationy:

“One would think so, but I sometimes think that she has not completely grasped the knowledge she has. Within these ten years since she returned from the Land of Souls, she has locked most of what she learned away simply because she did not wish to deal with it. It is how she faces things. She relents and bends like the branches of a tree, simply going with the wind rather than becoming ridged. Her breaking takes years of being worn down by the elements, until one day she snaps and all of that unwanted emotion comes pouring out. It would not surprise me one bit if the answer is locked within her.”

123. What do they hope for the future of their relationship? Kuro and Tationy have been separated for centuries upon centuries. So, their hope for their future starts with taking their time and getting to know each other. They want to value who they are now and not end up longing for a person from a time that no longer exist.
124. If they both got married, what would they want they wedding to be like? This is actually something they have talked about quite a bit and they both agree they would want it to be something simple, vintage, and with everyone they care about there dressed in similar styles. They do not want a long ceremony, something shorter where they just exchange vows and then have a huge party that last for days celebrating their union.
125. Can they imagine what their ideal home would look like? Something modern and big,  seeing Kuro’s brothers and girlfriends are always around. With all of the luxuries, but still simple enough to feel cozy and comfortable.
126. Do they have kids/want to have kids? What would they be like? Eventually they have a son named Enzo. He is intelligent, music oriented, bad ass on the surface and bad boy with a gentle hand on the inside.
127. If they could do anything for their partner what would they do? Neither really has a line that says, no I won’t do that. They pretty much could and would do most anything for the other even martyr themselves.
128. Do they think they’ll still be together when they are old and wrinkly? Well they will never be wrinkly, but old yes. Tationy and Kuro have a connection far deeper than any physical one. Where he ends, she begins.
129. Will they move or remain where they are? Tationy and Kuro  cannot imagine living anywhere, but Aslann. It is possible though that they could move from Mount Celiabai to another part of Aslann. At this point there are no plans to do so.
130. Got any relationship advice? Don’t love someone simply because they are aesthetically pleasing to your eyes. Don’t even love them because they have the same interest or their personality entices you. These things are no less important, but you should love them because without them you feel nothing and are simply moving through each day until you reach the end of your life.