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Kyo Kari

  1. One of their biggest fantasies? His is a little weird, he would actually like to have “sex” with his clothes on. While watching her undress would certainly be exciting for him, being able to find his partners erogenous zones through her clothing and hearing her moan because of it, would be far more rewarding for him than ripping her clothes off and simply taking her.D
  2. Describe their kissing style. In public he very rarely would be so forward, but if he is feeling “frisky” he would give her a kiss on the cheek to show her that he cares about her. Which would certainly come off as platonic for those that do not understand his feelings on public displays of affection. In the privacy of the bedroom, at first his kisses will be a little tentative. Kyo wants to make sure his girl is comfortable and enjoying herself. When he gets the “green light” he would move in with a three step kiss; hands on face, eyes locked on hers, and lips seeking out her mouth. His kiss would be passionate and slightly aggressive, but he can easily be tamed into gentler and slower kisses if his girl tells him to slow down.
  3. What would be the most effective way to seduce them? The most effective way to seduce Kyo is just to tell him what you want. He is a simple guy and does not need the big spectacle and three ring circus routine to get him going. All he needs is his girl to say; I want you right now and he will be all over her.


Semei Kari

  1. One of their biggest fantasies? Not surprising the only fantasies he has all involve Tationy and his biggest involve the most primal desire of getting her pregnant. Now, for Semei it does not just stop with actual impregnation he finds the whole process sexy including the overall curves of her body, vibrant glow, and how intimacy changes to be more delicate and gentle. For a guy that uses his whole body to show how he feels, his senses go wild with all of the changes she is experiencing and he has found that nothing quite turns him on like visualizing Tationy pregnant and his.

  2. Describe their kissing style. Semei has a very overpowering kissing style, because he encompasses his whole body. Tantalizing the senses with deep, often aggressive kisses coupled with his hands roaming and exploring every curve of her body.

  3. What would be the most effective way to seduce them? To seduce means to lead away or lead astray as Semei sees it. As a man of the Kari he would find it insulting and manipulative if a woman tried to seduce him even if she was his girl. While many people think flirting and seduction are the same thing, they are not. Flirting is a two way street. You have the right to block that road and say no, but with seduction there is no option to stop it once it starts and sometimes it is so overpowering that even if the person wants to say no, they feel compelled not to. If you want to seduce him, then don’t because all it will do is make him lose all respect for you and he will never trust your motives.


Zen Kari

  1. Zen is the Chief Design Officer of the Kari Foundation; which makes him the head of the Design Division and responsible for product, user experience, industrial, and package design as well as, advertising, marketing, and engineering. Eventually be becomes the CEO of the Kari Foundation, replacing Tadayoshi.
  2. He attended Harvard at twelve. Graduated Summa cum Laude with a degree in Engineering at sixteen. Did two years of graduate school, and then went on to get his Ph.D. in Engineering Physics.
  3. The Kari struggle with finding balance between modernization vs tradition. Many of the Kari characters tend to be extreme one way or the other. While Zen takes on a more modern appearance, he is the only Kari that has managed to find a balance between the two and thus able to move seamlessly in both worlds.
  4. Zen was always a little adult. All throughout his life he never spent time with people his own age, so he really never had a childhood. He was not out playing kickball or playing on the swings when other kids his age were. The majority of his time was spent by himself or with Tadayoshi studying and training to be the Shield of the Kari.
  5. While he seems sweet and innocent, Zen is actually the most dangerous of the Kari. Looks can be deceiving and his certainly are. He has zero tolerance for those that try to strike a blow against his clan and he will do anything necessary to ensure that his kin is protected.
  6. While occasionally he can be seen without them, Zen actually wears glasses.
  7. Zen is a terrible boss. He goes through a new assistant at least ten times a month due to being demanding with unrealistic expectations of the people around him. This is a guy that expects perfection and the same work ethic that he puts in everyday from the people around him. Tationy is the only person that has managed to exceed his criteria and make herself indispensable. Even after she stops working at the Kari Foundation, he stills relies on her heavily and it is not uncommon for him to have work delivered to her or for her to stop into the office to help him.
  8. While he identifies as homosexual, if it is required of him he will marry and have children in a heterosexual union as seen in both TEP, TEPR, and Aslann. Despite this, he would not identify himself as bisexual and considers these “straight” unions a sacrifice for his devotion to his kin and the traditions of the Kari.
  9. Zen was the only son of Kazuki Kari and never had any siblings.
  10. All Kari boys go through trials (usually during their teen years). By passing these trials they are given their Heroska (bracelet) which announces them as men of the Kari. Zen was the youngest in the modern period to take his trial and completed it at age 9; meaning he was considered a man of the Kari with a voice as strong as someone in their 80′s when most children are playing in the park and catching frogs.



