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Kuro Ishi

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What trait does your OC like best about themself? (Eyes, guitar skills, random bird facts, etc) Fulfilled – Now some might not consider this a trait, but Kuro Ishi does. He has many passions, but does not limit himself. A lot of people tend to have a couple of things that they are truly passionate about, but Kuro is actually a guy that is very open to everything because of that he reads, plays games, plays music, plays sports. This is a guy that is truly invested in bettering himself and taking joy in the littlest of things.

Playing a game of pinochle can be just as rewarding as skydiving for the first time. He takes every experience, even the negative ones, and sees them as fulfillment. He does not get bored, he does not lose interest, does not go well I tried it and it sucks; never doing that again. Every experience, every moment is part of the journey and because of those moments he would always describe himself as fulfilled and consider it his best trait.

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Would your OC prefer to live in the city, the suburbs, or the country? All of thee above. Kuro is content in any environment and does not have a preference on which he prefers. This goes back to having fulfilled as a trait. Every place has its positives and negatives, if you live in the country it takes you a while to get to places sometimes. If you live in the city you have to deal with the traffic and noise. If you live in the suburbs it is the soccer moms (violent sorts those ones).

Something that makes your OC laugh without fail? Kuro is actually a very serious character. He is not insensitive, but the reactions of other people to things he says sometimes, make him laugh. This is a character that finds human responses really interesting because one person will take something one way and another will take it in a totally different direction. So, he is often laughing at the absurdity of it all sometimes.

When he laughs, he almost always starts his response that follows with  “Oh”. It indicates his mood and most characters that interact with him are aware of this trait about him. Additionally, he finds very serious characters like Hiko amusing. They are so uptight that just the right amount of prodding usually results in some amusing reaction which will instantly get him laughing.

“What is with your hair?”
“I don’t think you are in any position to be saying anything about my hair.”
“What is wrong with my hair?”
“Nothing, I just don’t think that you should be insulting my hair when yours defies the very laws of nature.”
*laughs* “Oh, you thought I was insulting you. You are abnormally sensitive today.”

What is your OC’s favorite drink? Shakma, a highly concentrated form of alcohol similar to absinthe.

Does your OC prefer to sleep in a warm or cool area? Kuro is a snake of the Ishi. The god Rin was created by the god Kazuma from a serpent. The Ishi are not the biggest fans of colder temperatures. The majority of the Ishi prefer rooms between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

When he has his own place the temperature is set to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, while his father Rin’s was always set to 87 degrees Fahrenheit. So, to answer the question he prefers a warm area to sleep in.

A strange talent of your OC? Kuro is one of the few living Ishi that is actually well versed in ancient courting rituals of the Ishi. The most common and wildy explored (by the Ishi)  includes the making of paper cranes which are used to express ones feelings to another.


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What kind of self-esteem does your OC have? Kuro has a face that is considered “true Ishi”. His features out of all of the Ishi characters throughout the series is the one that most resembles the snake god, Rin. While for the most part Kuro comes off as a pretty confident guy, when it comes to his facial features he can get quite angry. In some stories he is seen covering part of his face due to the reactions of people who meet him.

Additionally, Kuro is the lesser son of Rin. While his mother greatly loved him, it was his fathers attention and respect he wanted. In the eyes of his father he is not Mikio. Due to this, Kuro felt as though he was constantly fighting for respect from his father. Eventually,  realizing it was a losing battle. Despite this massive blow to his ego, I consider Kuro to be one of the most confident in the series.

“I only ever wanted my father to see me, respect me, but I was not Mikio.”

A word that your OC can’t stand? Lulz – He hates it when people say they did it for the lulz because what they are really saying is they did it to be an asshole. A passive aggressive dick is still a dick. End of story.


Your OC’s most prized possession? First edition book of poetry by the author Kita.

“Are you in love with Hiko, do you want him?”
“If you can’t be with the one you want, love the one you’re with.”
“Stephen Stills.”
“Never heard of him.”
“I imagine not, he will not be born for several thousands of years. You do not seem the type of man to read the work of Kita.”
“Oh, you know Kita?”
“There is nothing to do in this world other than read. Honestly, I hate it. We are talking about you though, not me. Poetry, especially ones regarding love seems outside your character.”

What is your OC’s happy place? Hanging out with his friends, with no cares in the world, no outside influences, no lingering expectation. A moment in time where they are just friends and life is perfect.



