Kin no longer exist in the canon universe in AU terms he was 13 when she was 16. Throughout the entire AU he had a crush on her that he never grows out of. While he is listed as wanting a big family, he is one of the few Kari men in the series that remains single. Not because he wants to be, but due to his work and position at the Kari Foundation. It gives him little time to devote to a wife and children and he is not the type of Kari to want to place all the responsibilities of home and family upon his wife.

AU wise, I consider Kin to be the son of Kyo Kari and Eri Maiba, but if Kin were to still exist in the canon universe, he would be the son of Erobus Kari after an affair with Eri Maiba, wife of Sesiago Kari. However, due to me removing both Eri Maiba and Kin Kari from the canon universe, I only deal with him in an AU sense. There he is the son of Kyo Kari. Due to him and Kyo being “very similar” in disposition, I would most likely only use one or the other. Personally, I prefer Kin over Kyo, but Kyo is a character that was never meant to exist at the same time as the primary cast. By that I mean, he is dead by the time Tationy comes into any story. Additionally, Kyo’s entire look is based off of Kin who actually came first.


In any AU story I always toy around with the idea of Kin and Tationy as a couple. Ultimately, it never works out. This has nothing to do with Kin and everything to do with Tationy who is attached to other characters quite vigorously. If those characters; Kuro, Semei, Mikio, Hiko, and Tadayoshi did not exist; I could see them as a couple. Unfortunately as long as one of those characters exist she will always be linked with them and ultimately attached to the point that separating her would be difficult.

In the grand scheme of couples, these two would be a power couple that could easily rival that of Tationy and Hiko. However, Kin never succeeds to CEO in the AU of the Kari Foundation. He does oversee the American branch when it is created, much like his father, but his responsibility is never in a position of power. This has less to do with skill and everything to do with the fact that he is a Maiba born Kari.

In The Exiled Prince Reloaded I actually intended for Tationy and Kin to get together after the death of Hiko and with no way of utilizing Kuro and Mikio whom she was meant to be with; without everyone going WTF is she doing. Unfortunately due to Tadayoshi being alive and well, it became very clear that was not a possibility.

Kin is one of the few characters that has appeared in the series that Tationy feels comfortable around. She let’s her guard down with him, much as she does with Zen and Kuro. This is rare for her to do, so in many of the scenes we see them in together in The Exiled Prince Reloaded she goes from being very composed to very reactionary. This is because she drops her guard with him and the “real her” appears. Due to this, the two of them are sometimes arguing, but not in any negative way. Both are very passionate, it just takes a bit to get them worked up.

In a lot of ways, I was actually quite disappointed that Tadayoshi was still alive in The Exiled Prince Reloaded. Nothing much that can be done about that because I still love Tadayoshi, but some of my favorite scenes in that AU story happen between Tationy and Kin. Though that does not mean I do not have other favorite scenes that are shared between other characters, just that his time in the story is very powerful. I would expect nothing less from Kin Kari.


Kin is not the type of man to come between a couple unless he is certain. Tadayoshi stepping up and saying, hey she is mine, forces Kin to take a step back. Had Tationy at any time said, Tadayoshi is not what I want, he would not have backed off. One of the things I felt that I did not write well was this about him. Kin is not the type of man to back down from a fight, especially when it is something he is passionate about. He is more then capable of going toe to toe with Tadayoshi and could even win against him. Tadayoshi is powerful, but he is no Hiko Kari. Out of all of the Kari, Semei and Kin are the two that I most compare to Hiko in raw power, but every Kari has a weakness and Kin’s is the fact that he is Maiba.


This scene in the epilogue is very important to me. This takes place after Tadayoshi is gone and before she and Semei get together. Putting that into context this picture is more telling than anything I could write. It really captures their relationship and what it was that was shared between them. Had she not left for the Kari village there is a chance that she and Kin could have reconnected.

Will Kin ever make an appearance again? Seems unlikely, but I will always see him as the ‘kid’ that has a crush on Tationy and if we are being honest, she has a bit of a one on him as well.