  1. Who worries about how they will look when they’re older? Tadayoshi – That is actually the reason he cut his hair because he was noticing it was graying quite a bit and he looked far older. Which made him quite self-conscious standing next to Tationy who seemly does not age due to her Ishi blood.
  2. Who makes the mix tapes/cd’s? Tationy – She is quite vintage.
  3. Clings to the other during scary movies? Tationy – Though not because she is afraid, she just likes being close to him. She loves scary movies.
  4. Gets into the shower with the other randomly? Tationy – Tadayoshi always invites her to join him and she may or may not, but she is more likely to just get in with him when he least expects it.
  5. Flashes the other when they walk by after taking a shower alone? Tationy – I would not exactly call it flashing seeing she just walks around naked or in something very revealing. After all, everything she wears is picked purposely to test his restraint.
  6. Initiates hand holding while the other is driving? Tadayoshi – When the two are alone he is more likely to be the first one to initiate hand holding or kissing.
  7. Secretly tries to touch the other in naughty places during public/family events? Tationy – Believe me Tadayoshi wants to, but he is Kari and public displays of any sort are frowned upon, especially ones that boarder on the provocative and naughty. She is far more likely to initiate something just to test his restraint and see how long it takes him before he is forced to put a stop to it.
  8. Asks weird questions in the middle of the night? Tationy – Quoting Anjou, “She is a weird little chick.” Random things come to her mind often so it is not uncommon for her to just ask them even in the middle of the wee hours.
  9. Asks “what are you thinking about?” Tadayoshi – Tationy thinks it a lot seeing she has a hard time reading Tadayoshi, but he equally has difficulty reading her. He is more likely to come right out and ask, though she tends to be vague and evasive like only she can.
  10. Always has to be touching the other, (if either of them do)? Tadayoshi – In public he keeps a respectable distance as all Kari men do. Among his kin he is much more likely to take her hand, but while it is just the two of them it is not uncommon for him to close the distance.


Abe Sosa

  1. The Sosa clan is known for its quick reflexes and athleticism. Abe is a prodigy when it comes to most sports, though his sport of choice is baseball. His position is shortstop, he bats fourth (cleanup), and is a switch hitter. He is one of the few characters in the series that is ambidextrous.
  2. He has great difficulty maintaining healthy relationships with most of the characters in the series. Many would find him shameless and he never apologizes (with one notable exception) for his bad behavior or hides it for that matter. Abe suffers from narcissism, with almost rampant arrogance and entitlement. However, that does not mean he is not saddled with self-doubt and unworthiness. To validate himself to others, he often shares things that other characters within the series might not want anyone to know about or hide.
  3. Abe finds nothing attractive about an insecure girl that is a good and sweet person. While in some guys, this sort of trite charm triggers a need to be protective, Abe actually finds such behavior a weakness and has no respect for women that need the proverbial knight in shining armor. In his opinion, girls like these never grow and are always looking for someone to validate them when they should look inward for that validation.
  4. Society would identify Abe as being bisexual, he however does not put a label on his sexuality.
  5. Despite everything people know of him, he is still capable of being charming and attractive – but with a massive catch. The majority of Abe’s relationships lack emotional intimacy; in most cases Abe’s partners are seen as trophies or conquest to enhance his own self-esteem and self-worth. They are about the individualistic rewards of power and pleasure and this has a lot to do with the fact that Abe does not respect the majority of the people in the world. He can count on one hand the amount of people he has met that has earned any sort of admiration from him.
  6. He does not like to ask for help. He finds it annoying and would prefer to do everything on his own. For him to reach out to someone is a sign that he has hit a wall that he cannot climb over; something just too big for him to handle on his own.
  7. Abe, Tationy, and Hiko actually have a lot in common when it comes to parents. All three have fathers that withheld love or were incapable of love; Emitoya (sadist), Miroku (apathetic), Tadayoshi (restrained) and all three have mothers that suffered from different forms of selfishness; Emi (flights of fantasy), Chilè (narcissism), Ako (emotional emptiness).
  8. While the other rich kids of Aslann were attending Sofore Academy, Abe actually went to Aslann High School, a public school. This was a decision that he made. His grades were decent enough to get him into any school that he wanted, but Aslann High School had the best baseball team.
  9. The trait that Abe finds attractive is confidence.
  10. Abe does not smoke or drink. He has no tattoos or piercings. He does not like jewelry and despite this, he continues to wear the promise ring given to him by Tationy. This item is actually his most prized possession and his reason for keeping it and continuing to wear it has nothing at all to do with the ‘romantic’ relationship between him and Tationy.

“I have never in my life crossed paths with anyone that confuses me the way she does. I hate admitting it, but she is the only person that has managed to push me to the point that I apologize.” ~ Abe on Tationy

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  1. They’ve been together how long? During the modern age, Tationy and Hiko meet when she is sixteen and were together for four years.
  2. Details about their first date? Their first true date together was at a society gala where she appeared on his arm.
  3. Were they each other’s ‘firsts’? Yes – Though saying it this way makes it seem far romantic than it was. Hiko simply had no interest in women, relationships, or sex. His union with Tationy was for spite.
  4. Their favorite activity to do together? It is all about appearances for Tationy and Hiko.  Neither would say they have any shared favorite activities seeing theirs is entirely a business arrangement and most of their ‘enjoyment’ is for the benefit of the media and those around them.
  5. Do they share each other’s clothes? Sometimes she wears his, he does not wear hers.
  6. Have they ever traveled overseas together? Once
  7. Do they already have, or do they plan on having children together? They had a son named Kazuma.
  8. Something they argue about a lot? Tationy and Hiko generally do not argue. She bites her tongue and he nit picks and makes certain she does as is expected of her.
  9. Who does the cleaning? Tationy
  10. Their ‘song’? They do not have one.
  11. Sit in and eat, or dine out? While they have enjoyed a night of dining out, generally Tationy cooks dinner for both of them or they cooks dinner and eats alone. Hiko is generally never home for dinner.
  12. Who’d destroy who at Super Smash Bros. tho? They would never play such a game, but Hiko would destroy her.
  13. Would they ever long distance it? Yes, after all their union was based on business and not actual feelings.
  14. The breadwinner of the two? How does the other feel about it? Hiko is the breadwinner. He was the CEO of the Kari Foundation when they were together. Tationy worked at the Kari Foundation as well for a time when they were together, but ultimately the majority of their money was brought home by Hiko. Tationy was not bothered by this fact seeing her real job was being the trophy of Hiko Kari.