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Imari chuckles, “There are times and places where it is perfectly acceptable. Being too nice though gets you nowhere. That is all I am saying. If you give and give and give until there is nothing left you break yourself. People love getting stuff for free. Everyone wants to get what they want, some people are just better at using people to do just that. My view of the world might be tainted because of the people around me; one would think with all you have seen yours would be as well. I guess it is that undeniable martyr complex you have that makes it so you are always reaching for that goal at the sacrifice of yourself.”

Sighing, “Let’s discuss something else, like your new boyfriend. What is he like?”

“It amuses me to no end that someone who can see every aspect of the past, present, and future is asking me what Orlando is like. You probably know him better than I do without even having met. To answer your question though. He is intelligent, respects me and does not try to silence my voice. By far the most genuine guy I have ever met and he can carry a conversation. Which as you know is very important to me. Not to mention he has a hurricane tongue…..”

“Please do not go on.”

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Laughs uninhibited, “I would call you a prude, but I know you are not one. Too many years with those Kari men you have forgotten what it is like to speak openly about things you like. Sex is sex. Don’t shy away from it. Seeing we are on the topic of hurricane tongues…”

“We are not on that topic.”

Completely ignores Tationy, “When are you and that Ishi snake going to stop playing this weird game you two have going on?”

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Imari continued, “I see that got your attention. That cold hard stare is burning holes through me right now.”

“It is not like that.”

“Not like that you say. I have never witnessed a sorrier display than the two of you avoiding each other.”

“We do not avoid. Besides I am involved with your brother….”

Cutting Tationy off, “Let’s not even pretend that is true. He knows the situation. When you need a little tickle from his pickle, he comes a running. However, not now nor ever have the two of you been in a relationship. You might be monogamous, but you are not involved.” Pausing a moment, “I am your friend so I am just going to say it plainly. Go see him.”

“It is not so simple.”

“There is nothing so complicated about saying hey….I got one,” Imari responded excitedly as she reeled in her catch. Sighing, “Why is it when we go fishing you always catch tons and I tend to get the boot?”

“Perhaps it is your casting flair!”

“What is wrong with my…I see how it is. You are just trying to distract me from lecturing you. There is nothing wrong with my casting.”

“You are right. Nothing at all.”

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