  • Very rarely wears their natural hair color – Dyes his hair a lot.
  • Is wealthy – Family runs Ishi Shipping and he is the head of his clan.
  • Is outspoken – He is not afraid to call you out on your shit.
  • Has celebrity status / Is famous – He is the first son of the God Rin, he is infamous.
  • Has been abandoned – He does feel a little like Tationy abandoned him for the Kari.
  • Has been in a fist fight / Thrown a Punch – More times than Muhammad Ali.
  • Plays sports – All kinds, especially basketball.
  • Is religious – Very though he does not seem like it.
  • Blogs – He has one, but mostly uses it to read and comments on his friends and families.
  • Has committed a crime – At one point or another, though back in the day it was not always illegal if done for your nation.
  • Eats, sleeps, and breathes music – Always.
  • Feels old – Without a doubt. That happens when you have been around since the first man walked the Earth.
  • Reads on a daily basis / Loves to Read – Always reading.
  • Is a quick learner – Not to an OMG level, but he only needs to be shown how to do something once.
  • Curses too much – Not too much, just the right amount.
  • Has gone to Vegas – It has gambling and strippers.
  • Has a nervous tick – I would not call it nervous, but he usually talks with his hands. Other people might see it as such though.
  • Sings out-loud when no one is around – Heck he will when people are around. 
  • Lives in another time -Sometimes yes, Sometimes no.
  • Is an avid collector – Avid is subjective, he does collect though.
  • Goes to church – It comes as a surprise to many to find out the Ishi are actually pretty religious.
  • Did not attend/is not attending public school – He never attended school.
  • Can play an instrument – Guitar
  • Misses someone – Tationy
  • Has supernatural powers – Technically not superpowers, but some might call them as such.
  • Owns a fancy car – Sports-car
  • Has an accent.- They all do.
  • Has had sex in public – Once or twice.
  • Still dresses up for Halloween – They do not celebrate Halloween in Aslann, but he will dress up for costume parties.
  • Has suffered emotional abuse – Some might feel he has due to how his father Rin treated him. Kuro does not feel that way.
  • Donates to charity – Every year.
  • Lives alone – If you can call it that.
  • Has run around naked in public. ‘Streaked’ – Technically he has been naked in public, though he would hardly call it streaking.
  • Gambles.
  • Has or has a desire to have children – He wants children and eventually he and Tationy have Enzo.
  • Lost someone they love – Far too many times.
  • Knows how to use, and or owns a firearm – Use one, does not own one.
  • Would do anything for the one[s] they love.
  • Knows a martial art – Several styles though “martial arts” is not the correct term.
  • Served, or still serves in the military – Technically he was part of the Emperors personal assassin squad, which on the surface appeared as part of the military, but was actually a detached unit.
  • Speaks a second language – Second, third, quite a few.
  • Traveled overseas – Certainly.
  • Is immortal – The Ishi live for a very long time. Now mind you they can be killed or die from car accidents, etc if the trauma is serve enough. However, if they experience no major damage to their bodies it is unknown how long they could live. Thus, I would consider them as having a conditional immortality.
  • Has come close to death – Far too many times.
  • Loves karaoke – He really does.
  • Suffers from a chronic illness.- All Ishi whether it is active or dormant carry the gene for Imitso Encephalopathy also called the Ishi Disease. Kuro and his brother Mikio, both have active genes for this progressive mental illness though only Mikio has shown any symptoms.


Important Note about Kuro: He is Pansexual.

  • Swallows – If he expects someone else to do it, he should not turn it down.
  • Has done it in a car – When the mood strikes him.
  • Has had group sex – Once or twice.
  • Masturbates – Sometimes you just need a release.
  • Refuses anal – Never refuses giving, but receiving is another matter. He has only received with Zen.
  • Has been left unsatisfied – He is Ishi, sort of comes with the high speed regeneration and stamina.
  • Spoons -He likes being close to the person he cares about.
  • Prefers being on top – He would rather be if he can, but he can be on the bottom as well.
  • Likes foreplay – Best part sometimes.
  • Double penetration, because the more the merrier! – He will definitely partake in group sex. He is Ishi, they are not above a little fun. The issue tends to be whether or not the girl can keep up with him and his brother Mikio at the same time.
  • Enjoys a little nibble here and there – Does not mind biting.
  • Likes it rough – Not over the top rough, but rough and tumble sort of rough.
  • Is a power bottom – Can be.
  • Likes trying new things – Always.
  • Hasn’t done it in some time – Shamefully, it has been a while.


