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There are people you meet that make an impact on you. Some lasting only moments, but the memory lingers endlessly. That person becomes a part of your soul, as though you absorb them into your essence. Even when they are gone, they still feel like they are there. In the end, they go out with the tide and the only thing that remains is a memory. ~Kuro Ishi

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“Oh, so this is where you are. So, much for the two of us fishing….” With a drawn out pause he focused in on his friend. The pensiveness of Taro Anami was not lost on Kuro. There had been another he had known in life with a similar nature though on a far grander scale. Looking to his friends back he added, “The sky is being moody. Just an hour ago it was colored with hues of orange and yellow. Summer is upon us…”

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His words were interrupted, “Romantic notions passed down from old women and soothsayers. The sky is the sky. It does not feel and it tells you nothing.”

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“Oh, so cocky, Taro. You are a hundred years shy to speak for the sky.”

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There was an annoyed grumbled, “You spend too much time reading that poetic shit by Kita.” Before Kuro could add his own response about the works of his uncle, Taro had turned abruptly.

“Oh, that is a hard and disapproving look. What have I done to warrant such an expression?”

“I told you to go fishing without me.”

“So, you did. That does not change the situation as it is. I refused to accept your declination.” There was a moment of pause, “What is this all about?”

“Stop avoiding her.”

“Avoiding…Oh,” He laughed heartily, “This is about Tationy. What you are really saying is you were intending too trick me into going fishing and casually running into her? Hundred years to young for that as well.”

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Kuro sighed as he took several steps toward his friend. “Lately this conversation comes up twenty times a week. Tationy wants it this way otherwise she would find her way to me. Who am I to take that decision out of her hands?”

“If you foolishly find yourself asking that question, then perhaps after all of these years of pining you have forgotten who you are when you are with her.”

“I have not been pining.”

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The silence that followed was troublesome. It was not uncommon for Taro to get annoyed with Kuro enough that he stopped speaking to him entirely. Still, it was clear that his friend was not happy with him. No longer able to look at his expression of displeasure, Kuro gazed into the distance. “I have thought about it,” Kuro finally managed to say. “It is not as though she is ever out of my thoughts, but it does not change how things are. She could have come to me if she wanted to…”

Taro interrupted, “Don’t place it all on her. There is no reason for you to keep doing this to yourself.”

Kuro deflected, “You have been going on about this for months. Maybe it was a mistake for me to tell you what Mikio said about her impending arrival. She belongs to the Kari…”

His friends rebuttal came with a sting that burned, “Words like those are exactly why she won’t come to you.”

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