Semei Kari

Fun Facts about Semei: Well originally Semei was actually a girl from the Lousa clan, way back when the original characters were created when I was in 10th grade. HAHA! I had a lot of female characters back then, most of them I did not use, did not like, and eventually I started revamping a bunch of them.

Semei happened to be one that I revamped, but ultimately he never worked out very well in any story. There is always that one character that you just pull your hair out over because they have so much potential, but nothing with them is working out properly.

He got shelved. Shelved again. Shelved some more. He was always getting pushed aside and then I would come back to him, make tweaks, and corrections here and there and try again. Ultimately failing pretty miserably with him for a very long time.

Visually, I always liked how he looked. I thought he more than any of my other characters was accurately captured (in Sims 3), but his essence was just all off. I needed a character for The Exiled Prince Reloaded. Someone that would be a contrast to Tatsuya Kari. Ultimately it was that which had me go back and revisit Semei.

Tatsuya in that story was the Elder of the Kari. The type of man that thinks before he speaks. Very cautious. He is understanding and compassionate. This is a man that does not close a door simply because he disapproves and is capable of listening to reason.

While Tatsuya is very much for tradition over modernization, it is Semei more then any other character that holds true to the ways of the Kari. He is thoroughly against modernization. Since he was small, the ways of the Kari have been ingrained within him. More so then other Kari, simply because he was groomed to be the Osoma.

The Osoma is a very important figure among the Kari. He helps the parents of Kari children oversee their instruction. As we see in The Exiled Prince Reloaded even though he did not want to be the one to guide Tationy’s son Kazuma, he was the most suited for it and begins to instruct him in the ways of the Kari. The Osoma also oversees the trials and those that have proven themselves in a way far beyond other Kari are given the Marks of the god Kazuma. Which he adorns upon them.

Embracing modernization, hurts Semei in a way that it does not characters like Hiko and Zen. These are men that are trained to live in the modern world and Semei has been groomed to continue on the traditions of the Kari.

Semei has some notable features:

  • Brown Eyes – This denotes that he is not pure of blood. Semei is mixed with the Takahashi and much further down the family line the Kensuku.
  • Semei and his father have very similar appearances though his father is a bit bulkier in build and plumper in the face. This bulkiness is also a common trait among the Kensuku clans.


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  • Semei’s hair style with the shaved sides is traditional among the Osoma of the Kari. While most Kari men keep their hair long, the Osoma shave theirs on the sides while keeping the top longer. This denotes their position and makes them easily recognizable because not all Osoma of the Kari go on to become the Shield or Elder of the Kari. The Shield and the Elder are the two most recognizable figures within the Kari, but the Osoma is no less important.
  • Semei’s body is also heavily tattooed and has been since he completed his trials at age 11. He bears the second Mark of Kazuma out of twenty. The first mark is most notably seen upon Somè of the Kari, but in previous stories it has been indicated that Sesiago Kari also bore this mark and later even Tationy’s son Kazuma. Each mark is significant, denoting that the bearer is above all other Kari in ability, discipline, intellect, and represents everything that it means to be Kari thus making them a perfect vessel for the god Kazuma if he ever decides to walk the earth again.



  • Semei’s build is typical of the Takahashi blood he has running through his veins. He is tall, standing 6′1 and lean at 175 LBS. He works out daily; weightlifting (not to an excessive level though like Hiko does) and running. Which gives him a body fat ratio of 6.2%. Standing next to Hiko he looks very thin, because Hiko stands 6′0 and is 204 LBS.



  • When he stands next to other characters like Kuro, for example, his build seems less thin and a little more proportional to his height. Kuro stands 6’4, but is a bit thinner at 167 LBS.

Now that I have given you all this information about his body *winks* we should probably talk about who he is as a man.

Traditional – While we see Semei wear modern clothing in the Prequel this would actually be a rare occurrence. His everyday life from things he does to how he dresses are filled with the values and traditions laid out for him as he grew into a man of the Kari. He is not bothered when people whisper about him traditional clothing. However, he does get annoyed with the constant questions about why he does not embrace what the modern world has to offer.

