These were requested over at my tumblr and seeing I intend to delete them from there. I decided I would update them and place them here.


Hiko Kari

  1. Hiko’s name is Māori and means Power.
  2. He is a chain smoker.
  3. His true feelings are usually kept bottled up and very few people ever get close enough to learn anything intimate about him.
  4. He has a terrible habit of always saying ‘ahh’ in place of yes.
  5. In high school he was apart of the basketball team, his jersey number was 7 and his position, Power Forward.


Tadayoshi Kari

  1. Tadayoshi served as the head of the Kari Foundation with specialties in business management and international business.
  2. His father is from the very traditional Kari clan and his mother is from the Bretroah tribe of the Zenaku. He has several siblings: Kyo, Katsu, Nala, Resa, and Sorano.
  3. He hates it when people abbreviate his name.
  4. He is a fairly accomplished Bagola (similar to chess) player and has only been beaten by Tationy.
  5. Tadayoshi married Ako (mother of Hiko). She found him intolerable and the two eventually divorced. He is the only Kari in the series with that marital status.

Here is five more, just because.

  1. Tadayoshi was trained to be the Elder of the Kari.
  2. His relationship with his son, resembles his own relationship with his father Azu. In fact, Tadayoshi could not give you a single conversation between father and son that did not turn into an argument. He would rather be shot than spend time with his father.
  3. Other than his temperament his worst habits are that he is a chain smoker and overworks.
  4. Tadayoshi has never played an instrument.
  5. He was trained in Rom Kaga, the military fighting style of Aslann.


Tationy Tylo


  1. Tationy reads a lot and has a particular love for history.
  2. Her favorite color is pink and in a lot of ways she is quite girly.
  3. During her teen years she has just started taking numerous amounts of medication to lessen the dreams and allow her to be normal. Due to this, she learned behavior by interacting and mimicking those around her until she understood the feelings on her own.
  4. Never put off tomorrow what you can do today. She is not a procrastinator and finds such behavior annoying in other people.
  5. Her favorite singer is Saitama (Hero Takahashi).

Seeing I am on a roll, might as well give some five facts about Tationy.

  1. Tationy prepares food for the next day, each night before bed including cutting up vegetables and fruits for dinner or making snack packs for lunches.
  2. Despite being trained in combat, she is not athletic and will be the first person to say she is not built for running or jumping. Exercise is never on her to do list unless she has to.
  3. Her preferred style of dress is vintage which she shares with Kuro.
  4. Despite her Ishi blood, Tationy is one of the few characters from the Ishi family line that is ever seen sick in the series. She is diagnosed in her freshmen year of high school with Anemia and severe exhaustion which requires her to maintain a very strict diet.
  5. Like most members of the Tylo clan, Tationy does not eat sweets.

How about some more random information?

  1. Tationy is an old soul character. She is very mature and far older than she appears to be. At the same time I consider her a contradiction, because many would find her to also be “young” in how she handles things around her.
  2. She has the biggest crush on Saitama (Hero Takahashi).
  3. Tationy is a very strong and independent woman. She understands very well who she is and what she wants out of life. In the many years she has existed, she has been alone more times then she has been at the side of a man.She can stand on her own, does not need someone to protect or give her comfort, but at the same time if she finds someone that she sees as an equal she is not above letting him take care of her as long as he understands that she is allowing him to do so. Definitely, not a damsel in distress who needs someone to hold her hand. Tationy can put her big girl panties on and put someone in their place. She is not the type of girl that is going to pine away if she does not get a happy ending. She will not cry over something for months and years which to some might make her seem uncaring or insensitive, but she is pragmatic. Life does not stop moving just because something tragic happens.
  4. Tationy is a martyr character. Despite having the eyes of the Tylo, she never willingly tells anyone their future even if it goes terribly wrong.
  5. She is not attached to technology. Despite being progressive and accepting, she does not have a cellphone with her at all times or spend hours posting to her Instagram. There are far more important things for her to deal with than an ‘online life’.


Mikio Ishi

  1. Mikio got his scars when he saved Tationy, by ripping her from the past where she had gotten trapped as a child. This action has left his mental state in disarray and his body battered.
  2. Strength wise throughout the series, Mikio is only rivaled by Semei in sheer power. It is unclear who would be victorious in a battle between the two.
  3. Mikio is a chain smoker.
  4. His go to response is always “Who knows”, when he does not want to answer something.
  5. Of his many siblings, he is closer to Bak then he is Kuro. This is what they would look like if they were cats. Why? Just because.


Semei Kari

  1. Throughout the entire series, Semei is never seen smiling and laughing. The only time he does is when he is with Tationy.
  2. Semei has a similar disposition to his cousin Hiko Kari. They are both quick to temper, but the difference lies in what makes them angry. Hiko is angry all the time and Semei is more likely to show his fangs when someone tries to harm someone he cares about or disrespects his clan or the value he places upon tradition.
  3. Semei is quite intelligent and spends a considerable amount of time delving into ancient historical text of Aslann; it is also important to note he has quite a collection.
  4. Semei’s best friend is Tatsuya.
  5. He is one of the few characters in the series with a slow moving pace that result in him taking years to act upon his feelings.


  1. Semei watches Tationy sleep and gets some amusement out of it because she tends to never remain in the same position. By the time she does get comfortable her head is usually rested to his chest.
  2. Tationy and Semei cook dinner together every night.
  3. Semei keeps a proper distance from Tationy while they are out in public even at social events around Aslann or walking outside the Kari village even when they are a couple.
  4. Tationy and Semei often enjoyed quiet moments together just sitting and talking.
  5. The two of them never get married.

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