1. Kuro actually comes off as pretty easygoing and often amused. What is on the surface is just that. He is the most introspective character within the series and I consider him as serious as some of the Kari characters.
  2. Tationy is quite standoffish when it comes to interacting with people on a social level. This goes back to her clan’s abilities to see possible outcomes to any given situation as they relate to the past, present and future. Due to this, she has difficulty allowing people into her inner circle.
  3. Tationy and Kuro are quite sentimental and have difficulty letting go of things they value. While I consider both of them as not being materialistic, this sentimentality also includes personal effects belonging to people they care about. Such as Tationy keeping the belongings of Tadayoshi Kari and Kuro keeping those belonging to his best friend Taro Anami (after they both died).
  4. In his very long life, Kuro has encountered every single one of Tationy’s reincarnates. Despite this, they were only together at two points in history. Once during the historical age when she was the Prince of Aslann and currently in the future age.
  5. They are very vintage. While they use many forms of technology in their day to day lives both would happily give it all up.