Slow – Yep…he is slow. Semei is not in a rush to do anything. Everything has a pacing for him. He feels that to rush things takes away from the value of them. For example, the reason he did not ask Tationy out in the Prequel was because he wanted her to see him and him to see her; to know he was real, genuine, that he was not looking to just get into the pants of the new girl. He truly believed he had time for her to see him and know him.

He takes this approach throughout the series and it is most notable in The Exiled Prince Reloaded. He is not thinking about having sex with Tationy. He is thinking about getting to know her and having her know and accept him.

“Will you rise to the heavens with him?”

“I suppose that depends on him. Kari men can be quite a mouthful.”

Semei pondered her words and quickly looked toward her, “You just said mouthful.”

She chuckled, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Sssshh, if you want to change the topic just change it.” He stopped talking suddenly as his head filled with rather indecent thoughts.

“Teasing you is fun.”

“Teasing is that what you call it? I sometimes think you say things like that to get me worked up so I will take you.”

“Wow, that only took you four years to figure out.” Dumfounded Semei went silent and kept walking as she softly laughed.

Guarded – A Kari man must know restraint, but for Semei this becomes very important because of how he feels for Tationy. He realizes rather early on that if he is not careful he will give in to his anger and his feelings for her. The result of doing so could hurt, not just him, but the Kari as well. This is a frightening thing for him which makes him acutely aware of his wayward emotions.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see her bow her head, “Forgive me, Tationy. Had I known mentioning him would make you upset, I would not have spoken.”

She chuckled softly which took him by surprise, “You called me Tationy instead of woman. I think you might be starting to like me a little.” As much as he wanted to respond to her words he remained silent watching the rain fall to the ground, “This environment is fitting for someone like you. A quiet life away from the noise of the modern world.”

“I am sure you will not appreciate hearing it, but I think it is just as fitting for you. There are times, you do not even seem like the same girl that smiled and told me how she missed being called woman. I wasn’t sure what to make of you.”

“I scared you.”

“You still do, but any Kari man has a healthy respect for a woman like you.”

“Like me? Exactly what type of woman am I Semei?”

“A dangerous one.”

He could tell she was smiling when she responded, “I like it when you flirt with me.”

Semei had almost laughed. This girl had a little something about her that was almost charming, but she was definitely dangerous. Zen had described her as a chameleon; whatever she needed to be for the person she was with. That made her frighteningly dangerous because it was difficult to tell if she was genuine. Sometimes it felt like he was the hunter and she was the prey, but he suspected it was the other way around which was all the more reason he needed to show restraint and guard his emotions.

Etiquette – Among the Kari there are certain things you just do not do. One of them, is addressing the Osoma as such in front of a woman that has not been accepted as a woman of the Kari. Another is for a child of the Kari not to address his betters properly. Semei is very persnickety about these things.

It was an argument. Not that most people would see it that way, but Kari men generally did not yell. They talked with sour expressions and heated words, with no lasting emotion in tone or features. “Osoma,” The younger one spoke, “This is not the time nor the place for this discussion.”

“Don’t call me that in front of this woman.”

For two hours each day, Semei would educate the boy. Today was no different from any other, though Kazuma had lasted considerably longer without getting distracted. For about thirty minutes, Kazuma sat quietly watching Semei. The previous times he had instructed him the result had always been the same; forced to redirect the boys attention back to the books on the table. The voice of Kazuma caught his attention, “Semei.” Despite his name being said and the child waiting for him to respond, Semei had refused instead remaining silent. The boy had no regard for the ways of the Kari, often referring to people by their first names instead of their titles or any form of respect for that matter. It took him a moment to correct himself and it was obvious he was not entirely happy about it, “Osoma.”

His attention drew away from his book, “Yes?”

As they walked toward their favorite spot to sit and talk, Semei felt a heaviness. “They are going as expected. I managed to convince him of the importance of traditional clothing and I almost have him capable of addressing his betters properly. He is still getting into fights, though I cannot see that ending any time soon. He is rather protective of his mother and when people speak negatively regarding her he automatically lashes out. He has a tendency of getting distracted from his work and asking me rather curious questions.”