  • What are they most likely wearing right now? Jeans, boots, t-shirt. He usually has his piercings in.
  • Their usual @ Starbucks? Kale Smoothie
  • Preferred mode of transportation? Sports-car
  • Something gross they do when they think no one’s looking? Nothing, he really could care less if someone is looking. However, Sadamitsu/Taro tells Kuro that the most disgusting thing he does is put lemon wedges in his water, seeing most fruit is covered in microorganisms and fecal matter.
  • Their sleeping habits? Kuro is rather a restless guy initially. When he finally is ready to sleep, he lays there for a couple of hours before actually falling asleep, but easily will sleep 8 to 12 hours.
  • Where do they work? Do they like it there? Kuro is the Elder of the Ishi and occasionally works for the Ishi Shipping Companies. He has no complaints. In the end both are something to keep him busy.
  • Their let loose, Thursday night, hot spot? Kuro is usually with Sadamitsu/Taro. The activities can range from a sporting event to a night at the club. He does not have one particular hot spot that he frequents.
  • Some things currently in their fridge? Lunch meat, cheese, and soda.
  • Color they’d never wear. Why? Blue or Green are the two colors he would avoid. He just does not like how they look on him.
  • Favorite television show? M*A*S*H
  • They have ten dollars in their pocket, they spend it on what? A smoothie and colored paper.
  • Embarrassing secret they would never tell anyone? He really does not have any. Kuro is the type of guy to just put it all out there when he is ready to and he never gets embarrassed.
  • Boxers or briefs/boy-shorts or thongs? Boxers.
  • Song they’d most likely have on repeat? Smash Alley by Faster Pussycat or Ship Rolls In by Faster Pussycat well anything by Faster Pussycat for that matter.


  • Your OC has a date tonight, how will they get ready? Kuro is a “whole 9 yards” guy. Shower, shave, dress appropriately, and even going as far to make whatever arrangements are necessary before hand such as getting flowers, reservations, etc.
  • The date is a bit late, but they come bearing something your OC loves. What is it? First the date would not be late, because Kuro would be picking him or her up. Kuro is always the initiator in asking someone on a date. However if his date were to present him with a gift, he would prefer it be something heart-felt and meaningful. He is the type of guy to remember every little detail about an evening, even saving ticket stubs from a movie or a concert.
  • The date gives them choice on where they should begin the evening. Where do they go? Nah, not Kuro. He would have it all planned out to make the evening perfect for him and his date. He would start the evening with a walk through the city, holding hands, and talking.
  • Your OC is then taken to a nice restaurant. What do they order? Double Truffle Hamburger served with Parmesan and on a sour-dough bun. He will usually have french fries or onion rings along with it and a tea.
  • The date slips your OC the check. How do they react? Kuro is always the person asking people out, so in that regard paying would seem appropriate to him. However among his family the Ishi, if you touch the check you better intend to pay it, because it is considered rude to touch the check and leave it for someone else to pay.
  • While on the cab ride home, your OC’s ex sends them a text. Do they reply? How and why? Kuro would not even bring his phone with him on a date. So no.
  • The date walks your OC to the door. How does your OC thank them? Kuro would be walking his date to the door, but for the sake of this, if by chance the date was the one taking him home. Kuro would actually spend the car ride, talking with his date. He would insist his date not walk him to the door and say goodnight.


  • Your OC’s power(s)? Kuro is from the Ishi. The Ishi possess regenerative abilities that allow them to heal and prolong their life. The Ishi also have absolute stamina which allow them to keep going at various task including, but not limited to fighting without tiring. The Ishi are often referred to as Snakes of the Ishi due to their regenerative abilities, but older Ishi indicate that they are more likely to be descended from Lizards and not Snakes. That the title “snake of the Ishi” comes from the god Rin whom was said to be created from a serpent by the God Kazuma.
  • When did they discover they had them? The Ishi are born with these abilities.
  • How did they discover them? See Above
  • Does having them keep them, and/or the people around them in constant danger? From who? No.
  • Do they consider them a gift or a curse? While in most instances Kuro might tell you that being able to regenerate and heal is a great thing the prolonged life and stamina do tend to cause issues for most Ishi. Many of them are often unfulfilled in sexual relationships and will outlive their lovers. So, half of it is a gift and the other half a curse.
  • Have they ever used them to harm anyone, and was it intentional, or an accident? He has.
  • Were it possible, would they ever willingly give them up? Why? No. Kuro understands that this is the design of his kin.


  • How did your OC ring in the New Year? He was working late at his families offices.
  • Their best New Years Eve memory? Camping with his brothers.
  • Do they have a resolution in mind? No, he never makes one.
  • Will they stick with it? See Above.
  • Year in review, how did this last year go for them? Kuro became the Elder of the Ishi. That was the most significant thing that happened to him last year.
  • Something they regret not doing this last year? Going camping with Sadamitsu/Taro before he died.
  • OOC, what are your goals this next year, as a writer/role-player? With Kuro I really want to explore his relationship with his family. He has always been the “least valued” son of Rin. Another aspect that I want to address particularly with the Reality story is his relationship with other characters including the Tylo and the Kari, particularly Tationy, Kazuma, and Gen.