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“Who is that guy talking to Enzo?” Viola questioned.

“Probably his dealer,” Ren responded.

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“Why doesn’t that surprise me!” Knitting her brows, “Does uncle Kuro know his son is up to no good?”

“Stop jumping to conclusions. I was being sarcastic. Who the fuck knows who he is. Just some guy.”

“In the middle of nowhere.”

“Suspiciously in the middle of nowhere.”

“Talking to Enzo, suspiciously in the middle of nowhere.”

“Hmmmm,” They both responded in thoughtful unison.


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Enzo finishes his conversation and approaches the campground, suddenly coming to a halt. Meticulously he eyes his cousins, “What?”

“Nothing,” They both vehemently denied as they shook their heads and shrugged their shoulders for added emphasis.

“You two are jumping to conclusions again. I can tell by the ridiculous ‘we did nothing’ looks upon your faces.”


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They had walked in silence for about an hour, “Bak, are you going to tell me what is wrong or will your pouting continue?”

“I am not pouting.” There was a subtle amount of silence that fallowed before he responded, “Alright maybe I am. I just don’t understand why he did that to himself. I could see Kin’s kid doing something nerdy like that. Her mom and dad always have their noses in books and shit. We are the cool parents. The fun ones….well I am the fun one, you are the sweet one.”


“I do not mean it in a bad way. You just spoil him with baked goods and those butterfly kisses.”

Sighs, “I have not given him butterfly kisses since he was ten years old. It was not cool anymore and even less so now that he is sixteen. He just pats my head and says, ‘there there mom’. It is not any easier for me, but you are being silly.”

“How am I being silly? I seriously do not get why he did that…”

“He is your son, Bak.”

Mumbles under his breath, “Yeah, but why does he have to be so uncool.”


“What is with the bowl cut hair?” Enzo questioned as the two cousins walked near the marsh.

A momentary pause followed as Ren scratched his forehead, “Honestly, it pisses off my dad. Nothing more to it than that.”