His Mother – His mother being from the Takahashi resulted in Semei having a rather rough childhood. She was considered not of pure blood, so he was often getting into fights, even more so than Hiko was due to people seeing him as ‘tainted blood’ and disrespecting his mother. It was due to this that he connected and understood Kazuma.

“Is that what that fight was about? Did they say something about your mother?” The silence that followed Semei’s questions ultimately gave him the answers. “What did they say?” In a low voice, almost a whisper the child repeated the derogatory remarks made by the two boys. From Kazuma’s tone, Semei could tell that this was not the first time he had heard such comments which ultimately explained the boys tendency for fisticuffs. He couldn’t really blame him, if the roles were reversed he would have killed those boys if they talked about his mother like that. “How long has this been going on?”

Temperamental – Semei is short in temper and often gets annoyed with the people around him, though he is far better at controlling it than characters like Hiko. Now mind you, he is just as quick to fisticuffs as we see in TEPR when he goes after Bingwen who has the child Kazuma by the collar.

Semei is less likely to fight over jealousy or petty emotions, but if it comes to protecting someone he cares about he is the first one in without thinking twice about it. Once in, it is difficult to get him to stop fighting because the rage steadily builds until everything else is blocked out.

Semei moved forward swiftly, toward the voice. In a small alcove he caught sight of Bingwen who had Kazuma’s collar clenched in his fist. With a forceful push the child was knocked to his butt and Semei, saw red as his anger bubbled over. He did not even consider for a moment what was transpiring and even the voice of his elder telling him to stay calm did not stop him from charging ahead and punching Bingwen. Once, twice, he was not sure how many times he hit him. Eventually, the voice of his elder broke through the anger, “Semei do not make me tell you again that is enough.”

Due to this sort of behavior in The Exiled Prince Reloaded he was removed as the Shield of the Kari.

Tatsuya had been right; beating up Bingwen had repercussions that were long lasting. He was not the Shield of the Kari for very long and he relinquished his position to the former shield Zen. Being the Elder and Shield, required a Kari man to put the needs of the Kari above his own and beating up Bingwen came off as prideful and selfish; as though he was protecting what was his.

This scene is very important because it shows that among the Kari such behavior has consequences, even for someone well-respected. Though this incident never actually happens in the Reality canon.

Hiko – Semei does not like to be compared to Hiko. When Kazuma tells him that Tationy thinks that he is just like Hiko it annoys him. Hiko is a character that spits on tradition, fights for petty reasons, is reckless and rash. While there are some similarities, both characters would adamantly deny that they have anything in common with each other. However, as Semei ages he does begin to understand Tationy, Hiko, and his own place in it all.

Tationy, amazingly enough had just accepted his words that Bingwen had it coming. It was actually the first thing he came to appreciate about her. She never asked questions she knew he would not answer and when she did, she accepted the answer without question. She had a very easy personality to get along with once he got to know her. It no longer surprised him that she was compatible with men like him or Hiko Kari. A girl like her was one in a million and was just about the only type capable of managing troublesome Kari men.

Intellect – Semei is very smart. Not as smart as characters like Tationy and Mikio, but easily within the top five. Most people he is able to read without much difficulty. He can carry on conversations or play Bagola with Tationy and Mikio and do fairly well, even though he would not win. He generally understands what is going on around him once all available information is obtained he can even deduce the best course of action to take.


Girlfriend / Wife – No not for Semei. Why? Semei is the Osomaand later the Elder of the Kari. He has devoted his life to  value and tradition. Due to this he will never marry. Never have children. Never have sex for that matter. While an arranged marriage is certainly possible, Semei understands better than anyone that a Kari union is at its best when the couple is connected and gives all of themselves to each other. He would ultimately feel as though he was betraying himself, betraying her, and betraying the Kari. Due to this and much like Hiko, I consider Semei a character that would most likely always be alone. The exception to this comes when Kazuma chooses him as his new vassal and he and Tationy come together.